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Tuscan Cuisine

by Guido Pedrittoni

Sober and intense: this is Tuscan cooking, where the refined authenticity of the ingredients reigns supreme. Simple, rustic recipes for dishes whose enticing scents evoke the famous flavours of the past, enhanced...

The Magic of Provence: Pleasures of Southern France

by Yvone Lenard

When Yvone Lenard returned to her native France and purchased a house in a hilltop village of Provence, an enchanted world of food, wines, and unusual adventures–including chicken rustling, flirtatious advances...

A Taste Of... Bake Me I'm Yours... Cupcake Fun: Five Sample Projects from Carolyn White's Latest Book

by Carolyn White

Five baking projects from Carolyn White's Bake Me I'm Yours . . . Cupcake Fun. Be inspired by these fun collections of cupcakes, with designs including playful puppy faces, mooing cows, aliens, pop idol singers...

A Taste Of... Bake Me I'm Yours... Sweet Bitesize Bakes: Five Sample Projects from Sarah Trivuncic's Latest Book

by Sarah Trivuncic

Five baking projects for tiny treats, from Sarah Trivuncic's Bake Me I'm Yours . . . Sweet Bitesize Bakes, including fondant fancies, mini Victoria sponges and little French macarons. Be inspired with beautiful...

Romancing the Stove: The Unabridged Guide to Aphrodisiac Foods

by Amy Reiley

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Fork Me, Spoon Me, this spicy cookbook is a manual to romance whether it is in the kitchen or the bedroom. Amy Reiley—master of gastronomy and the leading American authority...

Whisky, A Very Peculiar History

by Fiona Macdonald

Whisky, A Very Peculiar History' takes a sideways look at this most inebriating beverage from its simplistic origins to its pride of place in the drinks cabinets of the world. When Henry VIII disbanded the monasteries...

Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink

by David Remnick

Since its earliest days, The New Yorker has been a tastemaker–literally. As the home of A. J. Liebling, Joseph Wechsberg, and M.F.K. Fisher, who practically invented American food writing, the magazine established...

Lia's Cookery Book

by Lia Christina Farrow

If you're looking for a wide selection of tasty, everyday recipes, then look no further. Lia's Cookery Book is packed with 72 quick and easy to prepare recipes - from starters and salads to meat dishes and puddings...

The Whisky Tasting Guide: A Beginner's Guide to the Single Malts of the UK and Ireland

by Graham Moore

Why should you buy this book? Easy: I've written a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide to malt whiskies which will point you straight in the direction of malts which will be to your taste, based on whiskies...

Cellaring Wine: A Complete Guide to Selecting, Building, and Managing Your Wine Collection

by Jeff Cox

Wine is an experience. There's an aura of romance to bringing a bottle up from your own cellar, carefully drawing out the cork, pouring the wine into a goblet, and taking the first delectable sip. Now Jeff Cox,...

Eating Out - By Staying In: A Culinary Canter Through The Cuisines of Twelve Countries

by Keith Taylor

This entertaining and humourous book is laid out in twelve country chapters - each chapter detailing recipes and suggesting menus, from that country, thus effectively giving you a choice of twelve ethnic restaurants...

Vegetarian Pressure Cooker: 50 Essential Recipes for Today's Busy Cook

by Adams Media

Everything cookbooks are a popular choice for home cooks looking for fresh, original recipes that only taste like you've spent all day in the kitchen. And now we've collected fifty of the tastiest, meat-free,...

Holiday Cakes and Cupcakes: 45 Fondant Designs for Year-Round Celebrations

by Carol Deacon

The magic of the holidays comes alive all year long with these delightful and delicious decorated cakes from the author of Fabulous Party Cakes and Cupcakes. In her new book, Carol Deacon’s incredible cake...

Vietnamese Cookery

by Jill Nhu Nuong Nhu Nuong Miller

HERE, FOR THE FIRST TIME in English, is an absolutely authentic, definitive, and most distinctive collection of Vietnamese recipes. Among the somewhat unusual and fascinating ingredients (available most anywhere)...

Quick & Easy Asian Tapas and Noodles: Recipes that are Easy, Delicious and Fun

by Periplus Editors

For simple, easy-to-prepare meals, exciting appetizers for casual entertaining, or even summer picnic fare, nothing beats the spicy flavors of Quick & Easy Asian Tapas and Noodles.

For a sumptuous family meal,...

Quick & Easy Asian Vegetarian Recipes: Nutritious and Delicious Alternatives

by Periplus Editors

Highly nutritious, easy to digest, and always delicious, Asian vegetarian cuisine offers a healthy, tasty alternative to meat-based meals. Recipes include Brown Rice with Stir-fried Vegetables, Chinese Angel...

The Good for Your Health All Asian Cookbook

by Marie Wilson

The Good for Your Health All Asian Cookbook presents over 220 exciting Asian dishes - from eleven Asian countries, from Japan to Pakistan - that are low in fat and cholesterol, low in salt, and low in calories....

Soups: Simple and Easy Recipes for Soup-Making Machines

by Norma Miller

More and more of us are discovering how easy it is to create a tasty homemade soup using one of these new appliances. The soups can often be ready in just 30-40 minutes. Here Norma Miller extends the range of...

Scrumptious Food for Family and Friends

by Jane-Anne Hobbs

You don't need to be an expert cook to produce heart-warming dishes that sing with flavour - all that's required is passion, patience and smart preparation well in advance. Jane-Anne Hobbs has created over 90...

The Halogen Oven Secret

by Norma Miller

A halogen oven cooks food almost as quickly as a microwave oven but with the added bonus of browning and crisping the food like a conventional oven.

Find out how the halogen oven can become an indispensable item...