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A Matter Of Taste

by Lucy Waverman & James Chatto

Two of Canada's top wine and food experts combine their talents in this elegant, lively, award-winning cookbook. With more than 200 delectable recipes and full-colour photography by Rob Fiocca, A Matter of Taste...

Charlie Trotter: How One Superstar Chef and His Iconic Chicago Restaurant Helped Revolutionize American Cuisine

by Chicago Tribune Staff

Bursting onto the Chicago fine-dining scene in 1987, Charlie Trotter's restaurant soon became a local icon and eventually a national landmark. From his initial rise to culinary stardom to his untimely death...

Making Good Food Great

by John Griffin, Jeff Gold & Elliot Wennet

There is a lot of good food. There is not a lot of great. There are reasons why some food is only just good, and some food is just plain great. Umami and the Maillard Reaction are two reasons why a dish will...

Italian Cooking for the American Housewife

by Paul Wichert

This cookbook is a set of lessons from our Italian host school that the chef put together especially for the newcomers from America. Recipes from the Mediterranean region were presented as lessons in Italian...

The Knights at the Round Table: Life's Funny Moments and Eclectic Recipes to Match!

by Judith Knight

The Knights at the Round Table is a collection of humorous tales and fabulous, easy-to-prepare recipes guaranteed to fill your homes with love, laughter, and satisfied appetites. The time tested recipes and...

Meals Ahoy!

Sous Vide Recipes: A Complete Guide On Sous Vide Recipes For Beginners

by Jodie Matthews

Want to understand the beauty of sous vide at home? Preparing the perfect meal takes time and this is the ultimate sous vide recipe book for those wanting to get the hang of things.

With a plethora of sous vide...

Knack Chicken Classics

by Linda Larsen & Debi Harbin

Knack Chicken Classics is the best collection of chicken recipes ever, each explained with unmatched clarity. Bringing together all the instructions and basic techniques one needs to prepare whole birds as well...

Knack Soup Classics

by Linda Larsen & Debi Harbin

Knack Soup Classics focuses on familiar kinds of soups and introduces the reader to more exotic, delicious recipes--all classics. Combining instructions and recipes in an easy-to-read spread with full-color...

The Ballymaloe Cookbook, revised and updated 50-year anniversary edition

by Myrtle Allen

First published in 1977, The Ballymaloe Cookbook espouses a food philosophy rare for its time, but now so prevalent that this revised and updated edition shows just what an impact Myrtle Allen has made.


Cooking Price-Wise

by Vincent Price, V.B. Price & Victoria Price

Best known as a star of stage and screen, Vincent Price was also a noted gourmet whose enthusiastic promotion of home cooking included several cookbooks and a television show, Cooking Price-Wise. This charming...

Chefs & Company

by Maria Isabella

At Home with the Biggest Names in Food

This incredible, never-before-assembled collection of recipes offers a rare and exciting glimpse into the private home kitchens of 75 culinary superstars as they prepare...

In the Restaurant

by Christoph Ribbat & Jamie Lee Searle

What does eating out tell us about who we are?

The restaurant is where we go to celebrate, to experience pleasure, to show off - or, sometimes, just because we're hungry. But these temples of gastronomy hide...

PURE COMFORT: The Search for Flavour

by Michael Allan Spencley

PURE COMFORT was written by Michael Allan Spencley. The author has had an extensive career as a senior executive with several companies which afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the...


by Alice Medrich

"Cocolat is to chocolate what Tiffany is to diamonds." — Gourmet magazine.

One of America's leading chocolatiers and the founder of the famous Cocolat shops shares the secrets behind her decadent, European-style...

The Food of Paris: Authentic Recipes from Parisian Bistros and Restaurants

by Marie-Noel Rio & Jean-Francois Hamon

Paris - the "City of Lights" with its magnificent tradition of architecture, fashion, literature, and art is also known throughout the world as the gourmet capital of France.

The Food of Paris features over 60...

The Everything Guide to Cooking Sous Vide

by Steve Cylka

Try cooking under pressure!

Crisp, vibrant vegetables. Meltingly tender meats. Soft poached eggs. Creating a perfectly cooked meal is easy when using the sous vide method. Sous vide means cooking "under vacuum,"...

Bobbie's Organic Planet: How to Buy Local and Cook Global

by Bobbie Williamson

Bobbie Williamson combines her years of international cuisine preparation with advice from the Edgar Cayce readings to help you create healthful, delicious meals that you, your family, and your body will love....

The Foie Gras Wars

by Mark Caro

In announcing that he had stopped serving the fattened livers of force-fed ducks and geese at his world-renowned restaurant, influential chef Charlie Trotter heaved a grenade into a simmering food fight, and...

Fusion with Bistro 430: Fast, Fresh, Fun meals for any occasion

by Ken Francis

No cooking skills required. A fusion of mouth watering recipes from regional and national cuisines creating tasty appetizers, small plates, main dishes and desserts. A complete course guide for vegetarians and...