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Set Design

by Pierluigi Salvadeo, Davide Fabio Colaci, Marina Spreafico

Set design takes the world of dreams onto an architectural scale and for a moment this allows the time of the theatrical production to coincide with that of reality. It is an immersive environment in which architecture...

Visual Merchandising: Mirror and soul of a point of sale

by Gianfranco Giacoma-caire

Visual Merchandising is a technical manual that has more than 400 photos and 100 drawings. It speaks about the aesthetic aspects to set a window shop and the internal visual in a store. Analyse the psychological...

Yacht design

by Massimo Paperini

“Yacht Design, Interior and Superstructures” confirms the interest of young architects, engineers and designers in boat design, a subject always in need of new ideas, new design solutions and a new approach....

Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design

by Amanda Brown & Grace Bonney

Discover the joys of upholstery and bring new life to your worn-out furniture. With a few basic tools, an eye for color, and some ingenuity, you can customize your home with fabrics and textures that reflect...

Learn Carpentry Skills

by James Slough Zerbe

Carpentry is the oldest of the arts, and it has been said that the knowledge necessary to make a good carpenter fits one for almost any trade or occupation requiring the use of tools. The hatchet, the saw, and...

Designing for People

by Henry Dreyfuss

From the first answering machine ("the electronic brain") and the Hoover vacuum cleaner to the SS Independence and the Bell telephone, the creations of Henry S. Dreyfuss have shaped the cultural landscape of...

Thomas Day

by Patricia Phillips Marshall & Jo Ramsay Leimenstoll

Thomas Day (1801-61), a free man of color from Milton, North Carolina, became the most successful cabinetmaker in North Carolina--white or black--during a time when most blacks were enslaved and free blacks...

Contemporary Thai

by Wongvipa Devahastin Na Ayudhya, Jane Doughty Marsden & Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

With over 150 photographs and insightful text, this Thai design book showcases some of the best interiors in the country.

Known for its beautiful traditional and contemporary handicrafts, it's no wonder that...

China Modern

by Sharon Leece & A. Chester Ong

Featuring over 200 stunning photographs, this Chinese design book captures the modern, yet nostalgic style of the Chinese home.

Twenty-first century China is a country on the move. As it hurtles into the future,...

Contemporary Asian Living Rooms

by Chami Jotisalikorn, Karina Zabihi & Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

With over 180 photographs Contemporary Asian Living Rooms explores 50 of Southeast Asia's most interesting homes and hotels.

Living room design in Asia has moved away form the classical Asia style to incorporate...

Antique English Oak Cupboards and Sideboards

by Fred Roe

This book contains a detailed treatise on English oak cupboards and sideboards. Including a wealth of information covering topics such as history, design, use, evolution, and much more, this comprehensive text...

Fifty Chairs That Changed the World: Design Museum Fifty

by Design Museum Enterprise Limited

Everything around us is designed and the word 'design' has become part of our everyday experience. But how much do we know about it? Fifty Chairs That Changed the World imparts that knowledge listing the top...

An Introduction to French Furniture of the 17th and 18th Century - Including Chapters on Louis Quatorze, Louis Quinze and the Regency

by Frederick Litchfield

This text contains a detailed introduction to French furniture, popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A fascinating treatise, detailing some of the most beautiful and ornate furniture ever produced,...

Furniture of the Tudor Renaissance or the Tudor-Elizabethan Period 1509-1603

by Anon.

This book contains a concise yet comprehensive treatise on the furniture popular during the Tudor renaissance period - from 1509 to 1603. Complete with exquisite illustrations and fascinating information on...

How to Upholster and Re-Upholster Furniture

by Kay Hardy

Furniture repair is work of universal interest and importance, for it would be safe to say that there is scarcely a home to be found that has not some useful article in need of repair. Repairing your own furniture...

A Guide to Finishing Furniture - Including Chapters on, Spraying, Opaque and Transparent Finishes

by B. W. Pelton

Contained within this antique book is a comprehensive guide to finishing furniture, including information on spraying, and opaque and transparent finishes. A book of timeless practical value, this text contains...

Furniture of the Renaissance to the Baroque - A Treatise on the Furniture from Around Europe in this Period

by Peter Philp

This fascinating little book contains a treatise on furniture from around the world, all produced in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Complete with detailed illustrations and comprehensive information on...

Beautiful Examples of American Antique Sideboards and Kitchen Furniture - Including Sideboards from Hepplewhite, Sheraton and in the Empire Style

by Edgar G. Miller

Contained within this antique book is a detailed catalogue of exquisite American antique sideboards and kitchen furniture, including sideboards from Hepplewhite, Sheraton, and in the Empire style. This text...

Hitchcock Chairs - Tercentenary Commission of the Stare of Connecticut - Committee on Historical Publications

by Mabel Roberts Moore

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern...

High Wycombe Furniture

by Lawrence Weaver

Buckinghamshire's reputation for furniture-making goes back to the seventeenth century - for Daniel Defoe mentions chair making in the Chilterns, and High Wycombe has been the acknowledged centre for more than...