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Power: Why Some People Have It-and Others Don't

by Jeffrey Pfeffer

In this crowning achievement, one of the greatest minds in management theory reveals how to succeed and wield power in the real world.

Over decades of consulting with corporations and teaching MBA students the...

The Awakening Giant (Routledge Revivals): Continuity and Change in Imperial Chemical Industries

by Andrew Pettigrew

First published in 1985, this book is about Imperial Chemical Industries' response to the changing social, political, business and economic environment over the past twenty years. Using personal interviews and...

Theory Building in Applied Disciplines

by Richard A. Swanson & Thomas J. Chermack

This is the first book to provide a complete and detailed methodology for developing sound theory in applied disciplines, which are academic and professional fields that apply scientific knowledge to professional...

The Real Truth about Success: What the Top 1% Do Differently, Why They Won't Tell You, and How You Can Do It Anyway!

by Garrison Wynn

"Everyone is looking for the real in whatever they endeavor. Garrison Wynn went out looking for real answers to real success challenges--and he found them. If you want them, get this book real fast!"


Critical Leadership: The Dynamics of the Leader-Follower Relationship in Public Sector Organizations

by Paul Evans, John Hassard & Paula Hyde

Critical approaches to leadership studies have sought to challenge the normative position of leadership as residing solely within the formal leader and have gone as far as to undermine the traditionally held...

Corps Business

by David H. Freedman

Fast. Motivated. Hard-hitting.

That's what every business wants to be. And that's why the U.S. Marines excel in every mission American throws at them, no matter how tough the odds. In Corps Business, journalist...

Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies

by C. Otto Scharmer & Katrin Kaeufer

In this mind-opening new book, bestselling author Otto Scharmer (Theory U, 40,000 copies sold) and Katrin Kaufer reveal the root cause of the economic, social, ecological, political, spiritual, and institutional...

Cases in Organisational Behaviour (Rle: Organizations)

by Roy McLennan

This is a comprehensive, systematic casebook which demonstrates the contribution of research to the formulation and resolution of organisational problems actually faced by managers. The cases are presented in...

Leading and Implementing Business Change Management: Making Change Stick in the Contemporary Organization

by David J. Jones & Ronald J. Recardo

Being change capable is the "new normal" for today's growth-minded organizations. The "do more with less" strategies of the past are no longer effective in preparing organizations to meet the increasing challenges...

Leadership and Organization (Rle: Organizations): A Behavioural Science Approach

by Robert Tannenbaum, Irving Weschler & Fred Massarik

This book represents a selected collection of the writings, from 1950 to 1960, of members of the Human Relations Research Group (HRRG), from UCLA. The writings are followed by independent comments and appraisal...

Social Psychology of the Work Organization (Rle: Organizations)

by Arnold Tannenbaum

This book discusses social psychological research in organizations and illustrates the implications of this research for organizational theory and practice. The book focuses on the relationship of man to the...

Organizational Choice

by E. L. Trist, G. W. Higgin & H. Murray

This book develops and applies a new approach to the study of the working group and indeed of productive enterprises more generally. Unlike similar studies, in this volume the human is related back to the technological,...

Company Strategy and Organizational Design (Rle: Organizations)

by Roger Mansfield

Getting strategies and structures right for changing market conditions and successfully matching strategies and structures with each other, are crucial. This volume reviews and develops the extensive literature...

The Sociology of the Workplace (Rle: Organizations)

by Malcolm Warner

This volume adopts an interdisciplinary approach. The study of the workplace is approached from the standpoint of industrial sociology, industrial relations, industrial anthropology and other related disciplines....

Management Organization and Employment Structure (Rle: Organizations): New Directions in Theory and Practice

by Tony Watson

The book brings together in a single volume material and issues normally treated separately, such as management studies, organisation theory, personnel management, industrial relations and motivation theory....

Organisation and Administration for Business.

by Geoffrey Whitehead

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to business organisation and administration. Written in a straightforward, readable style this textbook covers all the major aspects of the subject. Starting with...

Managing Organizational Change (Rle: Organizations): Human Factors and Automation

by Fred Fallik

The United States Internal Revenue Service introduced a multi-million dollar program to automate its operations in the early 1980s. This book describes a multidisciplinary study of the experiences of several...

The International Yearbook of Organization Studies.

by David Dunkerley & Graeme Salaman

The diverse topics in this volume bring together developments in the field of organization studies. Although the approaches are by no means undifferentiated the articles share a commitment to a revitalized organizational...

Leadership and Organizations (Rle: Organizations)

by Alan Bryman

In this textbook Alan Bryman provides a detailed and critical examination of the literature on leadership in organizations, giving special recognition to the needs of students of organizational behaviour and...

A Sociology of Organisations (Rle: Organizations)

by J. E. T. Eldridge & A. D. Crombie

An understanding of the nature and forms of organisation, particularly with reference to industrial societies, is a key area in sociological analysis. This book discusses and explains what concepts to employ...