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Low Calorie Cooking

by Susan Knightly

Need to lose some pounds? This super, new cookbook is full of quick and easy recipes designed to keep your weight under control in the most delicious way. Each recipe has been calorie counted and designed to...

Cooking For Kids

by Susan Knightly

Includes healthy yet tasty and fun recipes to prepare for even the most reluctant of eaters. These nutritional recipes focus on sensible yet delicious ways to encourage the development of sound eating habits....

Diabetic Delights

by Susan Knightly

Offering great-tasting, nutritious recipes to help people with Diabetes manage their daily meal plans. Food, as well as being a way to keep our body healthy, is also a source of pleasure. These beautiful illustrated,...

Grandma's Cooking

by Susan Knightly

The tempting aromas of home baked breads and cookies, freshly made homemade jams or healthy nourishing soups are sure to bring smiles to your family. Recreate those wonderful times by delving into secrets of...

Delicious Desserts

by Susan Knightly

Give the perfect meal the closure it deserves. Whether it's a family gathering, a special birthday party, a celebration, an important dinner or the simple desire of enjoying a deserved treat, try one of these...

Cheese Please

by Susan Knightly

Cheese is one of the truly great, versatile foods. High in protein, rich in calcium and vitamins A and D, it contains many of the nutrients essential for maintaining health. Cheese Please looks at the wonderful...

Sizzling Barbecue

by Susan Knightly

Everyone enjoys a barbecue and what simpler method is there to entertain your friends and family than by sizzling steaks,char-grilling vegetables, slow roasting chicken or barbecuing seafood. Try these flavorful...

Zesty Meats

by Susan Knightly

Looking for new ideas to cook meat? Look no more. Learn how to braise, roast, stew or stir-fry beef, lamb, pork or veal for sure-to-please midweek or special occasion meals that offer great satisfying recipes...

Sensational Salads

by Susan Knightly

What food radiates good health and well being better than salad? In the pages of Sensational Salads you will find many great ideas for new recipes using the tenderest of greens, vegetables and fruit combined...

Pasta Supreme

by Susan Knightly

Recognized as one of the world's most beloved foods, pasta in all it's forms, spaghetti, lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli, tortellini has graced tables in Italy and indeed all over the globe for thousands of years.From...

Party Plates

by Susan Knightly

Featuring a wide selection of delectable foods sure to tempt your guests, no matter the occasion-formal or informal, outdoors or indoors, no matter the season. Whether you are looking to create show-stopping...

Low Fat Cooking

by Susan Knightly

Make the most of fresh ingredients to create tempting meals which are not only good for you but delicious too. Learn how to reduce calories ,fat and salt in your diet whilst increasing nutritional value and...

Creative Chicken

by Susan Knightly

Naturally low-fat, light, delicious and easy-to-prepare, chicken has quickly become a firm favorite in the kitchen! Chicken is ideal for those times when a substantial meal is required but time is short so this...

Home Baking

by Susan Knightly

Warm, tender muffins, fragrant loaves,crisp,fresh cookies, nothing beats the taste of home-baked cakes, scones and breads. Baking has never been simpler or more fun than with this selection of quick and easy...

Fresh Appetizers

by Susan Knightly

The modern trend appears to be moving to more casual entertaining. Here is a complete selection of delectable appetizers which are simple to make and use attractive ingredients. Go ahead and plan that party!...

Family Meals

by Susan Knightly

There's a great deal of nostalgia for honest-to-goodness family cooking: hearty soups, pastas and satisfying meals which bring the whole family together at the dinner table. No longer do these meals need to...

Chocolate Dreams

by Susan Knightly

There are times in our lives when only chocolate will satisfy. Smooth as velvet, luscious chocolate is indeed a luxurious dessert of rich flavor and wicked delight.From the Ultimate Chocolate Sundae to a blissful...

Drink More Whiskey: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Drink

by Daniel Yaffe & Mary Kate McDevitt

This smart guide to whiskey introduces a new generation of would-be connoisseurs to the hottest new-again spirit. And with upstart distillers reviving varieties like white dog (moonshine to prohibition-era folks),...

The Good Home Cookbook


"One of the Year's Best Cookbooks" Food and Wine Magazine, 2007 With more than 1,000 no-nonsense recipes, The Good Home Cookbook reminds us that a good home cooked meal is as special as the company who enjoys...

Soups & Starters

by Susan Knightly

No longer just an introduction to elegant dinner parties, Soups and Starters are ideal for quick, great tasting lunches, picnics or quick, healthy meals for families in a rush. Always simple to prepare yet delicious...