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PIC Projects for Non-Programmers

by John Iovine

John Iovine has created his next masterwork with PIC Projects for Non-Programmers. Engineers and hobbyists new to the PIC who want to create something today will find a valuable resource in this book. By working...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Facebook, 2nd Edition

by Mikal E. Belicove & Joe Kraynak

  • Expert tech authors cover all new features and functionality.
  • Reveals Facebook's full potential and users' options to communicate, connect, and have fun.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage

by Lana Staheli

This singular guide presents the straightforward facts on affairs, as well as advice to affairees and spouses on how to cope with them.

Since 60% of marriages are affected by affairs, you should know the facts:...

Among the Cannibals

by Paul Raffaele

It's the stuff of nightmares, the dark inspiration for literature and film. But astonishingly, cannibalism does exist, and in Among the Cannibals travel writer Paul Raffaele journeys to the far corners of the...

American Son

by Oscar De La Hoya & Steve Springer

From Oscar De La Hoya, one of the most celebrated fighters in the history of boxing, comes a frank and touching memoir about achieving the American Dream: his rise to the top, the power of a solid work ethic,...

Lonely Planets

by David Grinspoon

It's been nearly four decades since Carl Sagan first addressed the general public from a scientist's perspective, confronting the possibility of extraterrestrial life. We've learned a lot in those years, and...

Cat People

by Michael Korda & Margaret Korda

With characteristic wit, self–effacing charm and sheer, exuberant love of a good cat story, New York Times bestselling author Michael Korda and his wife Margaret Korda recount their lives as "cat people,"...

The Card

by Michael O'Keeffe & Teri Thompson

Since its limited release just after the turn of the twentieth century, this American Tobacco cigarette card has beguiled and bedeviled collectors. First identified as valuable in the 1930s, when the whole notion...

Bush on the Couch Rev Ed

by Justin A. Frank & Justin A. Frank, M.D.

With the Bush administration in permanent crisis, a renowned Washington psychoanalyst updates his portrait of George W.'s public persona—and how it has damaged the presidency.

Insightful and accessible, courageous...

At the Root of This Longing

by Carol L. Flinders

In At the Root of This Longing, Flinders identifies the four key points at which the paths of spirituality and feminism seem to collide—vowing silence vs. finding voice, relinquishing ego vs. establishing...


by Stephanie Klein

Stephanie Klein was an eighth grader with a weight problem. It was a problem at school, where the boys called her "Moose," and it was a problem at home, where her father reminded her, "No one likes fat girls."...

Red Sox Rule

by Michael Holley

The story of the changing face of baseball and the inner workings of its finest organization

After a hundred "cursed" years, the Boston Red Sox rose gloriously to baseball domination. Under the leadership of...

The Promise

by Jonathan Morris & Father Jonathan Morris

In his work as a priest and commentator for FOX News, Father Jonathan Morris has traveled to the troubled spots of the world, meeting with Muslim youth during the rioting in Paris, sitting down with populists...

Perfect Spy

by Larry Berman

During the Vietnam War, Time reporter Pham Xuan An befriended everyone who was anyone in Saigon, including American journalists such as David Halberstam and Neil Sheehan, the CIA's William Colby, and the legendary...

The 24-Hour Pharmacist

by Suzy Cohen

As a pharmacist for almost two decades, Suzy Cohen knows that medication can often be invaluable. But she has also learned to "think outside the pill" and recommend natural options that are often just as good...

Border-Line Personalities

by Michelle Herrera Mulligan & Robyn Moreno

Why, in the minds of most Americans, are Latinas still thought of as maids, seductresses, and booty-shaking salsa divas?

Never has the concept of Latina identity been more relevant. Also, never has there been...

War All the Time

by Charles Bukowski

War All the Time is a selection of poetry from the early 1980s. Charles Bukowski shows that he is still as pure as ever but he has evolved into a slightly happier man that has found some fame and love. These...

Player HateHer

by Tamara A. Johnson-George & Katrina R. Chambers

At last, a humorous, anecdote-filled exploration of the many ways in which women stab each other in the back and talk about each other behind closed doors

If you exhibit any of these traits, you may be guilty...

All Those Moments

by Rutger Hauer & Patrick Quinlan

He came to mainstream prominence as a machine more human than his creators in Blade Runner, terrified us as a hitchhiker bent on his own death and the death of anyone who got in his way in The Hitcher, and unforgettably...

Living On Luck

by Charles Bukowski

Living on Luck is a collection of letters from the 1960s mixed in with poems and drawings. The ever clever Charles Bukowski fills the pages with his rough exterior and juicy center.