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The Craftsman's Handbook

by Cennino Cennini

Fifteenth-century handbook, written by a working artist of the day, reveals techniques of the masters in drawing, oil painting, frescoes, panel painting, gilding, casting, more. Direct link to artists of Middle...

Painting Garden Birds with Sherry C. Nelson

by Sherry Nelson

Trade in your bird watching binoculars for a brush!

Sherry C. Nelson, MDA, invites you to paint your favorite American garden birds.

In this book, 11 different oil painting projects show you how to create Bluebirds,...

The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks

by Lin Wellford

This book holds a mountain of fun for rock artists of all ages! With the instructions inside, creating these critters is as easy as picking up a rock!

Watercolour Workshop

by Ann Blockley

An inspirational and practical art manual, packed with step-by-step projects.

Artist Ann Blockley is renowned for her innovative approach to watercolour painting. Her highly anticipated new book provides a series...


by Pir Tareen

This book is about a very simple method of colour matching of pigments used in painting. The text, has been expanded to include some practical aspects of colour use in picture painting. It was developed by Pir...

The Breath of Siberia

by Olga Timofeyeva

Every childhood has its own blueprint of memories. Some memories are stored. Some memories vanish. Some memories are kept alive through the word; some, through music or painting. Olgas childhood has inspired...

Growing Footprint

by Brandon Cai

Good art is like a mirror, reflecting the world and its shadows in new ways and angles. This collections of art depicts the world through sketches, water-based paintings, and oil paintings. This art aims to...

Gustavo the International Painter

by Gustavo Arencibia

When I was six years old, on first grade at Central Methodist School in Havana, Cuba, I remember I did a drawing of the Big Bad Wolf in bed and Little Red Riding Hood in front of it. My art teacher Ana liked...

Charcoal Portraits from Photographs

by Talbot Cox

Talbot Coxs easy-to-read guide is more than just another portrait book. This is a practical self-help guide for the novice portrait artist with little or no experience of portraiture. Talbot has years of experience...

Tragedy to Triumph

by Carol L. McKinney

Carol L. McKinney was diagnosed with Type I Insulin-dependent Diabetes at age thirteen. She became visually disabled, orphaned and a mother at twenty-five. Multiple watershed events; a myriad of diseases, deaths...

The Essence of Watercolour

by Hazel Soan

A paperback reissue Hazel Soan's classic practical art book.

Hazel Soan is a well-known and popular artist and an enthusiastic and inspirational teacher.  In The Essence of Watercolour Hazel shows how wonderfully...

Painting Flowers

by Sian Dudley

Painting flowers is a joyful experience - to capture and celebrate the colour, form and beauty of flowers in watercolour is an endlessly exciting pursuit. This book encourages you to experiment and play when...

Painting Landscapes

by Kevin Scully

The landscape is probably the most popular theme for artists, and this book takes you through the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary for painting the natural world. It presents a vast range of practical...

Painting Clouds and Skies in Oils

by Mo Teeuw

Learn to capture the beauty and drama of the sky. A good sky is the essence of successful landscape and seascape paintings, and this practical book covers everything you will need to know to paint a sky that...

Drawing and Painting the Landscape

by Philip Tyler

Capturing the landscape on paper requires the artist to look - to look deep into the distance and deep into the soul. This practical book celebrates the genre of landscape painting - the wonder of discovering...

Contemporary Landscapes in Mixed Media

by Soraya French

A great guide for painters who want to experiment with mixed media and make their landscape paintings more adventurous. Popular artist and teacher, Soraya French, encourages readers to experiment with mixing...

Learn to Paint People Quickly

by Haze Soan

A practical guide to learn painting individual people and crowds, with simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations. Bestselling artist and writer Hazel Soan has distilled her art teaching into the things...

Recreating an Age of Reptiles

by Mark P Witton

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals have always fascinated people but they pose vast problems for the artist. How do you go about recreating the anatomy and behaviour of a creature we've never seen? How...

Painting Portraits of Children

by Simon Davis

Painting a portrait of a child is one of the most complex challenges an artist will face. In this detailed and practical book, Simon Davis opens up his studio and explains his approach. As one of the country's...

Drawing and Painting Cars

by Keith Woodcock

This practical and stimulating book introduces and showcases a wide range of motoring art styles. Recognising the importance of drawing and research, it explains the key components of a successful painting,...