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Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management

by Donald Waters & Stephen Rinsler

Global Logistics provides a truly international perspective on important trends and latest developments in logistics and supply chain management.

Successful Outsourcing and Multi-Sourcing

by Derek Parlour

There are books on outsourcing, but most are by academics or consultants. Few address multi-sourcing. The author of Successful Outsourcing and Multi-Sourcing, is a practitioner who headed an operation that handles...

Applying Lean Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry

by Bikash Chatterjee

Bikash Chatterjee emphasizes the criticality of applying the principles of Lean and Six Sigma within the paradigm of the drug development process. His guide to operational excellence in the pharmaceutical and...

Commercial Distribution in Europe (Routledge Revivals)

by John Dawson

The physical distribution of products is an important element in the marketing operations of all productive enterprises, and in many cases efficient distribution is the most important single factor leading to...

Logistics and Retail Management: Emerging Issues and New Challenges in the Retail Supply Chain

by John Fernie & Leigh Sparks

Logistics and Retail Management brings together acclaimed academics and practitioners to share their research, ideas and experience of retail logistics in the 21st century.

Financing Trade and International Supply Chains: Commerce Across Borders, Finance Across Frontiers

by Alexander R. Malaket

The vast majority of international trade is supported by some form of trade financing: a specialized, sometimes complex form of financing that is poorly understood even by bankers and seasoned finance and treasury...

Supply Chain Visibility: From Theory to Practice

by Jonah Saint McIntire

Transparency and accurate management information are essential if you want to ensure that the supply chain is working for your business. Supply Chain Visibility is a critical primer for readers with backgrounds...

Sustainable Value Chain Management: A Research Anthology

by Adam Lindgreen & Francois Maon

The way organizations manage their value chain has changed dramatically over the past decade. Today, organizations take account of economic issues, but they also adopt a broader perspective of their purpose...

Strength-Based Lean Six Sigma: Building Positive and Engaging Business Improvement

by David Shaked

Strength-based Lean Six Sigma is the first book to combine the leading approaches in both business improvement and organizational change for optimum organizational performance and agility.

The Air Logistics Handbook: Air Freight and the Global Supply Chain

by Michael Sales

Why study air cargo? Consider that this sector moves only 2% of the global volume of goods but a huge 35% by value, reserved for the most costly and time-sensitive products. Air logistics is an economically...

Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management

by Donald Waters

Now integral to the long-term plans of nearly all businesses, the field of logistics is evolving remarkably fast, encompassing communications, IT and sustainability. With contributions from a range of logistics...

Reconnecting Markets: Innovative Global Practices in Connecting Small-Scale Producers with Dynamic Food Markets

by Estelle Biénabe & Julio Berdegué

The rapid changes taking place in the structure and governance of national and regional agri-food markets in developing countries seriously affect the ability of agriculture, especially small-scale agriculture,...

The Market-Driven Supply Chain: A Revolutionary Model for Sales & Operations Planning in the New On-Demand Economy

Supply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Strategic Influences and Supply Chain Responses

by Rob Whewell

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is hugely complex because it involves so many markets, products, processes and intermediaries. It is also heavily regulated, global, and used by everyone at some stage...

Supply Chain Management For Dummies

by Daniel Stanton

Everyone can impact the supply chain

Supply Chain Management For Dummies helps you connect the dots between things like purchasing, logistics, and operations to see how the big picture is affected by seemingly...

A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains: Repair, Remake, Redesign, Rethink

by Catherine Weetman

Provides a comprehensive guide to the circular economy, featuring real life examples and case studies.

Marketing and Logistics Led Organizations: Creating and Operating Customer Focused Supply Networks

by Robert Mason & Barry Evans

Examine how marketing and logistics, both key activities in most organisations today, are critical to the provision of customer value.

Introduction to Global Logistics: Delivering the Goods

by John Manners-Bell

Provides a thorough introduction and step-by-step guide to global logistics, including the global logistics infrastructure and the strategic principles and practices in transportation modes and supply chain...

Supply Chain Operations: Managing Supply Chain Logistics & Supply Chain Services Sustainably

by Justin Pagotto

SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS: Managing Supply Chain Logistics & Supply Chain Services Sustainably


You will discover:

  • How to harness your supply chain to boost profits and brand value
  • How digital supply chain management...

Customer Loyalty and Supply Chain Management: Business-to-Business Customer Loyalty Analysis

by Ivan Russo & Ilenia Confente

Many business-to-business (B2B) managers think that customers act rationally and base decisions mostly on price, customer loyalty isn't considered. Companies outsource various activities, which enable them to...