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Microsoft Exchange Server PowerShell Essentials

by Biswanath Banerjee

Leverage the power of basic Windows PowerShell scripts to manage your Exchange messaging environment About This Book • Get to grips with Windows PowerShell and how it can be used to manage various aspects...

jQuery Design Patterns

by Thodoris Greasidis

Learn the best practices on writing efficient jQuery applications to maximize performance in large-scale deployments About This Book • Learn about the observer pattern and the deferred observer pattern, two...

Unity 5.x Shaders and Effects Cookbook

by Alan Zucconi & Kenneth Lammers

Master the art of Shader programming to bring life to your Unity projects About This Book • This book will help you master the technique of physically based shading in Unity 5 to add realism to your game quickly...

Mastering CoreOS

by Sreenivas Makam

Create production CoreOS clusters and master the art of deploying Container-based microservices About This Book • Confidently deploy distributed applications and effectively manage distributed infrastructure...

The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary

by Raef Meeuwisse

The speed of change in the world of cybersecurity is amazing. If you attend any meeting where cybersecurity is discussed, it can be like listening to a foreign language: blue team, black hat, metamorphic malware,...

Function and Formula Excel 2016

by Ali Akbar

Functions are predefined formulas that you can use to make data analysis a bit easier within the Microsoft Excel framework. Functions use specific values, called arguments, to calculate a variety of things,...

How to Get 10,000 Real Youtube Views

by BookLover

So you wanna get 10,000 REAL views on your Youtube video! Great! This ebook will show you 14 surefire ways to explode your views and subscriber count in a short time. There are many reasons why you may want...

How to Make $200 a Day With Videos

by BookLover

Would you like to quit your job and make money online? Youtube receives more than one billion unique visits a month. Thousands of average internet users are already making money on Youtube. It is very easy to...

My Health Technology for Seniors: Take Charge of Your Health Through Technology

by Lonzell Watson

My Health Technology for Seniors is the first easy guide to today's revolutionary health technologies. Learn to use your computer, smartphone, and other devices to manage your health and get help when you need...

Crowdgaming: The Role of Crowdsourcing in the Video Games Industry

by Francesco Ursino

The Internet has changed video games so much, that it is almost impossible to think of the evolution of the role of players in the last 10 years or so. Nowadays, almost every user with a good Internet connection...

Windows 7 - One Minute a Day Vol. 1 with Videos

by Michel MARTIN

50 topics and 50 videos to improve your Windows 7 skills!

Pick the topic you want to study, read the eBook, watch the video and do it yourself. It couldn't be easier to use!

Here are some of the topics you will...

Windows 7 - One Minute a Day Vol 1

by Michel MARTIN

50 topics to improve your Windows 7 skills!

Here are some of the topics you will find in this eBook:

  • Add your favorite programs to the Desktop context menu
  • Access Desktop Icons from the Taskbar
  • Memory Diagnostic...

My Digital Entertainment for Seniors (Covers movies, TV, music, books and more on your smartphone, tablet, or computer)

by Jason Rich


Learn On-Demand TV, DVRs, Music, Games, Books, and More!


With My Digital Entertainment for Seniors, you’ll discover easy ways to access and experience entertainment using today’s technology, without...

Going GAS: From VBA to Google Apps Script

by Bruce Mcpherson

Whether you’re moving from Microsoft Office to Google Docs or simply want to learn how to automate Docs with Google Apps Script, this practical guide shows you by example how to work with each of the major...

Mastering Puppet - Second Edition

by Thomas Uphill

Master Puppet for configuration management of your systems in an enterprise deployment About This Book • This book is an advanced guide to using and deploying Puppet 4 in your organization with a special focus...

Mastering Kali Linux Wireless Pentesting

by Jilumudi Raghu Ram & Brian Sak

Test your wireless network's security and master advanced wireless penetration techniques using Kali Linux About This Book • Develop your skills using attacks such as wireless cracking, Man-in-the-Middle,...

Spring MVC Cookbook

by Alex Bretet

Over 40 recipes for creating cloud-ready Java web applications with Spring MVC About This Book • Configure Spring MVC to build logic-less controllers that transparently support the most advanced web techniques...

Magento 2 Development Essentials

by Fernando J. Miguel

Get up and running with Magento 2 to create custom solutions, themes, and extensions effectively About This Book • Create unique solutions for Magento 2 by developing and implementing solutions, themes, and...

Unreal Engine 4 Game Development Essentials

by Satheesh PV

Master the basics of Unreal Engine 4 to build stunning video games About This Book • Get to grips with the user interface of Unreal Engine 4 and find out more about its various robust features • Create dream...

ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook - Second Edition

by Sonal Aneel Allana

Over 60 recipes for writing client script in ASP.NET 4.6 applications using jQuery About This Book • This is a step-by-step guide to solve common problems in ASP.NET applications • Easy-to-follow recipes...