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Little Green Men Vol. 1 Go Big or Go Home

by Jay Fosgitt & Brent Erwin

Three alien misfits on a mission to conquer Earth discover the hard way that humanity isn't all that humane. Arriving on our globe of green and blue only to learn that they're a mere three inches tall, the trio...

Dino Duck

by Jay Fosgitt & Brent Erwin

The race up the evolutionary ladder is on! But the only duck in the Duck Tribe who knows it is Dino! With the monkeys watching and copying his every move (and his fellow tribesman ignoring him completely), it's...

Puss in Boots: The Sword Master of Rancho Castillo

by Troy Dye & Tom Kelesides

The exciting prequel to the PUSS IN BOOTS movie is here in this exclusive original graphic novel story! Puss enters a secret sword fighting competition to determine who's the best with a blade. Will he defeat...

Druid City: Volume 2

by Jeremy Satcher

Hunter's recent success has kept his head above water for a few months. He's holding a steady gig, dating a cute tart, and is even getting along with the law. Of course, conflict ensues to muck this all up....

Legacy of Light: The Light of Day 1

by Nara Walker

Once Upon a time a war began between darkness and light, the soldiers in this were angels and demons. In the last great battle between the two, the balanced changed forever. For the first time the Dark Empire...

The Constant Rider Omnibus: Stories from the Public Transportation Front

by Kate Lopresti

Collected in book form are Constant Rider zine issues 1–7 which detail author Kate Lopresti's personal history as a patron of public transport. Anecdotes and accounts, from humor to hard times, are included...

Bipedal, by Pedal: Issue Three: A History of Bicycle Activism in Portland, Oregon

by Joe Biel & Elly Blue

In this, the third issue of Joe Biel's award-winning, ongoing look at the Critical Mass movement, we are given a well-researched analysis at the history of bicycle activism and police spying in Portland, Oregon....

Tales of Xyphoid Volume 1 eBook

by John Morgan Curtis

Tales of Xyphoid is an illustrated anthology written and drawn by John Morgan Curtis. These tales include adventures of fantasy action hero John Blackmoon, the hilarious exploits of Stoner Dave, the deadly White...

Rival Angels: Season 2 Volume 1

by Alan J Evans

After finishing her first year as a pro wrestler, Sabrina is sent to Japan where she has to start all over with no friends and no help. New allies, foes and challenges await her, and if she survives the experience,...


by Kazuna Uchida

Hideaki Shizukawa is your typical salaryman, aside from the fact he has a split personality. The real trouble is that they don't get along. While mild-mannered Hideaki works by day, "Kairi" parties by night,...

Bad Love (English)

by Alexandra Guelfi

How can you love an unabashed liar, an incurable egocentric, a man who will drag you down, without a second thought? Can you love a drug addict? BAD LOVE is the story of a young woman who falls in love with...

Little Monsters

by Philip Caveney & Sean Steele

“He had realised with an abrupt sense of shock that her eyes had no pupils in them; they were just two round white spheres that seemed to be growing bigger and bigger as he watched.” Welcome to Little Monsters,...

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #3

by Tom Neely, Mari Naomi & Justin Hall

In the next installment of the greatest love story ever told, Glenn's mother is still living with him and Henry, until Glenn runs away. Henry, John, and Darryl comb a dozen familiar LA institutions to reunite...

Forever and Ever

by Tom Neely, Keenan Keller & Noah Van Sciver

In the final installment of the greatest love story ever told, about the domestic life of "Henry" and "Glenn" as well as their neighbors "Daryl" and "John," we are treated to three new short stories. (similarities...

Pocket God: A Quest Called Tribe

by Jason M. Burns & DAVE CASTELNUOVO

Sun, the mysterious new female pygmy, convinces the tribe to help her on her quest to find the rest of her missing tribe mates (more pygmies!?) and save them from the maleficent Newbie! Based on the #1, world-wide,...

Pocket God: Tale of Two Pygmies

by Jason M. Burns & Rolando M. Mallado

Because you demanded it! Pocket God returns with a brand-new story arc - Tale of Two Pygmies. This graphic novel will redefine the Pygmy world and set the stage for the introduction of - new characters! Based...

Hero Within #1

by Jason M. Burns & Rolando Mallado

About this book: HERO WITHIN is a tale for all ages, full of fantastic bravery and heroism! Small town kids Jordan, Topher, and Karly discover a mysterious 'smart phone' app that allows them to actually become...

Pocket God: #1

by Jason M. Burns & ALLAN DYE


Strawberry Shortcake Vol.2 Issue 4

by Georgia Ball & Roberto Ali

This issue: Berry Bitty City is celebrating this year's Founder's Day with a theatrical extravaganza directed by Strawberry Shortcake. Everyone has a part to play, but when Plum Pudding threatens to overshadow...

Strawberry Shortcake Vol.2 Issue 3

by Georgia Ball & Amy Mebberson

"About this book: When Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Torte rescue a lost baby chipmunk, Raspberry decides to take care of him until he is big enough to go back out into the wild. But how big will he GET?...