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Real World Adobe Creative Suite 2, Adobe Reader

by Steve Werner & Sandee Cohen

Adobe's Creative Suite offers a powerful unified design environment that includes Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS 2, InDesign CS2, GoLive CS2 and Acrobat 7.0. Problem is, you've still got to learn the thing, and...

QuarkXPress 7 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Adobe Reader

by Elaine Weinmann & Peter Lourekas

This handy Visual QuickStart Guide offers the quickest way to begin working with QuarkXPress 7, including all the new graphic effects, Job Jackets, expanded output options, and other great workflow enhancements....

Pinnacle Studio 11 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, Adobe Reader

by Jan Ozer

Pinnacle Studio 11 is the latest version of the industry leading home video editing tool aimed at the Windows consumer market. In Pinnacle Studio 11 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, veteran journalist and...

Photoshop Cs3: Visual Quickpro Guide, Adobe Reader

by Elaine Weinmann & Peter Lourekas

This full-color Visual QuickPro Guide is a more advanced companion volume to the best-selling Photoshop CS3 Visual QuickStart Guide, from the same authors. This book takes the reader beyond the general and broad...

MySQL, Second Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide, Adobe Reader

by Larry Ullman

Even if you've never used MySQL before, this Visual QuickStart Guide will have you up and running with the world’s most popular open source database application in no time. In this completely updated edition...

Microsoft Windows 7: Visual QuickStart Guide

by Chris Fehily

This concise guide covers every edition of Windows 7 in Visual QuickStart style, with plenty of screenshots, numbered steps, tips, and sidebars. You'll learn how to use new and updated features, including the...

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

by Tom Negrino

Microsoft PowerPoint is nearly ubiquitous in today's world--from business to schools to clubs to organizations, PowerPoint presentations are everywhere you turn. To get up and running quickly and to learn to...

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, Adobe Reader

by Maria Langer

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is the biggest revision this industry standard software has undergone in years. It has a brand new interface, tons of new tools and even a suite of services called Excel Services...

Maya 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Adobe Reader

by Morgan Robinson & Nathaniel Stein

Adding sophisticated new tools that give modelers even more control over polygons, an already cool program just got even cooler. Here to take budding 3D artists from 0 to 60 fast in Maya 8 is the eagerly anticipated...

PHP 5 Advanced: Visual Quickpro Guide, Adobe Reader

by Larry Ullman

PHP is currently one of the most popular server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language on the Web. It's specifically designed for Web site creation and is frequently being used to replace the functionality created...

Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques

by Richard Harrington

If you're exploring a career in digital imaging or design, then you're likely to encounter Photoshop along the way--you probably already have. But how well do you know it? Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital...

Professional Photoshop: The Classic Guide to Color Correction, Fifth Edition

by Dan Margulis

The commonsense, by-the-numbers approach of Professional Photoshop has shaped the workflows of a generation of Photoshop experts. This new edition, the first in nearly five years, is completely updated for the...

Preventive Photoshop: Take the Best Digital Photographs Now for Better Images Later, Adobe Reader

by Douglas Ford Rea

How many times have you said, “I’ll just fix it in Photoshop”? And then you discover that “fixing” an image means hours in front of your computer. Wouldn’t it be better — and easier — to take...

Podcasting and Blogging with GarageBand and iWeb eBook

by Robin Williams & John Tollett

If you've got something to say and want to join the podcasting revolution but don't know how to start, this short and approachable guide from bestselling authors Robin Williams and John Tollett will teach you...

Nighttime Digital Photography with Adobe Photoshop Cs3, Adobe Reader

by John Carucci

Nighttime photography often transforms otherwise mundane subject matter into spectacular images such as a warmly-lit subject positioned against a rich blue sky, or the red, yellow, and green swirls of an amusement...

Myspace Unraveled: What It Is and How to Use It Safely, Adobe Reader

by Anne Collier & Larry Magid

Do you know what your children are up to on MySpace? MySpace Unraveled: What it is and how to use it safely discusses the booming MySpace social-networking phenomenon and shows you exactly what you need know...

Microsoft Windows Vista: Peachpit Learning Series, Adobe Reader

by Larry Magid & Dwight Silverman

Nearly six years in the making, Microsoft's Windows Vista will offer users hundreds of new features, with a stylish new user interface, new search features, and better security tools. Best-selling authors and...

Web Design for Roi: Turning Browsers Into Buyers & Prospects Into Leads, Adobe Reader

by Lance Loveday & Sandra Niehaus

Your web site is a business—design it like one.

Billions of dollars in spending decisions are influenced by web sites. So why aren't businesses laser-focused on designing their sites to maximize their Return...

Visual Design for the Modern Web, Adobe Reader

by Penny McIntire

Just as great artists must understand their tools, great Web designers must understand the technology behind their art. In Visual Design for the Web, author Penny McIntire shows novice Web designers how to use...

Stylin' with CSS: A Designer's Guide, Adobe Reader

by Charles Wyke-Smith

Cascading Style Sheets enable you to rapidly create web designs that can be shared by hundreds or even thousands of web pages. It accelerates development cycles by centralizing text and layout information for...