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Narrow Fabric Weaving

by A. Thompson

One of the first books to cover specifically the production of narrow woven materials. This book serves as a textbook for students as a general introduction to smallwares technology. A comprehensive look at...

The Art of Bobbin Lace - A Practical Text Book of Workmanship - Including Bobbin Lace Supplement

by Louisa A. Tebbs

This book provides a complete and comprehensive guide to the fine art of bobbin lace. Its contents include information on how to prepare bobbins and other advice for lace-making, directions for making all kinds...

An Introduction to Yacht Design

by A. A. Symonds

This book is a comprehensive guide to building yachts for beginners. While there is plenty written for the experienced boat-builder this little book sets out the features of yacht design for those whose interest...

Exercises in Wood-Working; With a Short Treatise on Wood; Written for Manual Training Classes in Schools and Colleges

by Ivin Sickels

This book deals with carpentry and joinery. The first part being about structure, properties and kinds of wood; its manufactures and economic relations to other substances, parasitic plant and insects; and means...

Leavers Lace - A Hand Book of the American Leaver Lace Industry

by Vittoria Rosatto

A Hand Book of the American Leavers Lace Industry. This practical book is believed to be competent and enlightening. It contains the history of the industry and the technical side if the subject. It has been...

Simple Embroidery and Simple Embroidery Design - A Two Volume How-To Guide for Beginners

by Marguerite Randell

This book is a perfect introduction to the art of embroidery and is extensively illustrated with black and white drawings and diagrams. This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before....

Manufacture of Narrow Woven Fabrics - Ribbons, Trimmings, Edgings, Etc - Giving Description of the Various Yarns Used, the Construction of Weaves and

by E. Posselt

This book Gives Consise and detailed Descriptions of the Various Yarns Used The Construction of Weaves and Novelties in various Fabric Structures. It also Provides Descriptive Matter as to Looms, Etc.Trimmings,...

The Do It Yourself Series - Boot and Shoe Repairing for Amateurs

by G. Norman

Teach yourself the skill of re-heeling boots and shoes, a helpful skill that can save you time and money and quite fun.

Building an Aviary

by Carl Naether

This book is designed to serve as a helpful, practical guide in aviary construction and its equipment. It will provide a guide to building aviaries to meet the needs of however many birds, kind of birds may...

Modern Boat Building

by Edwin Monk

A fantastic comprehensive guide to building boats for the amateurs and professionals alike. It will help the amateur to turn out a credible piece of work and aid the apprentice boat builder in learning his trade....

How to Make a Ship in a Bottle

by Blive Monk

Making a ship in a bottle is a bonkers but incredibly rewarding pastime and with this guide you will be able to construct your own ship on a bottle and place it in pride of place on a mantle piece.

A Practical Course in Bookcrafts and Bookbinding

by John Mason

John Mason who was the teacher of bookcrafts and bookbinding at the Leicester College of Arts and Crafts and at Vacation Schools for Teachers brings you 'A Practical Course in Bookcrafts and Bookbinding'. Giving...

A Manual of Hand-Made Bobbin Lace Work

by Margaret Maidment

This book provides a comprehensive and expert guide to lace technique and is executed in an exhaustive and practical manner. It shows working methods with clear and straightforward descriptions given in systematic...

Quill and Beadwork of the Western Sioux

by Carrie A. Lyford

In this book, we look at the work and style of one particular tribe The Sioux. The Sioux are a very large family, who roamed in many directions and learned a variety of customs from their different neighbours....

The Complete Book of Furniture Repair and Refinishing - Easy to Follow Guide with Step-By-Step Methods

by Ralph Kinney

This early manual is a fascinating read for any carpentry enthusiast or historian, but contains much information that is still useful and practical today. The primary aim is to furnish workers with information...

Shoe Design and Fashion - Or the American Footware Designer

by Louis Kessler

Originally published in 1918. The well illustrated contents deal with every aspect of the design and manufacture of footwear. Contents include: Anatomy of the Foot - Womens Oxfords - High Boots - Shoe Variations...

Brown's Knots and Splices - With Tables of Strengths of Ropes, Etc and Wire Rigging

by Captain Jutsum

This great little book presents a complete list of all the most useful and important workings connected with Cordage, and a lucid explanation of their various formations. It provides step by step guides, along...


by James M. Drew

A helpful guide perfect for any workshop owned by a keen amateur metal smith, full of hints and tips on using the correct tools and creating simple, elegant objects.

Practical Metal Plate Work - With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams

by Paul N. Hasluck

Practical Metal Plate Work contains, in a form convenient for everyday use, a comprehensive digest of matter contributed by experienced craftsmen, and supplies concise information on the general principles and...

Furniture Decoration Made Easy - A Practical Work Manual for Decorating Furniture by Stenciling, Gold-Leaf Application and FreeHand Painting

by Charles Hallett

Furniture Decoration Made Easy - A practical work manual for decorating furniture by stencilling, gold-leaf application and freehand painting. This handbook on furniture decoration is not intended as an exhaustive...