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Pewfell in For the Love of Hornbag

by Chuck Whelon

He can't get any respect as a wizard, but all Pewfell really wants is a quiet life of domestic bliss. Destiny, however, has other plans. Join Pewfell as he gets thrown out of his house by a gang of feminist...

Pewfell in What Happens in Vagus

by Chuck Whelon

little does Pewfell suspect, when he sets out on a trip to the fabulous city of Vagus to see the World Fighting Federation Championships, that he is about to embark on an epic quest to fulfill his ancient destiny...

Pewfell in: Welcome to Spirekassle

by Chuck Whelon

Meet Pewfell, a slacker wizard who lives in the fabulous city of Spirekassle. He's married to Tina the warrior princess and works a day job in the local pharmacy. When his wife has to take a month off due to...

Pewfell in Drain of Chaos

by Chuck Whelon & Adam Prosser

The world's most irresponsible wizard, is about to face his greatest challenge yet: fatherhood! His wife pregnant and his home collapsing, wizard Pewfell takes a job with the Spirekassle City sewer patrol. But...

Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend

by Winsor Mccay

This pioneering cartoon strip by the creator of Little Nemo transports readers to a captivating world of dreams and nightmares. A facsimile of the rare 1905 first edition, it features 60 cartoon sequences.

The dragon and the poet

by Miyazawa Kenji & Francesca Eleuteri

The tale "The dragon and the poet" by Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) is the story of the meeting between the poet Suldatta and the dragon Chanata, in a magical atmosphere among poetry challenges, esoteric Buddhism...

The Memory of Odin graphic novel

by Jason R. Forbus

It is the third and final year of Fimbulvetr, the long and cold winter that precedes the end of the Nine Worlds. Midgard lies asleep under a thick layer of ice and snow. The city of men have fallen prey to ravenous...

Lorredian Discipline

by Giuseppe Manna

Greetings to you readers who respectfully immerse yourselves in this novel as it narrates your earthly life, because of our individual instructions, chosen from our varied family teachings.

Lorredian Discipline...

Lewis Carroll: The Complete Works

by Lewis Carroll & Bauer Books

The Complete Works:


  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There
  • Sylvie and Bruno
  • Sylvie and Bruno Concluded


  • A Tangled Tale
  • Bruno’s Revenge and...

The Garden Mountain

by Raquel Peña

The purpose of this book is to provide knowledge boys and girls about our nature. In the first scale the creation of the mountain, the different seasons and the flowers that spread the values ??of love, the...

Beyond the Black River

by Robert Ervin Howard

First published in 1935, "Beyond the Black River" is generally accepted as one of the best Conan stories. It is also one of the few that breaks Robert Ervin Howard's traditional narrative pattern.

Although "Beyond...


by Rasheed Catapang

Whoever said that a man can't change the world obviously haven't heard of Knightmare.

Time to get acquainted.

Pulcinella a Londra

by Giacomo Pietoso

Primo fumetto sulla maschera più famosa al mondo,Pulcinella.Un Pulcinella viaggiatore,curioso di conoscere altre realtà e per questo motivo si reca a Londra.Vuole vedere e sentire con la sua anima questa emancipazione...

The Parallel Kingdom

by Roberto Donini

The Chronicles of Aron

The second book of the trilogy, the protagonist will realise that the voices that torment him are more real than what he thinks.

Peace has been restored in the Valley of Destiny. Bhaal has...

Straya: Thy Kingdom Come

by Rasheed Catapang

Anyone claiming they can stop the inevitable or affect the outcome must know Armageddon started eons ago.

Rutabaga the Adventure Chef

by Eric Colossal

On their mission to find only the most exotic ingredients for top-notch dishes, Rutabaga and his pet cooking pot, Pot, somehow manage to get themselves into a series of pickles. Amid the giant killer spiders,...


by Barry Deutsch

Welcome back to Hereville, where Mirka, the world’s first time-traveling, monster-fighting Orthodox Jewish girl, faces her greatest challenge yet: babysitting! Mirka just wants to find new adventures, but...

Rutabaga the Adventure Chef

by Eric Colossal

In a world where there are dragons, wyverns, and haunted squash, you’d figure someone would have recipes for them, right?

Rutabaga and his magic cooking pot, Pot, join young adventurers Winnifred, Manny, and...


by Barry Deutsch

Spunky, strong-willed eleven-year-old Mirka Herschberg isn’t interested in knitting lessons from her stepmother, or how-to-find-a-husband advice from her sister, or you-better-not warnings from her brother....


by Barry Deutsch

Welcome to Hereville, home of the first-ever wisecracking, adventure-loving, sword-wielding Orthodox Jewish heroine. A delightful mix of fantasy, adventure, cultural traditions, and preteen commotion, this fun,...