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50 Biggest Mistakes: I See Information Marketers Make

by Bret Ridgway

The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make provides a behind-the-scenes perspective of some of the mistakes some of the biggest names in information marketing have made and what you can do to avoid...

Corporate Human Heritage and Competitiveness

by Yves Barou

p /p p /p p strong CORPORATE HUMAN HERITAGE AND COMPETITIVENESS /strong /p p strong The value of a company /strong /p pThe value of a company is not just its financial or tangible assets; it is also its human...

Discontinuous Innovation: Learning to Manage the Unexpected

by Peter Augsdörfer, John Bessant, Kathrin Möslein & Bettina von Stamm et al.

This book is based on the findings, issues and questions related to an ongoing decade-old research project named the Innovation Lab ( The research project focuses on discontinuous innovation...

Innovation and Growth: What Do We Know?


This book, written entirely by faculty at the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis, provides a variety of practical and implementable perspectives on innovation for managers. In addition,...

An Introduction to Knowledge Information Strategy: From Business Intelligence to Knowledge Sciences

by AKIRA ISHIKAWA & Juro Nakagawa

This book discusses the essence, concepts, techniques, and applications of business intelligence. It also explores different aspects of crisis management, knowledge management and knowledge sciences, the applications...

Knowledge Management Initiatives in Singapore

by Margaret Tan & Madanmohan Rao

Knowledge Management Initiatives in Singapore is the first book that provides descriptive analyses of the award-winning knowledge management projects undertaken by the public sector organisations in Singapore....

Workbook for Opening Innovation: Bridging Networked Business, Intellectual Property and Contracting

by Jaakko Paasi, Katri Valkokari, Henri Hytönen & Laura Huhtilainen et al.

Workbook for Opening Innovation — Bridging Networked Business, Intellectual Property and Contracting focuses on the implementation of phenomena, theories and ideas presented in the book Bazaar of Opportunities...

Perspectives on Knowledge Management

by I V. Malhan & Shivarama Rao K

In an effort to integrate the thought processes of prominent scholars in the field of Knowledge Management (KM), editors I V Malhan and Shivarama Rao K have selected contributions from these scholars and encapsulated...

Making Cents Out of Knowledge Management

by Jay Liebowitz

Many organizations are reluctant to invest in knowledge management (KM) and competitive intelligence (CI) initiatives for their company's use. This book discusses how value-added benefits can be derived from...

Competition Overdose

by Maurice E. Stucke & Ariel Ezrachi

Using dozens of vivid examples to show how society overprescribed competition as a solution and when unbridled rivalry hurts consumers, kills entrepreneurship, and increases economic inequality, two free-market...

The Genius Machine

by Gerald Sindell

A complete, step-by-step system for developing an idea, thinking through an issue, or creating a revolutionary innovation Gifted with the unique ability to help people discover and apply their own innate genius,...

Embracing the Power of AI

by Globant, Haldo Spontón, Juan José López Murphy & Javier Minhondo et al.

Many industries are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of the curve. As cognitive and AI platforms become smarter, companies are using deep neural networks to give them abilities they didn’t...

Leverage Your Mind

by Luc Goulet

This book explains why happiness is a choice, and success is a mindset. It offers an easy to use complete toolbox of mindset techniques.

You will begin a journey of self-empowerment and enjoy immediate benefits...

The 707 Revolution

by Harvey Stump

In The 707 Revolution, author Harvey Stump examines the economic impact that this phenomenon has had on the economy of the United States. During our countrys early years, corporate America had no major competition....

Teachable Points

by Reginald W. Sykes Sr

The act of sharing knowledge and skills is a valuable resource. It serves as a tool for growth and learning, and it indicates the potential of a person to become a powerful asset that adds value to the individual...

Pearls of Perspicacity

by Dick Lyles

Pearls of Perspicacity more resembles a box of chocolates than it does a traditional business or career book. Each chapter delivers its unique tidbit of knowledge and insight in a manner best suited to the ideas...

Break Through To Yes

by David B. Savage

“David B. Savage’s Break Through to Yes provides the key for real success – collaboration!”

Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and Top 5 Management Thinker 2015


Knowledge for Justice

by Tor Halvorsen & Hilde Ibsen

With the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, the purpose of development is being redefined in both social and environmental terms. Despite pushback from...

The Social Dynamics of Open Data

by Francois van Schalkwyk & G Verhulst

The Social Dynamics of Open Data is a collection of peer reviewed papers presented at the 2nd Open Data Research Symposium (ODRS) held in Madrid, Spain, on 5 October 2016. Research is critical to developing...

Leading the Transformation

by Tommy Mouser, Gary Gruver & Gene Kim

Leading the Transformation is executive guide, providing a clear framework for improving development and delivery. Instead of the traditional Agile and DevOps approaches that focus on improving the effectiveness...