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Empirical Methods for the Study of Labour Force Dynamics

by Kenneth Wolpin

In the last twenty years there has been an explosion of economic research on labor force dynamics; the movement of individuals between labor force states. This book focuses on the methods by which behavioral...

Writings on Distribution and Welfare (Routledge Revivals)

by J. A. Hobson

The articles in this volume, originally published in a variety of journals between 1890 and 1937, deal with the themes of the distribution of income and welfare. Highlighting the contribution which Hobson made...

The Map and the Territory: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting

by Alan Greenspan

Like all of us, though few so visibly, Alan Greenspan was forced by the financial crisis of 2008 to question some fundamental assumptions about risk management and economic forecasting. No one with any meaningful...

Post-Keynesian Economics

by Kenneth K. Kurihara

This volume represents the extension of Keynes' General Theory by a group of eminent economists. Each essay takes Keynes' work as a frame of reference for criticism, explorations and insights, whilst adding...

Applied Dynamic Economics

by Kenneth K. Kurihara

Collecting together papers from international journals, this book encompasses economics and the philosophical, historical, technical and practical facets of the real world.

Grouped together in three separate,...

Essays in the Theory of Economic Fluctuations

by M. Kalecki

These essays, though formally independent, nevertheless constitute a whole, each one preparing the way for the succeeding chapter.

On Political Economists and Political Economy

by Professor Geoffrey Harcourt & Claudio Sardoni

Included in this volume are papers which are recognized as some of the foundations of post-Keynesian Economics, analysing problems set in historical time and starting from 'real world' observations. The book...

Keynesian Economics

by Alan Coddington

Keynesian Economics provides a wide-ranging critical examination of the presuppositions and procedures of Keynesian analysis. The result is both a clear guide to modern macro-economic theory and policy and a...

Urban Dynamics and Urban Externalities

by Y. Kanemoto & T. Miyao

This title combines reviews of two of the most important branches of urban economics: dynamics and externalities.

Non-Renewable Resources Extraction Programs and Markets

by J. Hartwick

Considers the role of economics in discussions about the depletion of finite stocks of natural resources including oil.

Poverty Comparisons

by M. Ravallion

Poverty comparisons - such as whether poverty has increased, or where it is greatest, are typically clouded in conceptual and methodological uncertainties. How should individual well-being be assessed in deciding...

Value, Exploitation and Class

by J. Roemer

John E. Roemer, one of the founders of analytical Marxism, draws on contemporary mathematical economics to put forward a refined extension of the Marxian theory of exploitation, labour value and class.

The Historiography of Economics: British and American Economic Essays, Volume III A. W. Bob Coats; Compiled and Edited by Roger E. Backhouse and Bruce

by A.W. Bob Coats, Roger E Backhouse & Bruce Caldwell

This is the third and final volume of collected papers of A.W. Bob Coats. Coats began to collect material for this volume in the years following the publication of the second volume in 1993, but sadly died in...

The Evolution of Modern Capitalism (Routledge Revivals): A Study of Machine Production

by J. A. Hobson

Hobson's The Evolution of Modern Capitalism was first published in 1894, although this reissue is of the fourth edition, published in 1926. The work traces the developments in trade and industry which characterised...

Economics of Cooperation and the Labour-Managed Economy

by J. Bonin & L. Putterman

Discusses the theory of labour-managed firms or producers' cooperatives, and of economies companies principally of such firms.

A Primer on Environmental Policy Design

by R. Hahn

Discusses how the needs of the individual must be balanced with socially desirable ecological goals if the environment is to be protected.

Designing Regulatory Policy with Limited Information

by D. Besanko & D. Sappington

Examines policy design when the policy maker in imperfectly informed, focusing on cases where the regulated firm possesses better information about its technology than the regulator.

Long Term Control of Exhaustible Resources

by P. Lasserre

This title is concerned with the issue of long-term depletion of non-renewable natural resources.

Development and Modes of Production in Marxian Economics: A Critical Evaluation

by A. Richards

By exploring the strengths and weaknesses of a Marxist approach to economic development, this book presents a balanced treatment of development issues within the area of 'rational choice Marxism'

Marxism and 'Really Existing Socialism'

by A. Nove

The late Alec Nove explores the relationship between Marxist ideas and the Soviet reality and presents a methodology for understanding Soviet type societies.