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Dangerous Curves: Comics' Sexiest Bad Girls

by Brent Frankenhoff

The oh-so-sexy but oh-so-dangerous dames of the comic book world.

Secret Lives of Julie Newmar #2

by Julie Newmar & Emiliano Urdinola

Julie Newmar's continued pursuit of the nefarious Dr. Vertigo runs afoul of World War II, punk rock, and dinosaurs in issue No. 2 of The Secret Lives Of Julie Newmar, entitled London Calling. And for all you...

10th Muse #12: Volume 2

by Ryan Scott Ottney & Frank Mills

GOD WAR CROSSOVER: Part 5. In the smoldering remains of the aftermath for control of Olympus. The Muse fights to regain her power and her place in the Pantheon but the Olympic world is still balancing on a razors...

10th Muse #11: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Weshoyot Alvitre

The battle for Olympus continues! They say that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The 10th Muse has dreamed of the power, the glory, and the earth in the palm of her hand-- and it...

10th Muse #10: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Clint Hillinski

War has been declared. The Olympians are choosing sides and the pantheon is being torn apart. In a bold move, The 10th Muse makes a power play for the ultimate prize: Zeus's throne-- but not if Zeus has anything...

10th Muse #8: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Alex Amezcua

Can Justice have two names? The 10th Muse meets her match and it's.. .herself? Morgan returns, but this time she wants back what she thinks is rightfully hers: the essence of the 10th Muse. And to do this she...

10th Muse #7: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Vincente Cifuentes

They don't come any more desperate than this housewife. After the Blue Birds and PTA meeting, Lori Reed finds the art of assassination as satisfying as block parties. But make no mistake, Lori Reed is Lady Sniper,...

10th Muse #5: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Alex Amezcua

In a getaway from the San Francisco grind, Emma finds herself under the Oklahoma sky. But it is what's below the Oklahoma ground that will cut this getaway short. Hell hath no fury like an irritated immortal,...

10th Muse #4: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Alex Amezcua

Money, fame, and muscles... Jason Quest has it all and more. Beyond the facade of a philanthropist entrepreneur lays the heart of a monster. As Emma's life is returning to some semblance of normalcy, she crosses...

10th Muse #3: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Alex Amezcua

No one disappears without a trace ... especially superheroes. The Tenth Muse has gone missing and no one not even her closest friends have a clue -- not quite. The Muse's deadliest enemies, Medusa and Tragedy...

10th Muse #2: Volume 2

by Darren G. Davis & Alex Amezcua

All the experience, all the training, never prepared the Tenth Muse for Tragedy. Her life is falling apart and she can't stop the steep spiral into despair ... abandoned by her closest friends, facing a prison...

Insane Jane: Avenging Star #3

by Zach Hunchar & GMB Chomichuk

With the police on their tail and enemies all around, there is only one place Jane and Grant can find peace and quiet-- Las Vegas! Watch as the city of sin becomes the city of slaughter. Double down!

With the...

Insane Jane: Avenging Star #4

by Zach Hunchar

This is it. All of your questions will be answered. The villain is revealed. Lives hang in the balance. The most nerve-wracking ending to the most talked about mini-series of the year. The end is here. Or, perhaps,...

Insane Jane: Avenging Star: Graphic Novel

by Zach Hunchar & GMB Chomichuk

Comic's most crazed champion is back! Trapped in a "Hospital for the Mentally Unhinged," our loony lion-heart must fight for her freedom and survival. With the help of her trusty new side-kick, the forces of...

Odyssey Presents: Venus

by Chad Rebmann & Esdras Cristobel

Venus is blessed with, not only beauty, but power, forcing her to do super hero work on the side. Soon, she discovers a mysterious Olympian working with the hi-tech assassin group, which has marked their next...

Rain #3

by Nick Lyons & Sean Lee

Will secrets be revealed about the villainous Henry's past? Is George just a business client to Rain? How will Rain recover the valuable necklace? All of these questions will be answered in the penultimate issue...

10th Muse: 2099 #4

by Adam Gragg

When the Gorgons invade Neo Ithaca, the Tenth Muse is forced back into action after nearly a millennium. Lxandra must not only come to terms with a world now alien to her, she must begin to understand her new...

10th Muse: 2099 #3

by Adam Gragg

The Muse is angry! She hasn't been back ten minutes when gorgons, furies and now, the first of the Titans have attacked her! It's just not her day! In the fourth chapter of 10th Muse 800, Lxandra goes up against...

10th Muse: 2099 #2

by Adam Gragg

First it was the Gorgons, now it's the furies. The Muse of Justice just cannot get a break! When the mysterious Brock Sumter turn a large number of Olympia's female population into the mythical furies, Lxandra...

10th Muse: 2099 #1

by Adam Gragg

The Muse of Justice is back, better than ever! After witnessing the destruction of Olympus, Lxandra wakes up in a whole new world and an even new body. The world has changed, but the pursuit of justice remains....