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Computer and Information Security Handbook

by John R. Vacca

The second edition of this comprehensive handbook of computer and information security provides the most complete view of computer security and privacy available. It offers in-depth coverage of security theory,...

Social Media Security: Leveraging Social Networking While Mitigating Risk

by Michael Cross

  • Defines an organization's goals for social networking
  • Presents the risks present in social networking and how to mitigate them
  • Explains how to maintain continuous social networking security

Introduction to Information Security: A Strategic-Based Approach

by Timothy Shimeall & Jonathan Spring

Most introductory texts provide a technology-based survey of methods and techniques that leaves the reader without a clear understanding of the interrelationships between methods and techniques. By providing...

Digital Forensics Processing and Procedures: Meeting the Requirements of ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 27001 and Best Practice Requirements

by David Lilburn Watson & Andrew Jones

Unlike other digital forensics book on the market that usually address one specific subject, this book cover the complete lifecyle of digital evidence. Inclusive with intenational procedures, best practices,...

The Basics of Digital Privacy: Simple Tools to Protect Your Personal Information and Your Identity Online

by Denny Cherry

Who's watching you online? These days, it's hard to be sure. But the recent Edward Snowden revelations of NSA data mining and the constant threat of identity theft from criminals mean your privacy is in jeopardy....

Cyber Security and IT Infrastructure Protection

by John R. Vacca

  • You will develop a new level of technical knowledge and expertise with this comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of cyber security issues
  • You will remain current and fully informed from multiple viewpoints...

Cloud Storage Forensics

by Darren Quick, Ben Martini & Raymond Choo

The most comprehensive coverage of cloud storage forensics available for researchers and field practitioners.

Information Protection Playbook

by Greg Kane & Lorna Koppel

The primary goal of the Information Protection Playbook is to serve as a comprehensive resource for information protection (IP) professionals who must provide adequate information security at a reasonable cost....

The Basics of IT Audit: Purposes, Processes, and Practical Information

by Stephen D. Gantz

The Basics of IT Audit: Purposes, Processes, and Practical Information provides you with a thorough, yet concise overview of IT auditing. Packed with specific examples, this book gives insight into the auditing...

Eleventh Hour CISSP: Study Guide

by Eric Conrad, Seth Misenar & Joshua Feldman

  • The only guide you need for last-minute studying
  • Answers the toughest questions and highlights core topics
  • Can be paired with any other study guide so you are completely prepared

Network and System Security

by John R. Vacca

Network and System Security provides focused coverage of network and system security technologies. It explores practical solutions to a wide range of network and systems security issues. Chapters are authored...

Managing Information Security

by John R. Vacca

  • Chapters contributed by leaders in the field covering foundational and practical aspects of information security management, allowing the reader to develop a new level of technical expertise found nowhere else....

The Basics of Web Hacking: Tools and Techniques to Attack the Web

by Josh Pauli

  • Provides a simple and clean approach to Web Hacking, including hands-on examples and exercises that are designed to teach you how to Hack the Server, Hack the Web App, and Hack the Web User.
  • Covers the most...

Cyber Warfare: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners

by Jason Andress & Steve Winterfeld

Cyber Warfare explores the battlefields, participants and tools and techniques used during today's digital conflicts. The concepts discussed in this book will give those involved in information security at all...

X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide

by Brett Shavers & Eric Zimmerman

The X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide is more than a manual-it's a complete reference guide to the full use of one of the most powerful forensic applications available, software that is used by a wide array...

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for IT Professionals

by Susan Snedaker

* Complete coverage of the 3 categories of disaster: natural hazards, human-caused hazards, and accidental and technical hazards.

* Only published source of information on the new BCI standards and government...

Practical Anonymity: Hiding in Plain Sight Online

by Peter Loshin

  • Simple, step-by-step instructions for configuring and using anonymous networking software
  • Use of open source, time-proven and peer-reviewed tools for anonymity
  • Plain-language discussion of actual threats, and...

Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace

by Todd G. Shipley & Art Bowker

Written by experts on the frontlines, this book provides both seasoned and new investigators with the background and tools they need to get the job done.

Introduction to Cyber-Warfare: A Multidisciplinary Approach

by Paulo Shakarian, Jana Shakarian & Andrew Ruef

  • A multidisciplinary approach to cyber warfare, covering information technology, military, policy, social, and scientific issues
  • Detailed case studies of cyber-attack and cyber-espionage from around the globe,...

FISMA Compliance Handbook: Second Edition

by Laura P. Taylor

  • Includes all new information on cloud computing compliance from Laura Taylor, the federal government's technical lead for FedRAMP
  • Includes coverage for both corporate and government IT managers
  • Learn how to...