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Capitalism and the Political Economy of Work Time

by Christoph Hermann

John Maynard Keynes expected that around the year 2030 people would only work 15 hours a week. In the mid-1960s, Jean Fourastié still anticipated the introduction of the 30-hour week in the year 2000, when...

The Be Do Have of a Successful Entrepreneur

by Renata McDonald

The will to succeed is way more powerful than any advanced business knowledge or turnaround strategy. The person you are working with has to want to win in order to win! By this I mean that individual personally...

Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time

by Laura Stack & William A. Cohen

A How-To Guide for the Modern Leader

Inspired by Peter Drucker's groundbreaking book The Effective Executive, Laura Stack details precisely how 21st-century leaders and managers can obtain profitable, productive...

Getting Things Done and Staying Organized

by 50MINUTES.Com

Increase productivity and banish procrastination

This book is a practical and accessible guide to understanding the key to staying organized at work, providing you with the essential information and saving time....

Find Your Balance Point: Clarify Your Priorities, Simplify Your Life, and Achieve More

by Brian TRACY & Christina Stein

Accomplish what matters most

Because we all have too much to do, it feels like our lives are out of balance. But Brian Tracy and Christina Stein argue that imbalance results not so much from doing too much but...

Habit Stacking: How To Beat Procrastination In 30+ Easy Steps (The Power Habit Of A Go Getter)

by Scott Green

Are you a procrastinator? How do you know? You may be surprised to realize that it is possible for people to have a problem with procrastination without fully realizing that the problem exists. This can cause...

Singletasking: Get More Done-One Thing at a Time

by Devora Zack

Your Mind Can't Be Two Places at Once

Too many of us have become addicted to the popular, enticing, dangerously misleading drug of multitasking. Devora Zack was once hooked herself. But she beat it and became...