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Thai Cuisine

by Dahlia & Marlène

New Edition.

The Thai cuisine is characterized by its flavors and its extraordinary variety of ingredients, which make it look like one of the most interesting and fascinating of Asian culture.

It is a cuisine...

Indian Cuisine

by Dahlia & Marlène

New Edition.

India is one of the most fascinating and magical in the world, is characterized, in fact, as a territory extraordinarily rich mixtures of religions and traditions, mixture that is found and is in...

History of Japan

by Alexander Cooper

History of Japan

Japan, the country of the rising sun, is today known as one of the most prosperous and technologically advanced nations despite not having many natural resources. It is full of hardworking, ethical...

Superfood  Sushi

by Kristy Jenkins

The Superfood Sushi Planner Journal provides simple  easy understand procedure and guidance  to your journey  to making your most loved sushi , and print out the photo insertion pages  to insert some of...

Kimchee Cookbook

by Man-Jo,Kim & Lee Kyou-Tae

Kimchi is the newest star on the Asian culinary stage. These kimchi recipes are an appetizing way to add more vegetables with probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes to your health-conscious diet.

This delicious Korean...

Japanese Cookbook for Beginners

by S.Timothy

More from Tokyo Streets exploring new ingredients, techniques, popular dishes like Tonkatsu, Sushi, Rame, tempura and more. This book will teach you step by step how to make all of these at your home.

Chinese Cookbook for Beginners

by S.Timothy

Learn how to make favorites like Chinese Fried Rice, Fun See Chicken, Chinese Mixed Vegetables, Basic Won Ton and more. Comes with easy step by step instructions for beginners.

Thai Food Cookbook

by Linda B. Tawney

* EXCELLENT! Provide easy recipes  allows you to eat healthy just like the best cooking lovers do

* EXCITING! Easy recipes which you can start permits you to learn to cook easily - Fast

* BRILLIANT! Homemade...

The Chinese Cookbook

by Judy M. Liu

Exploring the taste of Asian with these quick and easy Chinese recipes for the beginners.

Chinese Cookbook

by C.K. Yao

Healthy Chinese sweet soup.

Some Chinese possess the habit of preceding a meal with a sweet soup or drink, while others want to serve sweet, between-meal snacks. Sweet soups and drinks usually include a marrow...

Easy Chinese Recipes

by Unknown & Amelia French

Simple Chinese Recipes for everyone.

Chicken, Soup, Tofu, Noodle, Pork, Steak and More..

Korean Home Cooking

by Sohui Kim & Rachel Wharton

In Korean Home Cooking, Sohui Kim shares the authentic Korean flavors found in the dishes at her restaurant and the recipes from her family. Sohui is well-regarded for her sense of sohnmat, a Korean phrase that...

Vietnamese Cooking

by Đặng Phước Đình

Vietnamese  Cooking Blueprint is designed for anyone who loves cooking and wants to learn how to cook Vietnamese food!

In this Vietnamese Cooking Blueprint you will discover the best and the healthiest of Vietnamese...

Chinese Takeout Cookbook:Top 75 Homemade Chinese Takeout Recipes To Enjoy

by Tina Gu

Enjoy Your Favorite Chinese Takeout Recipes In The Comfort Of Your Home! 

Chinese food is famous all over the world. Chinese takeout, with their ubiquitous restaurants has been around for centuries! While you...

The Book of Tea

by Kakuzo Okakura

This book is written by Kakuzo Okakura about the concept of teaism and how tea has affected nearly every aspect of Japanese culture, thought, and life.

The writer himself has learnt English language since the...

Sushi Secrets: Easy Recipes for the Home Cook

by Baggett,Marisa & Trevor Corson

Unlock all of the elusive secrets of sushi making with this astonishing sushi book!

In Sushi Secrets, renowned sushi chef, Marisa Baggett shares with you both traditional and nontraditional sushi, all of them...

Easy Indian Cooking: 101 Fresh & Feisty Indian Recipes

by Nayak,Hari & Jack Turkel

Easy Indian Cooking is a wonderful collection of easy and authentic Indian recipes anyone can make at home!

The 100 plus recipes found in Easy Indian Cooking have been modified to suit a modern lifestyle, and...

A Korean Cooking Cookbook

by Jaehyun Hwan

This book is perfect for the home chef who needs help with Korean cooking, Korean shopping guides, Korean cooking ingredients, comprehensive knowledge of kitchen requisites, eating tips, the Korean table model...

The book of Tea

by Okakura Kakuzo

Do you like eastern philosophy? You´re going to love this book!

The Book of Tea (??? Cha no Hon) by Okakura Kakuz? (1906) is a long essay linking the role of chad? (teaism) to the aesthetic and cultural...

Devouring Japan

by Nancy K. Stalker

In recent years Japan's cuisine, or washoku, has been eclipsing that of France as the world's most desirable food. UNESCO recognized washoku as an intangible cultural treasure in 2013 and Tokyo boasts more Michelin-starred...