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Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs

by Arup Nanda & Steven Feuerstein

PL/SQL, Oracle's powerful procedural language, has been the cornerstone of Oracle application development for nearly 15 years. Although primarily a tool for developers, PL/SQL has also become an essential tool...

JavaServer Pages

by Hans Bergsten

JavaServer Pages (JSP) has built a huge following since the release of JSP 1.0 in 1999, providing Enterprise Java developers with a flexible tool for the development of dynamic web sites and web applications....

DNS on Windows Server 2003

by Cricket Liu, Matt Larson & Robbie Allen

While computers and other devices identify each other on networks or the Internet by using unique addresses made up of numbers, humans rely on the Domain Name System (DNS), the distributed database that allows...

JavaServer Faces

by Hans Bergsten

JavaServer Faces, or JSF, brings a component-based model to web application development that's similar to the model that's been used in standalone GUI applications for years. The technology builds on the experience...

C++ Pocket Reference

by Kyle Loudon

C++ is a complex language with many subtle facets. This is especially true when it comes to object-oriented and template programming. The C++ Pocket Reference is a memory aid for C++ programmers, enabling them...

SQL in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

by Kevin Kline, Brand Hunt & Daniel Kline

SQL in a Nutshell applies the eminently useful "Nutshell" format to Structured Query Language (SQL), the elegant--but complex--descriptive language that is used to create and manipulate large stores of data....

Advanced Perl Programming

by Simon Cozens

With a worldwide community of users and more than a million dedicated programmers, Perl has proven to be the most effective language for the latest trends in computing and business.Every programmer must keep...

Essential System Administration Pocket Reference: Commands and File Formats

by Æleen Frisch

If you're a Unix system administrator, then the information you need every day just to get your job done could fill a book--a very large book. But, practically speaking, you don't want to stop and thumb through...

C Pocket Reference

by Peter Prinz & Ulla Kirch-Prinz

C is one of the oldest programming languages and still one of the most widely used. Whether you're an experienced C programmer or you're new to the language, you know how frustrating it can be to hunt through...

J2EE Design Patterns

by William Crawford & Jonathan Kaplan

Architects of buildings and architects of software have more in common than most people think. Both professions require attention to detail, and both practitioners will see their work collapse around them if...

Regular Expression Pocket Reference

by Tony Stubblebine

Regular expressions are such a powerful tool for manipulating text and data that anyone who uses a computer can benefit from them. Composed of a mixture of symbols and text, regular expressions can be an outlet...

Flash Remoting: The Definitive Guide: Connecting Flash MX Applications to Remote Services

by Tom Muck

Flash Remoting MX lets developers easily integrate rich Macromedia Flash content with applications that are built using Macromedia ColdFusion MX, Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP, or SOAP-based web services. The result...

Perl Pocket Reference

by Johan Vromans

The Perl Pocket Reference is an invaluable reference for those who find themselves frequently searching for a quick answer to a question or reminder of a syntax rule. This handy, well-organized quick reference...

C++ In a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

by Ray Lischner

To-the-point, authoritative, no-nonsense solutions have always been a trademark of O'Reilly books. The In a Nutshell books have earned a solid reputation in the field as the well-thumbed references that sit...

Perl in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

by Nathan Patwardhan, Ellen Siever & Stephen Spainhour

This complete guide to the Perl programming language ranges widely through the Perl programmer's universe, gathering together in a convenient form a wealth of information about Perl itself and its application...

JavaServer Pages Pocket Reference

by Hans Bergsten

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is harmonizing how web designers and programmers create dynamic web pages. The reason for this is simple: JSP capitalizes on the power of Java servlets to create effective, reusable web...

Ruby in a Nutshell

by Yukihiro Matsumoto

Ruby is an absolutely pure object-oriented scripting language written in C and designed with Perl and Python capabilities in mind. While its roots are in Japan, Ruby is slowly but surely gaining ground in the...

Programming Jabber: Extending XML Messaging

by DJ Adams

Jabber is a set of protocols expressed in XML, and an extensible framework that allows people and applications to exchange all sorts of information, from simple text messages to being used to extend the backbone...

Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference

by Æleen Frisch

Windows administrators can accomplish many of their routine tasks much more quickly by using the command line (similar to the command line of DOS or Unix-based systems) than by going through the graphical user...

Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices: Optimizing Oracle Code

by Steven Feuerstein

In this book, Steven Feuerstein, widely recognized as one of the world's experts on the Oracle PL/SQL language, distills his many years of programming, writing, and teaching about PL/SQL into a set of PL/SQL...