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Getting started with programming

by Remy Lentzer

This book is intended for anyone who wants to study the principles of writing code. The important thing is to think well before programming. After a brief history of the development of calculators and computers,...


by T. J. Crowder

All of JavaScript's newest features, in depth, made easy to understand.

JavaScript is a rapidly changing language and it can be challenging to keep up with all the new toys being added. JavaScript: The New Toys...

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

by Matt Frisbie

Update your skill set for ES 6 and 7 with the ultimate JavaScript guide for pros

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers is the essential guide to next-level JavaScript development. Written for intermediate-to-advanced...


by Preeti Man

This book intends to educate Java practitioners on JAVA Virtual Machine through detailed explanation about the intended purpose and functions in a JVM.

Learn Programming by Coding Like a Professional: Create Games, Apps, & Programs

by Tim Codin

Not only is this book about learning to program but will also cover topics that classes and other books do not teach you. This book provides specific instructions and easy to follow snippets to teach you how...

Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

by Barry Burd

Learn to speak the Java language like the pros

Are you new to programming and have decided that Java is your language of choice? Are you a wanna-be programmer looking to learn the hottest lingo around? Look...

Reliable JavaScript

by Lawrence D. Spencer & Seth H. Richards

Create more robust applications with a test-first approach to JavaScript

Reliable JavaScript, How to Code Safely in the World's Most Dangerous Language demonstrates how to create test-driven development for...

JavaScript Programming

by Jon Raasch

Take your JavaScript knowledge as far as it can go

JavaScript has grown up, and it's a hot topic. Newer and faster JavaScript VMs and frameworks built upon them have increased the popularity of JavaScript for...

Professional Node.js

by Pedro Teixeira

Learn to build fast and scalable software in JavaScript with Node.js

Node.js is a powerful and popular new framework for writing scalable network programs using JavaScript. This no nonsense book begins with...

Beginning JavaScript

by Jeremy McPeak

The bestselling JavaScript guide, updated with current features and best practices

Beginning JavaScript 5th Edition shows you how to work effectively with JavaScript frameworks, functions, and modern browsers,...