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Arabic Folklore Prophet Yunus (Jonah) & Whale from The Sea

by Muhammad Vandestra

{Then the whale swallowed him, and he was blameworthy. Had he not been of those who glorify Allah (God), he would certainly have stayed in its belly until the Day of Resurrection.} (As-Saffat: 142-144)

As I turned...

Dei Ex Machina

by Zumie

“My talent comes from a deeper place. A familiarity  to those  that know. As The lakes of Hastur and the cloudy shores of Hali, Ilek-vad and the twilight sea..”

After being taken to another universe, Runie...

Ninja Attack!: True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws

by Hiroko Yoda, Matt Alt & Yutaka Kondo

Ninja Attack! introduces dozens of unforgettable real-life ninja straight out of the annals of Japanese history—many of whom are all but unknown outside their home country.

Ninja masters. Solo assassins and...

Yokai Attack!: The Japanese Monster Survival Guide

by Hiroko Yoda, Matt Alt & Tatsuya Morino

Yokai Attack! is a nightmare-inducing one-stop guide to Japan's traditional monsters and creepy-crawlies.

Yokai are ethereal sorts of beings, like ghosts, nearly always encountered at night; everyone has their...

Yurei Attack!: The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide

by Hiroko Yoda, Matt Alt & Shinkichi

Your complete guide to the afterlife…Japan-style!

Surviving encounters with angry ghosts and sexy spectres. Haunted places. Dangerous games and how to play them. And more importantly, a guided tour of what...

Boys Love Manga and Beyond: History, Culture, and Community in Japan

by Mark McLelland, Kazumi Nagaike, Katsuhiko Suganuma & James Welker

A critical examination of the "beautiful boy" love comics that enthralled fans in Japan and then worldwide