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Double Mints

by Asumiko Nakamura

"I've killed a woman." The overbearing voice on the phone was that of a high school classmate named mitsuo ichikawa. Buried memories from the past resurface within the heart of a man who carries the same name,...

A Dark Fable of the Forest Vol.2

by Yuriko Matsukawa

Supernatural reporter Alyssa Thompson is caught up in the strange world of Chevalier, Pineau Rouge, and their malicious relative, Sophia. Now she finds her own family is intimately involved and always has been!...

A Dark Fable of the Forest Vol.1

by Yuriko Matsukawa

"If 90 out of 100 cases are scientifically explained, the remaining 10 persist as mysteries surpassing human knowledge." When a story about the supernatural takes reporter Alyssa Thompson into the Dark Night...

Maple Leaves

by Rin Ogata

Yoshino found herself married to Keigo Shinoi, the genius artist she had admired since her school days. However, his reason for marrying her was for revenge against Yoshino's father. Hated all the while, she...

Magician Vol. 4

by Yuriko Matsukawa

It looks like Yukari is following in Ryuuichi's footsteps. When Ryuuichi is incapacitated, she and her girlfriends step up and dazzle the audience with their sleuthing and wit. Watch as they use their cute little...

Magician Vol. 1

by Yuriko Matsukawa

Ryuuichi is possibly the greatest magician in all the world. His tricks are spectacular and he is nearly impossible to hire. But it is not his bag of tricks that make him the greatest; it is his ability to solve...

Magician Vol. 2

by Yuriko Matsukawa

The always debonair Ryuuichi the Magician has left American and returned East, only to be assaulted by his adoring fans and mysteries so deep that they will squeeze the living brain juices out of you. In "When...

Magician Vol. 3

by Yuriko Matsukawa

Ryuuichi is back from his trip to the east, but he seems under the weather. He's moody and introverted, very unlike the glamorous Ryuuichi we know and love. It's almost like his personality is flipped. While...

Your Gentle Hand Vol. 1

by Noriko Yamauchi

Following a tragic childhood accident, Mitsuki Etou gained the power to read the thoughts of others using only the touch of her right hand. For most of her life, this gift has been a curse, granting her unwelcome...

Your Gentle Hand Vol. 2

by Noriko Yamauchi

A tragic childhood accident left Mitsuki Etou with the mysterious ability to read others' minds with just the touch of her right hand. Though this ability has long kept her feeling isolated from others-especially...

Don't Tell My Husband Vol. 2

by Kei Kousaki

Minano is back for more in the hilarious second volume of Don't Tell My Husband! An innocent venture into the city for some common street fare leads our resident sheltered wife straight into the clutches of...

Don't Tell My Husband Vol. 1

by Kei Kousaki

Because Minano has spent her entire life sheltered by her wealth and parents, she has seldom experienced the hardships of everyday life. Nothing changes after her marriage to a wealthy CEO, as she is still spoiled...

Assassin's Creed: Awakening #1

by Takashi Yano & Kenji Oiwa

Jump back into the world of Edward Kenway, lead character of the best-selling fan favorite game, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, in this beautiful manga adaptation. Return to the Golden Age of Pirates once more...

Sherlock: A Study In Pink #6

by Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss

It's the final chapter of our the first Sherlock manga adaptation, as Sherlock faces his taxi-driving nemesis, and his first case with John comes to an unexpectedly violent conclusion! Plus: Mycroft revealed!...

Sherlock: A Study In Pink #5

by Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss

A drugs bust at 221B Baker Street leads to a revelation regarding the victim's phone... but when Sherlock gets a call - and a ride! - it's from the last person he suspected!

With the serial killer revealed, Sherlock...

Author,Moffat, Steven;Author,Gatiss, Mark;Artist,Jay

by Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss

The three-patch problem of A Study In Pink continues to unravel, in this thrilling manga adaptation of the smash-hit SHERLOCK TV series! John is pulled into a web of deceit, as he comes face-to-face with the...

Good-bye Geist

by Ryo Hanada

Mystery is engulfing the face of Yuki's high school and Yuki is caught in the middle. As she battles the exhausting crowds during her daily commute she, like many other young girls in Japan, is sexually violated....