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How to Make Smoothies: Simple, Easy and Healthy Blender Recipes

by Cathy Kidd

Cathy has expanded her series of homemade recipes books with this new one of healthy and delicious smoothies made with your blender. In this book you'll find 215 simple, easy and unique recipes for five different...

Juicing with the Omega Juicer: Nourish and Detox Your Body for Vitality and Energy - 4 In 1 Box Set: 4 In 1 Box Set: Book 1: Juicing To Lose Weight Bo

by Juliana Baldec

Red Hot New "Juicing with the Omega Juicer: Nourish and Detox Your Body for Vitality and Energy" Release! Spend a little time with this amazing compilation of 3 books that includes a collection of Juliana Baldec's...

Apples Cookbook

by Gooseberry Patch

The best of the best in a handy size! Apples is filled with irresistible recipes like apple orchard green beans, homemade applesauce and old-fashioned apple dumplings, plus lots of tips that feature our favorite...

Grain Free Cooking: Delicious Grain Free Cooking and Grain Free Baking at Home

by Lisa Corre

Grain Free Cooking Delicious Grain Free Cooking and Grain Free Baking at Home There are lots of reasons to go grain free. Whether you're hoping to lose weight with low carb meals, you need to follow a gluten...

The New Cider Maker's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Craft Producers

by Claude Jolicoeur

All around the world, the public's taste for fermented cider has been growing more rapidly than at any time in the past 150 years. And with the growing interest in locally grown and artisanal foods, many new...

Vegan Cookbooks: 70 Of The Best Ever Delightful Vegetarian Lunch Recipes....Revealed!

by Samantha Michaels

There are lots of great vegetarian cookbooks, but this one is a little different, dare I say better? I am Samantha Michaels and I love to cook.

Vegan Cookbooks: 70 Of The Best Ever Scrumptious Vegan Dinner Recipes....Revealed!

by Samantha Michaels

This fantastic kindle book contains 70 simple vegan recipes all tried and tested on a vegan family. They have all been created by busy mum Samantha Michaels, so are not only suitable for the whole family but...

Vegan Cookbooks:70 Of The Best Ever Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Vegetarians...Revealed!

by Samantha Michaels

The platitude of eating like a King for breakfast could not more pertinent especially when it comes to a vegetarian diet. This is the most important meal of the day and to achieve a balanced diet, a vegetarian...

Custard Apples, Sugar Apples, Cherimoya and Sour Sop

by Agrihortico Cpl

Custard apple is a tropical fruit plant. Scientific name of custard apple is Annona reticulata. It belongs to the family Annonaceae. Annona reticulata is also known as ‘the Bullock’s Heart’, bull’s heart,...

32 Spicy Indian Chutneys

by Agrihortico Cpl

This is a small booklet/pamphlet of about 35-40 pages regarding various recipes of spicy Indian chutneys. Chutneys can be prepared from fruits, nuts and dry fruits, vegetables and mixed fruits and vegetables....

Tamarind, the Indian Date

by Roby Jose Ciju

Tamarind is a multipurpose tree. Timber of a fully grown tree yields brown-colored hardy durable heartwood which is used for various carpentry purposes. Young, tender leaves are used as a delicious vegetable....


by Agrihortico Cpl

Recent scientific studies reveal one important fact regarding our nutrition: Cruciferous vegetables, dark leafy greens, citrus fruits and berries like strawberries and blackberries are the most nutritious foods...

Spicy Fruit Pickles

by Agrihortico Cpl

Fruit, from a consumer’s point of view, is a juicy, sweet, and fleshy edible product (i.e. the ripened ovary of a flower) of a plant that contains seeds and an envelope. So from a consumer’s point of view,...

Papaya Fruits

by Agrihortico Cpl

Scientific name of Papaya is Carica papaya. It belongs to the family of Caricaceae. Papaya plants are short-lived perennial tropical fruit plants. These plants are dioecious, i.e. both male and female flowers...

Dehydrator Cookbook

by Michelle Vazquez

Food dehydration is the oldest form of food preservation techniques, it has existed for thousands of years with the earliest methods been sun and air drying, where raw food items were spread out under the sun...

Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

by Susan Potter

You have decided to take control of your health by going Plant based but you are confused about how to get started, what to eat, how it works!

The Plant Based Diet for Beginners is the perfect guide to walk you...


by Robin Laurance

Coconuts have been around for longer than Homo sapiens; they have been turned into art, taken part in religious rituals and been a sign of wealth and success. They have saved lives, not only by providing nourishment,...

An Avocado CookBook

by Charles Garner

Studies show that one avocado per day included in your diet will help prevent sicknesses and diseases. Avocados are great health boosters; their soft, delicate, creamy and delicious texture would make every...

Fruit Desserts Your Fresh Decision

by Dennis Adams

Fruit desserts. What can be more delicious than delicious juicy and useful dessert made of different fruits? The presence of various fruits provides a useful combination of various vitamins. Do not hesitate...

The Fruit Forager's Companion

by Sara Bir

From apples and oranges to pawpaws and persimmons

Half of the fruit that grows in yards and public spaces is never picked or eaten. Citrus trees are burdened with misshapen lemons, berries grow in tangled thickets...