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Managing Trade Relations in the New World Economy

by Thomas Andersson

Managing Trade Relations in the New World Economy analyses the implications of the new world economy for global trade. Thomas Andersson explores how manufactured exports have increased exponentially while the...

The State, Class and the Recession

by Stewart Clegg, Geoff Dow & Paul Boreham

The contributions to this edited collection, first published in 1983, are based on two underlying themes. The first examines the major recession that took hold of the global economy during the 1980s and assesses...

Trade and Capital Flow Among Asian Economies: Issues and Developments in Business and Management'

by Chris Rowley

Trade and capital are important in the Asia region. Trade in the APEC region has been increasing, but the large rise in China's exports has also been disturbing as it exhibits export substitution. The first...

The Changing Face of Retailing in the Asia Pacific

by Elizabeth Howard

Retailing in the countries of Asia Pacific is changing dramatically. Changes which took decades, even centuries, elsewhere are happening in a few years. The growth of larger firms and the arrival of international...

Globalization and Corporate Taxation:

by Mr. Manmohan S. Kumar & Mr. Dennis P. Quinn

This paper analyzes the extent to which the degree of international economic integration, both financial and trade, affects corporate tax rates. It explores this issue in the context of strategic behavior by...

Policy Analysis and Forecasting in the  World Economy: A Panel Unobserved Components Approach (PDF Download)

by Francis Vitek

This paper develops a structural macroeconometric model of the world economy, disaggregated into thirty five national economies. This panel unobserved components model features a monetary transmission mechanism,...

Pension Reforms in Japan:

by Kenichiro Kashiwase & Masahiro Nozaki

This paper analyzes various reform options for Japan's public pension in light of large fiscal consolidation needs of the country. The most attractive option is to increase the pension eligibility age in line...

The Global Impact of the Systemic Economies and MENA Business Cycles:

by Mr. Paul Cashin & Mr. Kamiar Mohaddes

This paper analyzes spillovers from macroeconomic shocks in systemic economies (China, the Euro Area, and the United States) to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as well as outward spillovers from...

Tracking Global Demand for Advanced Economy Sovereign Debt:

by Mr. Serkan Arslanalp & Mr. Takahiro Tsuda

Recent events have shown that sovereigns, just like banks, can be subject to runs, highlighting the importance of the investor base for their liabilities. This paper proposes a methodology for compiling internationally...

Issues in Extractive Resource Taxation: A Review of Research Methods and Models:

by Mr. James L. Smith

This paper provides a conceptual overview of economists' attempts to learn about the effects of taxes on extractive resources. The emphasis is on research methods and techniques, with no attempt to provide a...

Monetization in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (PDF Download)

by Cameron McLoughlin & Noriaki Kinoshita

The degree of an economy’s monetization, which has an important implication on economic growth, can be affected by the conduct of monetary policy, financial sector reform, and episodes of financial crises....

Credit Growth and the Effectiveness of  Reserve Requirements and Other Macroprudential Instruments in Latin America

by Camilo Ernesto Tovar Mora & Mercedes Garcia Escribano

Over the past decade policy makers in Latin America have adopted a number of macroprudential instruments to manage the procyclicality of bank credit dynamics to the private sector and contain systemic risk....

Public Investment, Growth, and Debt Sustainability: Putting Together the Pieces

by Edward F. Buffie & Andrew Berg

We develop a model to study the macroeconomic effects of public investment surges in low-income countries, making explicit: (i) the investment-growth linkages; (ii) public external and domestic debt accumulation;...

Intra-Regional Spillovers in South America: Is Brazil Systemic after All?

by Gustavo Adler & Sebastian Sosa

Shocks stemming from Brazil - the large neighbor in South America - have historically been a source of concern for policy-makers in other countries of the region. This paper studies the importance of Brazil’s...

A Tradeoff between the Output and  Current Account Effects of Pension Reform:

by Mr. Mario Catalan & Mr. Nicolas E. Magud

We compare the long-term output and current account effects of pension reforms that increase the retirement age with those of reforms that cut pension benefits, conditional on reforms achieving similar fiscal...

Fiscal Transparency, Fiscal Performance and Credit Ratings (PDF Download)

by Elif Arbatli & Julio Escolano

This paper investigates the effect of fiscal transparency on market assessments of sovereign risk, as measured by credit ratings. It measures this effect through a direct channel (uncertainty reduction) and...

Government Bonds and Their Investors: What Are the Facts and Do They Matter? (PDF Download)

by Jochen R. Andritzky

This paper introduces a new dataset on the composition of the investor base for government securities in the G20 advanced economies and the euro area. During the last decades, investors from abroad have increased...

Financing Growth in the WAEMU Through the Regional Securities Market:  Past Successes and Current Challenges:

by Mame Astou Diouf & Mr. Francois Boutin-Dufresne

The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) regional securities market saw increasing activity in the last decade, but still fell short of supplying sufficient long-term financing for growth-enhancing...

The Need for "Un-consolidating" Consolidated Banks' Stress Tests:

by Eugenio Cerutti & Mr. Christian Schmieder

The recent crisis has spurred the use of stress tests as a (crisis) management and early warning tool. However, a weakness is that they omit potential risks embedded in the banking groups' geographical structures...

What's in It for Me? A Primer on Differences between Islamic and Conventional Finance in Malaysia

by Olga Krasicka & Sylwia Nowak

What attracts conventional investors to Islamic financial instruments? We answer this question by comparing Malaysian Islamic and conventional security prices and their response to macrofinancial factors. Our...