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101 Scrapbooking Tips - Secrets of Creating Scrapbooks Like the Pros!

by Jack Moore

Scrapbooking, Scrapbooks, Scrapbooking Tips, Scrapbook Pages, Scrapbooking Ideas

101 Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners - Improve Your Flying Fishing in 50 Minutes

by Jack Moore

The ebook spills the beans on all the expert tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to skyrocket your fly fishing skills starting today. If you want to drastically change your skill level in the least...

Standup Comedy - How to Becoming a Successful Comedian!

by Jack Moore

Making people laugh is not always easy... In this ebook, you will discover: • Why you need to know why style of comedy will fit you • Why you should go and see other comedians perform • Why you should...

The Wonderful World of Quilting - Beginner's Guide to Quilting

by Deedee Moore

It's a wonderful hobby that allows you to create something unique and useful. Spending time doing something you love can be extremely rewarding. What's even more rewarding is knowing that your hobby also serves...

Simple Woodworking Guide

by Jack Moore

This ebook made just for people who want to explore the hobby of woodworking. There is all kinds of information available today that can help get you into woodworking as a hobby. Why should you spend your time...

The Guide to Home Spinning and Weaving!

by Deedee Moore

The weaving is a hobby! The weaving is a business! The weaving is a skill that you love! This ebook is a spinning and weaving guide.

Stamp Collecting - Stamp Collectors' Secrets and Tips

by Deedee Moore

Stamp Collecting can be good for your health and wellbeing! If you are a new collector trying to figure out what stamps to buy and sorting out the difference between commemorative and special stamps, "Stamp...

Quick and Easy Computer Scrapbooking

by Deedee Moore

Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere for the last several years, you are aware of the latest trend of creating scrapbooks. The scrapbooks are designed to preserve memories. It may be a record of...

Coin Collecting for Beginners

by Deedee Moore

Do you like to collect coins? This eBook is a guide to help you collect various ancient coins. Collecting and studying ancient coins is a fascinating and complex topic. This book is a getting-started guide intended...

Canvas Painting Guide

by Deedee Moore

This informative ebook will guide you through the steps of painting on canvas. Have you always wanted to paint but did not know the first thing about it? Have you sketched thousands of pictures in your sketch...

Simple Crochet!

by Deedee Moore

It doesn't matter if you've never crocheted a day in your life, or you are the most talented person in the world... This Crocheting guide will help you not only get better, but it will also make you feel more...

Beekeeping - How to Be a Pro Beekeeper

by Deedee Moore

The information in this book is useful to anyone wanting to start beekeeping as a hobby or a business. It was written for beginners. Those who have never looked into beekeeping, may not understand the meaning...

Bird Watching

by Deedee Moore

Birding is not the easiest sport in the world to learn, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding. This ebook is very useful for bird watching beginner. The important thing to bear in mind if you are a...

The Complete Guide to Steelhead Fishing

by N. Isaacs

Have you ever tried fishing for Steelhead? If not, you are in for a real treat. And, armed with The Complete Guide to Steelhead Fishing you can't help but succeed. Fishing for Steelhead is one of the greatest...

Homemade Christmas

by Tina Barseghian

Making something with your own hands--whether it's a plate of just-baked cookies, a handcrafted stocking, a homemade wreath or an origami ornament--is a great way to connect with the true meaning of Christmas....

The Clay Canvas: Creative Painting on Functional Ceramics

by Irene Wittig

Whether you are a potter, painter or hobbyist, you'll find that creative painting on ceramics will provide you a canvas for self-expression, and add an extra dimension to your work; will personalize your environment...

Herbal Soap : Recipes For Handcrafters

by Ololade Franklin

Luscious Lemon Soap, Peppermint and Chamomile Body Wash, Patchouli and Sweet Orange Soap. Learn to make these soaps and more with the book Herbal Soap. Inside this book you will find information about making...

Fun Wooden Toys You Can Make!

by Peter Wodehouse

Can you remember receiving a hand-crafted gift as a child? There is something special about getting something hand-made. When it's a toy for a child the satisfaction just can't be measured. Working with wood...

How to Build Your Birdhouse - Endless Ideas and Easy to Follow Birdhouse Construction Plans

by Peter Wodehouse

"How to Build Your Birdhouse" is packed with detailed various information about birds and building birdhouses. If you are someone who loves wild birds how would you like to attract different species to your...

Perfume, Soap and Candle Making - The Beginner's Guide

by Irene Palmer

Are you paying too much for gourmet perfumes, soaps and candles? What if you could create your own designer fragrances that suit your persona? Sound difficult? It's easier than you think. As you carefully scan...