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The With or Without Meat Cookbook

by Jackie Newgent

With the growing evidence that vegetarian meals are great for your health, more people with diabetes are looking to build vegetarian dishes into their meal plans. However, not everyone is ready to give up meat...

500 400-Calorie Recipes

by Dick Logue

For people looking to shed pounds and live more healthfully, eating meals in the 400-calorie range is your secret weapon to weight loss success. Not only do these meals fuel your energy, rev metabolism, and...

200 Low-Carb High-Fat Recipes

by Dana Carpender

Drop the Pounds Permanently with the Hottest New Diet Craze!

You've hit it before - the dreaded weight-loss plateau that you just can't break through. No matter what, the pounds won't go even with calorie counting...

300 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes

by Dana Carpender

A wide variety of fast and flavorful recipes at your fingertips!

Eat well, stay fit, and maintain your low-carb diet with these 300 delicious and easy recipes that can be made in 15 minutes or less from start...

The Heal Your Gut Cookbook

by Mary Brackett, Hilary Boynton & Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.

With more than two hundred straightforward, nutrient-dense, and appealing recipes, The Heal Your Gut Cookbook was created by GAPS Diet experts Hilary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett to help heal your gut and...

Cooking Geek: Going Raw and Going Paleo

by Rebecca Reichlin

Cooking Geek Going Raw and Going Paleo The Cooking Geek book covers two different diets, the Going Raw diet, and the Paleo Diet. Both diets are ones that have been around for years. People go on these two diets...

Cholesterol Lowering Cookbooks: Superfoods and Dairy Free for a Low Cholesterol Diet

by Kelly Marcil

Cholesterol Lowering Cookbooks Superfoods and Dairy Free for a Low Cholesterol Diet In today's world there are plenty of reasons to want cholesterol lowering foods. We're nowhere near as active as we were in...

Comfort Food Diet: Comfort Food Recipes For Comfort Food Lovers

by Rosie Carter

Comfort Food Diet Comfort Food Diet: Comfort Food Recipes For Comfort Food Lovers Comfort food can be difficult to define, as it means something different to everyone. This comfort food diet cookbook includes...

Diet Foods: A Guide to the Best Diet Foods

by Debra Barger

Diet Foods A Guide To Some of the Best Diet Foods Dieting means eating a certain set of foods, that are labeled as "good" for the particular diet plan you are pursuing. Discovering what diet foods go with which...

Healthy Cooking Books: 3 Healthy Cooking Diets

by Cathy Warner & Barker Phyllis

The Healthy Cooking Books is a compilation of three different sections featuring grain free recipes, detox recipes, and a flexible dieting cookbook. In this book you will find grain free and detox diet healthy...

Diet Guide: Diet Guidance from Comfort Foods, Blood Type Diet and Anti Inflammatory

by Vicki Cummings

The Diet Guide is a guide to three different diet plans the comfort food diet plan, the anti inflammation diet, and the blood type diet. The guide will help by listing diet recipes including anti inflammatory...

Diet Digest: Grain Free Cooking and Anti Inflammation

by Terri King

The Diet Digest book features the anti inflammation diet and the grain free diet. The book has grain free recipes for grain free cooking and recipes that call for anti inflammation foods. Each of these diets...

Gluten Free Diet: Essentials for Staying Healthy with Gluten Free Living and Gluten Free Weight Loss

by Abbey Dawn Williams

Gluten Free Diet Essentials for Staying Healthy with Gluten Free Living and Gluten Free Weight Loss When you begin a gluten free diet, you may find that you suddenly have more questions than answers. How will...

10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Boost Vitality with the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

by Rebecca Soto

The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Recipe book is packed with everything you need to successfully start your own green smoothie cleanse. If offers step by step instructions that will help you embark on your journey...

Meal Finder: Detox Your Body and DASH

by June Craig

The Meal Finder book features two distinctive diet plans, the detox diet with detox recipes and the DASH diet. This book makes it easy as a healthy meal finder and takes these meal ideas with both detox recipes...

Healthy Diet Book: Dieting Recipe Selection

by Minnie Phillips

The Healthy Diet Book covers dieting foods recipes, comfort food recipes, and the blood type diet. All of the recipes follow healthy diet plans which include ingredients that are made from healthy diet foods....

Healthy Diet Menu: A Wide Selection of Healthy Recipes

by Marion Miles

The Healthy Diet Menu book contains detox diet recipes, comfort food recipes, and healthy diet recipes. Dieting tips and healthy diet plans with the detox and comfort food diet along with dieting foods help...

The Healthy Coconut Flour Cookbook

by Erica Kerwien

Discover the Wonders of (Naturally Gluten-Free) Coconut Flour!

Coconut flour is quickly becoming one of the most popular flours on the market today, and deservedly so. It contains no gluten and no grain, and...

Superfood Smoothies: Superfoods with Smoothies for Weightloss

by Deborah Lopez

Superfood Smoothies: Superfoods with Smoothies for Weightloss The Superfood Smoothies book features two sections covering two different Smoothie Diet recipe plans. Superfoods are foods that are packed with nutrition...

Meals that Heal: Stop Start Eating and Grain Free Goodness

by Diane Diaz

Meals that Heal: Stop Start Eating and Grain Free Goodness Food can be medicine, especially if you suffer from problems with grains or other artifacts of the modern food production system. This book focuses...