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Getting started with IntelliJ IDEA

by Assumpcao Hudson Orsine

A practical, fast-paced guide with clear, step-by-step exercisesto help you understand the basics of IntelliJ Idea and develop a web application.This book will be ideal if you are a Java developer who has a...

Instant Buildroot

by Daniel Manchon Vizuete

Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. A concise guide full of step-by-step recipes to help you learn how to generate and configure an...

Type it Right!: The Little Black Book for your Computer

by Antia Stumbp

Type It Right! the little black book for your computer describes everything you'll need to know to create correctly-typed documents! Type It Right! represents a compilation of information and advice found in...

Writing Compilers and Interpreters: A Software Engineering Approach

by Ronald Mak

Long-awaited revision to a unique guide that covers both compilers and interpreters Revised, updated, and now focusing on Java instead of C++, this long-awaited, latest edition of this popular book teaches programmers...

Mastering Assembly Programming

by Alexey Lyashko

Incorporate the assembly language routines in your high level language applications About This Book • Understand the Assembly programming concepts and the benefits of examining the AL codes generated from...

Roslyn Cookbook

by Manish Vasani

Use Roslyn as a service to write powerful extensions and tools and use them in Visual Studio to improve code quality and maintain your source code more effectively. About This Book • Use Roslyn extensions...

LLVM Essentials

by Suyog Sarda & Mayur Pandey

Become familiar with the LLVM infrastructure and start using LLVM libraries to design a compilerAbout This Book

  • Learn to use the LLVM libraries to emit intermediate representation (IR) from high-level language...

LLVM Cookbook

by Pandey Mayur & Sarda Suyog

The book is for compiler programmers who are familiar with concepts of compilers and want to indulge in understanding, exploring, and using LLVM infrastructure in a meaningful way in their work. This book is...