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by Aleix Saló

Someone Devoured the Middle Class

When the middle class stars in a horror film, Europe trembles.

When Europe directs a horror film, the middle class trembles.

Do we know how to recognize our oldest fears? Where...

No Name n. 1 Eternals returns (iF - iFumetti)

by Davide Barzi & Oskar

Do you know those monolithic superheroes, with a muscular and sturdy look, with bright and tight costumes? Good, now forget them… Masakatsu Noname, also known as No Name, obese creature born from the mind...

The visitor

by Claude Daigneault & Jocelyn Jalette

Ousted from their beds by the sweltering heat, Pyro and Gluco decide to head down by the lakeside to sleep under the stars instead. But as Pyro snores the night away while Glucosina dreams of her prince charming,...

Bad Love. Addicted to an addict

by Alexandra Guelfi

How can you love an unabashed liar, an incurable egocentric, a man who will drag you down, without a second thought? Can you love a drug addict? BAD LOVE is the story of a young woman who falls in love with...

The Cage

by Martin Vaughn-James

First published in 1975, The Cage was a graphic novel before there was a name for the genre. Considered an early masterpiece of the genre, the Canadian cult comic has been out of print for decades. The new edition...

The Masque of the Red Death

by Edgar Allan Poe

"The Masque of The Red Death", one of the great masterpieces of Edgar Allan Poe, lives again in a brand new illustrated edition. Text is accompanied by beautiful orginal illustrations, animated and with soundtrack....

The dragon and the poet

by Miyazawa Kenji & Francesca Eleuteri

The tale "The dragon and the poet" by Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) is the story of the meeting between the poet Suldatta and the dragon Chanata, in a magical atmosphere among poetry challenges, esoteric Buddhism...

Pride and prejudice

by Sicks

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is interpreted by the Italian illustrator Sicks. This graphic novel is the first English ebook released by Zandegù. It belongs to the series I Bignè, our super-short graphic...

The Warrior and the Pharaohs

by Mona Askar

Sam enjoys travelling with his parents. Sam's mum has a mission to visit wonders of the world. Each year the family visit a new country to discover a new wonder.

Sam has a different mission. Sam is not a normal...

Kinky Tales

by Bottolini

Finally in a new, illustrated edition, the book includes the following stories:

- The girl at stake

- The lent boyfriend

- Some like it big

- The boxing trainer

Four erotic short stories for open-minded adults, now...

Blue White Pen

by Patricia Coenjaerts

If you like Doves: this is your book.

Be kind to the animals.

A good first reading for an eight-year-old or for a mom or dad who wants to read for… in parts. It’s not childish…so for all ages.

The illustrations...

The Warrior and the Romans

by Mona Askar

Sam grew up, he became ten years old. Sam searched inGoogle about the wonders of the world and suggested to visitthe great Colosseum in Italy. Sam found out that The Colosseum was built by the RomanEmpire to...

The Warrior and the Mughals

by Mona Askar

Sam is a seven-year-old boy who travels to India to visit the amazing Taj Mahal with his parents.

When he noticed that there were two shrines in the Taj Mahal, Sam

became scared because he realized that there...

The 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Comic Book: Revised and Expanded

by Gord Hill & Pamela Palmater

When it was first published in 2010, The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book was heralded as a groundbreaking illustrated history of Indigenous activism and resistance in the Americas over the previous 500 years,...

The Hideaway

by Pam Smy

‘The Hideaway by Pam Smy is a work of art. Smy is the genius writer and illustrator of the stunning Thornhill. Smy takes children’s books to another level. Highly recommend.’ 

- David Walliams


The wonderful...


by Morris Alton

Naki must work together with his best friends Ian and Iris in order to defeat their toughest foe yet, Fefnir, the vampire king. But they must make sacrifice in order to win against all odds.

The Novellas

by Olga Maria Stefania Cucaro

In this book I wanted to collect all the short stories written so far. All the writings are original and collect the author's emotions and experiences. The author has specially created images for each of them...

May Day

by Robin Folvik, Mark Leier, Sean Carleton & Sam Bradd et al.

May Day: A Graphic History of Protest traces the development of International Workers’ Day, May 1st, against the ever-changing economic and political backdrop in Canada. Recognizing the importance of work...

Blacked Wives: Big Black Gangsters

by Sable Collins


Both she and Todd agree to let Johnny stay temporarily until he can get back to some stability again. But within his own lies, Bobbi finds a piece of evidence that provides her the proof, truth and...


by Mike Lane

This subscription was all about making a difference from a while back. Turbo-Man was a boxer at seventeen, and eighteen years old, his school was hit by a turbo meteor and then as a teenager he became a titan...