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You Need a Leader--Now What?: How to Choose the Best Person for Your Organization

by James M. Citrin & Julie Daum

 Solving the Leadership Jigsaw Puzzle


You have a key leadership job to fill. You want the very best person.

What exactly does this really mean?


How often have you seen someone with great credentials...

Greatness: The 16 Characteristics of True Champions

by Don Yaeger

GREATNESS is a motivational book whose target audience is found in business and self-help. It is a life book, aimed at inspiring others to achieve their personal and professional best. Opening with an in-depth...

Great Leadership: What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World

by Antony Bell

Hierarchical, command-and-control leadership is no longer viewed as the optimal approach to manage people who work in global enterprises and who have the capability and interest to run their own operations....

Liftoff Leadership: 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership

by Betty Shotton

America is in the midst of a leadership crisis. Businesses, employees, and citizens are suffering because of it. A narrow definition of success that demands profit at all costs has caused great harm to our economy...

Three Commitments of Leadership: How Clarity, Stability, and Rhythm Create Great Leaders

by Tom Endersbe & Jon Wortmann


“Do you want an engaged and best efforts culture? Do you want to attract and retain the best people? If your answers to those questions are yes and yes, then I...

The Ten Commandments for Business Failure

by Donald R. Keough

Don Keough-a former top executive at Coca-Cola and now chairman of the elite investment banking firm Allen & Company-has witnessed plenty of failures in his sixty-year career (including New Coke). He has also...

Keep Them On Your Side

by Samuel B. Bacharach

Many leaders spend time getting people on their side-only to drop the ball by failing to keep them on their side. The key to long-term success in any organization is maintaining momentum for ideas and initiatives....

The DNA of Leadership: Leverage Your Instincts To: Communicate--Differentiate--Innovate

by Judith E Glaser

Just as your DNA may determine your destiny, a company's organizational DNA may determine its destiny. The DNA of Leadership helps you understand how to shape your company's genetic code for success. Expert...

Adaptability: Responding Effectively to Change

by John Wiley & Sons, Joan Gurvis & Allan Calarco

In today’s business world, the complexity and pace of change can be daunting. Adaptability has become recognized as a necessary skill for leaders to develop to be effective in this environment. Even so, leaders...

Developing Cultural Adaptability: How to Work Across Differences

by John Wiley & Sons, Jennifer J. Deal & Don W. Prince

Thinking about cultural differences around the world isn’t just an intellectual exercise for managers working in an increasingly global environment. Being able to communicate effectively across cultural differences,...

Do You Really Need a Team

by John Wiley & Sons, Michael E. Kossler & Kim Kanaga

Despite all of the attention and accolades that organizations place on teams, they are not always the most efficient way to meet a business challenge. It’s expensive and time consuming to launch a team, and...

Using Your Executive Coach

by John Wiley, Wayne Hart & Karen Kirkland

If you are a manager or executive who is beginning a coaching engagement or who is considering a developmental plan that calls for an executive coach, you need more than a desire to improve your leadership capabilities....

Setting Priorities: Personal Values, Organizational Results

by John Wiley & Talula Cartwright

To be a successful leader, you need to get results. To get results, you need to set priorities. This book can help you do a better job of setting priorities, recognizing the personal values that motivate your...

Developing Your Intuition: A Guide to Reflective  Practice

by John Wiley & Talula Cartwright

Leaders often have to make decisions without complete information, and those decisions are expected to be not only right but also timely. Using reflective techniques can help you learn to depend on your intuition...

Ongoing Feedback: How to Get It, How to Use It

by John Wiley, Karen Kirkland & Sam Manoogian

If you are a manager who has just completed a leadership development experience, such as attending a program or receiving feedback from a 360-degree instrument, or have just experienced a career transition,...

Selling Yourself Without Selling Out: A Leader's Guide to Ethical Self-Promotion

by Center of Creative Leadership, Gina Hernez-Broome & Cindy McLaughlin

High-performing individuals and groups are often not adequately recognized for their contributions. The antidote to being overlooked or underestimated is self-promotion—the act of generating personal visibility...

Maintaining Team Performance

by Center of Creative Leadership, Kim Kanaga & Henry Browning

Between the time a team is launched and the time it delivers results, managers need to know that the team is on course. Whether they have launched a team to achieve a business objective or have inherited a team,...

Managing Conflict with Direct Reports

by Center of Creative Leadership, Barbara Popejoy & Brenda J. McManigle

Conflict is inevitable when people work together, and it’s one of the most difficult challenges facing managers. But it’s a challenge that successful leaders learn to address. Managers who develop an understanding...

Building Resiliency: How to Thrive in Times of Change

by Center of Creative Leadership, Mary Lynn Pulley & Michael Wakefield

It may be human nature to resist change—particularly when it’s delivered as a hardship, disappointment, or rejection. But by developing resiliency managers can not only survive change, but also learn, grow,...

Three Keys to Development: Defining and Meeting Your Leadership Challenges

by Center of Creative Leadership, Henry Browning & Ellen Van Velsor

During the course of your career, you are likely to have many different kinds of developmental experiences. You may be assigned to or seek out a challenging position that tests your limits. You may establish...