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Coffee Eateries Success: Becoming a Successful Coffee Entrepreneur

by Vincent Gabriel

It is the coffee shop. It is traditional. It is on the verge of extinction. Then the young discovered the joys of coffee from the multi-national coffee chains that began to invade.

Soon tea drinking, that was...

Priorities and Pathways in Services Reform â¿¿ Part II: Political Economy Studies

by Christopher Findlay

Services markets remain highly regulated and international trade and investment is restricted. Previous works have identified the scope for significant gains from trade, yet those results are often debated and...

Priorities and Pathways in Services Reform â¿¿ Part I: Quantitative Studies

by Philippa Dee

This book presents a state-of-the-art evaluation of the benefits and costs of behind-the-border services reform. It introduces new, second-generation methods for quantifying regulatory barriers and applies those...

The New Social Game

by Davide Pellegrini & Francesca De Canio

"The idea of BlaBlaCar was born one Christmas when I wanted to get home to my family in the French countryside. 500 km away from Paris, it wasn?t the easiest place to reach. With no car and all the trains sold...

Co-Design, Volume I

by Mark Gatenby & Stefan Cantore

This book provides a guide to co-designing learning environments and relationships.

Learning is fundamental to living and organizing in complex systems. The authors begin by revisiting what learning means in...

Indian Diplomacy

by Rajendra M. Abhyankar

How has India’s foreign policy evolved in the seventy years since Independence? For that matter, what is the country’s foreign policy? And what are the aspects that determine and shape it? If you’ve had...

The Interconnected Individual

by Hunter Hastings & Jeff Saperstein

Given the rapid technological, organizational, and structural changes that challenge conventional institutions and economies, what is the future of work? The authors propose a path to seize opportunity for the...

Ticket Masters

by Dean Budnick, Dean Budnick and Josh Baron & Josh Baron

?In the spring of 1975 a trio of neophyte businessmen backed an old Chrysler onto a sun-baked Arizona driveway and convened in their new office. The garage start-up, dubbed Ticketmaster, would come to achieve...


by Martha Humler & Simon Goodway

Why? is filled with relatable rants about a subject Martha Humler knows well: customer service. My wish is one day stories like these will be few and far betweenbut in the meantime, I hope Marthas book gives...

The Passion of Barbering

by Dr. Charles H. Washington

When Charles H. Washington first got his start as a barber, he discovered other African-Americans in the field were reluctant to share the secrets of the craft.

But that didnt stop him from working his way up,...

Introduction to Service

by Harry Katzan Jr

A service is a client/provider interaction that creates and captures value for both participants. We use service in several aspects of our lives, including business, government, education, health care, and religion....

How Creating Customer Value Makes You a Great Executive

by Gautam Mahajan

Customer value is an overused and mis-understood term. Chris Ross said, ÒThere's a strong argument for changing the term 'marketing' and renaming it 'value creation'.Ó Companies fail to create value as well...

Sustainability and the City

by Adi Wolfson

Cities are without a doubt one of the miracles of human creation and the embodiment of the human environment. Insofar as they are large and densely populated human settlements with defined legal and political...

The Economy of Ireland

by John W. O'Hagan & Carol Newman

An essential book for students of economics as well as economists and policymakers.

The twelfth edition of this enduring and popular book surveys all major changes in the Irish economy in the past fifteen years,...

Service Design

by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason

Service Design is an eminently practical guide to designing services that work for people. It offers powerful insights, methods, and case studies to help you design, implement, and measure multichannel service...

Child Care Business Success: Create your positive, productive and profitable child care business!

by Julie Bartkus

Inside secrets and never-before-revealed stories are shared in this one-of-a-kind book by Child Care Business Success Mentor Julie Bartkus. Julie’s mission has been to help child care owners create their positive,...

(Re)Consider your Service Value proposition

by Andrew Manning

Services form the largest parts of most developed economies, and a growing part of emerging economies too. And all organisations contain in-house service teams and departments. So, this book is relevant to you,...

Freight Brokerage Business

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Start a Freight Brokerage Business Today

The experts at Entrepreneur provide a two-part guide to success. First, learn how you can start a successful freight brokerage business right from your home. Then, master...

Import/Export Business

by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

The experts at Entrepreneur provide a two-part guide to success. First, learn the nuts and bolts of starting an import/export business, including everything from trade laws to choosing a reliable customs broker....

Collaborative Innovation

by Tony Morgan

Innovation can be a challenging subject. At its worst, it is a meaningless buzzword. At its best, it is a means of driving differentiating value for an organization. But how can innovation be consistently achieved...