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Screwdrivers: The Most Essential Tool for Home and Work

by Michael Cimicata

Screwdrivers are literally a staple in any person's tool belt. They are needed in almost any working situation, whether it be for a licensed electrician or a simply DIY homeowner. However, there are literally...

Motorcycle Helmets: The Best Brands, Models, and Features

by Michael Cimicata

A motorcycle helmet is absolutely essential for riding! It is actually illegal to ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet in many places. However, there are literally THOUSANDS of helmets to choose from....

Storing and Transporting Your Water: Different Types of Bottles for Water Lovers

by Michael Cimicata

People that love to drink water often carry a water bottle around with them. This is because a water bottle allows them to have access to their favourite drink at any time of the day. A person should never be...

Motorcycle Safety Apparel and Accessories: Information to Keep You Safe and Stylish

by Michael Cimicata

Wearing a motorcycle jacket, gloves, and boots are almost as important as wearing a motorcycle helmet. However, the majority of motorcycle riders don't truly believe in the importance of these additional pieces...

Sleeping Bags: What You Should Know Before You Buy One

by Michael Cimicata

Believe it or not, buying a sleeping bag can be a pretty big decision. Whether you are an avid camper or are simply looking for something to serve as a portable bed, a sleeping bag can be a great investment....

Motorcycle, Car, and Truck Exhausts: Getting the Best Sound from Your Vehicle

by Michael Cimicata

When it comes to modifying a car, truck, or motorcycle, the exhaust system is one of the first things that gets changed. This is simply because changing the exhaust on your vehicle will yield some great horsepower...

I Love My Car: Everything That a Car Lover Should Know (6 eBook Bundle)

by Michael Cimicata

Some people love their cars more than their spouses! This ebook bundle is completely geared towards car lovers and features information on everything from safe driving to the best car exhaust systems! It is...

Car Intakes: Make Your Car Louder and Faster

by Michael Cimicata

One of the cheapest and most effective car modifications that people do is replacing their factory intake filter with an aftermarket one. Not only does this make the car's engine louder, but it adds some horsepower...

Shoe Lovin': Tips, Information, Tricks, and Resources for Shoe Lovers

by Michael Cimicata

About 3% of the population has a love for shoes that is greater than anything else. They would rather have a new pair of shoes than a new car, or even a new house. This ebook is geared towards those specific...

What You Should Wear On Halloween: 50+ Ideas With Descriptions

by Michael Cimicata

When it comes to dressing up in a Halloween costume, there are literally thousands of options. This ebook has taken all of the available options, and broken them up into different categories. To take it a step...

Playing the Drums: A Complete Guide (4 eBook Bundle)

by Michael Cimicata

There are many aspects to learning how to play the drums, and this ebook bundle aims to cover all of them. This bundle contains 4 separate ebooks that I wrote, and covers everything from tips for beginner drummers...

New Driver's Handbook: A Guide to Getting Your Licence and Driving Safely

by Michael Cimicata

Getting your licence can be a massive moment in your life; however, operating a vehicle is a huge responsibility and poses huge risks to your safety. This driving ebook outlines a plethora of information that...

Learning How to Drum: 15 Tips for Beginners

by Michael Cimicata

As a drummer of over 15 years, I have plenty of tips and tricks up my sleeves. I made a ton of mistakes when I first began drumming, and paid the price to correct them; I don't want other new drummers to make...

A Newbie's Guide to Buying, Owning, and Selling a Car

by Michael Cimicata

There are basically 3 things that you can do with a car: buy one, own/maintain one, or sell one. With that being said, many people go out into car dealerships to do one of those 3 things without having the slightest...

Make Money from Decoupage

by Virinia Downham

If you thought that you cannot make money from decoupage then think again. Don't know how to do decoupage? No worries I'm going to show you how to do decoupage the easy way and I'm going to give you five pictures...


by Jack Moore

This is the most comprehensive report on tattoos that you will ever read! This comprehensive special report covers the following topics: •How to Age a Tattoo •Frequently Asked Questions •Disappearing Tattoos...

101 Scrapbooking Tips - Secrets of Creating Scrapbooks Like the Pros!

by Jack Moore

Scrapbooking, Scrapbooks, Scrapbooking Tips, Scrapbook Pages, Scrapbooking Ideas

101 Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners - Improve Your Flying Fishing in 50 Minutes

by Jack Moore

The ebook spills the beans on all the expert tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to skyrocket your fly fishing skills starting today. If you want to drastically change your skill level in the least...

Standup Comedy - How to Becoming a Successful Comedian!

by Jack Moore

Making people laugh is not always easy... In this ebook, you will discover: • Why you need to know why style of comedy will fit you • Why you should go and see other comedians perform • Why you should...

The Wonderful World of Quilting - Beginner's Guide to Quilting

by Deedee Moore

It's a wonderful hobby that allows you to create something unique and useful. Spending time doing something you love can be extremely rewarding. What's even more rewarding is knowing that your hobby also serves...