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The Game

by Shane W. Smith


The devastating war between the Senate and Padakan House is over. Under Frank Tomhines' new government, power will at last be returned to the citizens of the galaxy. But not everyone is prepared...


by Mary W. Shelley, William B. ,Jr. Jones & William B. Jones

Dr. Frankenstein learns the secret to giving life to inanimate matter

To test his theories, he collects bones from the tombs to construct a "human" being, and then gives it life. The creature, endowed with supernatural...

Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

by Robert Louis Stevenson, William B. ,Jr. Jones & William B. Jones

The idea for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde famously came to Robert Louis Stevenson one night in a dream. This graphic novel adaptation has transformed that dream into an exquisite nightmare combining...

Journey to the Center of the Earth

by Jules Verne, William B. ,Jr. Jones & William B. Jones

A Journey to the Center of the Earth is a classic 1864 science fiction novel by Jules Verne. The story involves a German Professor Lidenbrock who believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the center of...

Planet Comics #1

by Ken Jackson

Planet Comics launched in January, 1940 as a companion to the famous pulp magazine Planet Stories. Both features exciting tales of action-adventure in a "space opera" universe. This is the first issue of Planet...

Sinbad Rogue of Mars #1: Volume 2

by Scott Phillips & Fillipe Teixeria

The follow-up to the sold out comic book series from "Ray Harryhausen Presents". Stranded on Mars, Sinbad continues his battle against evil Emperor Akdhar. Vowing to restore Prince Muqari to the throne, Sinbad...

Ray Harryhausen Presents: Sinbad Rogue of Mars: Graphic Novel

by Greg Thomspon & Scott Phillips

He's sailed the seven seas and explored unknown lands, fought countless monsters and battled evil wizards, but Sinbad's newest adventure may be the greatest, and most dangerous, he's ever had! Read the entire...

Ray Harryhausen Presents: War of the Elementals #4

by Scott Davis & Sebastian Piriz

It's all be leading up to this! The world as we thought we knew it is gone and the planet is under a constant barrage from the wild Elemental beasts. Even the 5th Squadron seems fractured beyond repair. The...

Ray Harryhausen Presents: War of the Elementals #3

by Scott Davis & Sebastian Piriz

Trapped in an altered reality that is 'off 'bout a quarter-turn to the left,' the members of RFC's 5th Squadron are scattered across war-torn Europe, facing personal crises, seemingly insurmountable challenges,...

Ray Harryhausen Presents: War of the Elementals #2

by Scott Davis & Sebastian Piriz

Alliances, friendships, and faith are all tested as the 5th Squadron comes face to face with the perils of The Source. In their relentless search for a missing member, the squadron encounters a place outside...

Ray Harryhausen Presents: War of the Elementals #1

by Scott Davis & Sebastian Piriz

From the mind of Ray Harryhausen! 1915 France. The Great War rages and a new breed of hero takes to the skies. Part bull-terrier, part daredevil, the aces of the Royal Flying Corps' 5th Squadron are Britain's...

Bartholomew of the Scissors #3

by Chad Helder

The assimilation of the White Blob gains speed as its newest minion emerges from the sea to spread the scourge like a virus. Young Victor falls under Bartholomew's influence while his widowed mother is courted...

Ret Romanne

by Alan Brooks

From the people that brought you Ray Harryhausen's Flying Saucers Vs. the Earth comes a brand new adventure! Ret Romanne is from the Off World Base of Utopia, a world of surveillance cameras, monitoring, and...

Claw and Fang: Graphic Novel

by Michael Kutcher

Banished from Earth over three thousand years ago by a powerful young Celtic King, the demon named Noro has had time to plot his revenge. Summoned back from the dark abyss of nothingness, Noro is unleashed by...

Flag in Flames

by L. Shelby

Romance is rough, when you're never more than thirty feet away from certain death.

Bonnie Anne Talon is the daughter of one of the founding members of the Brotherhood of the Black Flag, a fleet of space...

The Little World of Humongo Bongo

by George A. Romero & Tony Timpone

“Loved this book. Zany fun. But since it’s George Romero, there’s a touch of evil behind it all!” —R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps and Fear Street

When everything is easily crushable under well-meaning...


by Arvid C Berg

Alex has also told me about his encounters with Nebulius.  He visited him and provided guidance in his quest to build the Timeball.  Nebulius appeared as a ghostly image.  An artifact of projecting his image...

Ark Land

by Scott A. Ford

A century has passed since the arks appeared out of the depths of space and into the blue sky of their humble planet. The alien animals on board have made this planet their new home. They live in their wilderness,...

King Kong of Skull Island

by Joe Devito & Brad Strickland

King Kong of Skull Island contains the long awaited expansion of Joe’s original 1992 creation, Skull Island. King Kong of Skull Island and opens with The Denham Diaries, followed by a novel in two parts: Part...

The Ratchwood Prophecy

by Duncan Watson & Brian Bicknell

Ratchwood's continuing adventures chronicle a realisation of his place in destiny. The extent of the prophecy is revealed to encapsulate time and space; foreboding an uneasy outcome for the reluctant messiah...