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The Be Do Have of a Successful Entrepreneur

by Renata McDonald

The will to succeed is way more powerful than any advanced business knowledge or turnaround strategy. The person you are working with has to want to win in order to win! By this I mean that individual personally...

Master the Moment: Fifty CEOs teach you the secrets of time management

by Pat Brans

High achievers are not necessarily smarter or putting in more effort than those around them. But they do have different attitudes and are more careful how they use time. From their perspective they are moving...

HBR Guide to Getting the Right Work Done

by Harvard Business Review


Your inbox is overflowing. You’re paralyzed because you have too much to do but don’t know where to start. Your to-do list never seems to get any shorter....

Work Smarter with Evernote

by Alexandra Samuel

Whether you’ve always wanted to try Evernote or have only dabbled with it in the past, you can take your professional life to the next level by making this tool one of your go-to systems for staying organized....

4 Easy Steps to More Effective Writing: The Plan Driven Writing Methodology

by Philip C. Semprevivo

4 Easy Steps to More Effective Writing is a book that is targeted to the needs of Business Professionals. As such, it should also be considered as excellent supplemental reading for the college or graduating...

Taking Charge of Your Time

by Phoebe Belinda Reynolds

Have you ever heard that "Time Is Money?" However, in reality, it is more than that. It is essentially life itself. Every minute that is gone is equivalent to a wasted moment of your life.

Does it seem like time...

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

by Arnold Bennett

Despite having been published in 1910, Arnold Bennett’s book "How to Live on 24 Hours a Day" remains a valuable resource on living a meaningful life within the constraints of time. 

In the book, Bennett addresses...

Time Management Expertise Training Guide

by Dwayne Anderson

Time Is What We Want Most, But What We Use Worst!!!

Doesn’t it feel like sometimes you never have enough time?

Where are all those seconds going?

If you find yourself wondering that too often, it simply means...

Book Review: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

by 50Minutes

It can be hard for busy professionals to find the time to read the latest books. Stay up to date in a fraction of the time with this concise guide.

David Allen's 2001 book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free...

Leading Effective Meetings

by 50Minutes

Ready to take your business to the next level? Find out everything you need to know about leading effective meetings with this practical guide.

Meetings are a key part of office life in the 21st century, but...

Extreme Productivity

by Robert C. Pozen

“Required reading for professionals—and aspiring professionals—of all levels.”

—Shirley Ann Jackson, President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Former Chairman of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission...

The Changemaker Mindset

by Ilja Grzeskowitz

Personality is the Key to Professional Success

Personal relationships are key to success: In a time when workplaces are becoming more digital and more automated every day, our mindsets and our personal relationships...

HBR Guide to Work-Life Balance

by Harvard Business Review, Stewart D. Friedman, Elizabeth Grace Saunders & Peter Bregman et al.

You can have it all. You can't have it all. Balance your work and your life. There is no balance. Prioritize! Manage your time!

With so much conflicting advice and so many demands on your time, it's no wonder...

How To Become A Highly Effective Time Manager

by Jeannine Hill

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

* Time Is On Your Side

* Your Planner Is Your Friend

* Time Management 101

* I’ll Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow

* Stop The Cramming

* Time Management: Some...

Crazy Busy

by Zena Everett

Have you got too much time on your hands and not enough to do?

No, I didn’t think so. You need this book if:

  • Your inbox controls your life
  • You are always rushing
  • At the end of the day you often feel disappointed...

Smart Teams

by Dermot Crowley

Communicate, congregate and collaborate more effectively than ever

Smart Teams will help your team to go beyond personal productivity to enhance team productivity. Building on the concepts presented in Smart...


by Daniel P. Chiodo & C.L. King


There are many time management systems available for executives, each system offering a complexity of techniques to improve your time management. Yet many of these systems...

Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction

by Geraldine Markel

Are distractions sabotaging your efforts to get ahead? Do you feel like you're constantly plagued by technology or interruptions by others? Lurking around us are forces-labeled demons-that interrupt our flow...

The Lazy Manager

by Bruce Bell

The Lazy Manager in a concise format tells the story of a retail manager who must turn around a store beset by terrible morale and the lowest productivity figures in its chain. Confronting these challenges reveals...

Best Life Ever

by Nora Tan

I believe everyone deserves to live their Best Life Ever.

Living the Best Life Ever is about having fulfillment, doing what matters to us every day.

In short, to do WHAT we want, WHEN we want and WHERE we want....