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Page Plays: 1: Tissue; Salonika; Real Estate; Golden Girls

by Louise Page

This first collection of plays by Louise Page brings together the key early plays - "Tissue", "Salonika" and "Real Estate" - with "Golden Girls".

Wedekind Plays 1: Spring Awakening; Lulu: A Monster Tragedy

by Frank Wedekind

Contains three works by the German playwright, Frank Wedekind. He was the terror of the German bourgeoisie, a moralist who wore the mask of immoralist. His work was persecuted, and his best plays were not performed...

'Serving It Up' & 'A Week With Tony'

by David Eldridge

"Trash for starters, Tories for seconds: David Eldridge is Serving it up again" (Independent)


by Leo Butler

"You will come back though won't yer, Darren? Yer will come back? Say

yer'll come back. Come back." Lucy is 17. She dreams of love, security

and a bright future. However, first she must confront reality - and


Monsieur Ibrahim And The Flowers of the Qu'ran

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Internationally acclaimed play of cross-cultural friendship

The Recruiting Officer

by George Farquhar & Tiffany Stern

This edition sheds light on Farquhar's work, highlighting its status as an account of army corruption and sexual intrigue, and its relevance to later literature such as Brecht's Trumpets and Drums, Keneally's...

The Boy on the Swing

by Joe Harbot

The Boy on the Swing is an original and unnerving play which satirises the corporatisation of God. Ingenious and thought-provoking, the play is by turns sinister and surreally funny.

The Grown-Ups

by Nicholas Kelly

Alan and Nicola are a couple desperate to keep pace with the boom time. However, when Alan's sister Amy is involved in a scandal, Alan finds himself questioning his values and wondering if he can cut it in this...

The White Devil

by John Webster & Christina Luckyj

John Webster's revenge tragedy, The White Devil is a story of adultery, corruption and murder and explores how a corrupt person can depict themselves as good or `white'. In this revised edition students will...

The Rivals

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan & Tiffany Stern

A major new edition which brings a modern approach to the Introduction and text.

The Revenger's Tragedy

by Brian Gibbons

The Revenger's Tragedy is a famous Elizabethan tragedy set in a dissolute Renaissance court in Italy, a maelstrom of vice and intrigue. In this new edition, students will find a wealth of information to support...

'Tis Pity She's a Whore

by John Ford & Martin Wiggins

Ford's tragedy, originally printed in 1633, was the first major English

play to take as its theme fulfilled incest between brother and sister.

The Shoemaker's Holiday

by Thomas Dekker & Jonathan Gil Harris

One of the most popular Elizabethan plays, The Shoemaker's Holiday is one of the earliest examples of `citizen comedy' plays set in London and dealing with the dominant concerns of metropolitan society - class...

Three Late Medieval Morality Plays: Everyman, Mankind and Mundus et Infans: A New Mermaids Anthology

by G.A. Lester

In the three plays offered here an honest farmer at first resists then gives way to, and finally is redeemed from, the guileful temptations of the devil. The bleaker Everyman" focuses on the struggle to die...

The Tamer Tamed

by John Fletcher & Lucy Munro

The Tamer Tamed is the subtitle or alternative title to John Fletcher's The Woman's Prize, a comedic sequel and reply to The Taming of the Shrew. This brand new New Mermaid edition offers unique and fresh insight...

'The Dogstone' and 'Nasty, Brutish and Short'

by Kenny Lindsay & Andy Duffy

A programme text of two short plays that examine the darker side of Scottish families and which were presented as a double-bill at the Traverse Theatre in November 2009.

The School for Scandal

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan & Ann Blake

In The School for Scandal, Sheridan's artificial world of heightened

wit and heightened folly delights its audience, but at times it engages

them with moments of human pain and happiness, before delivering them...

The Trojan Women

by Euripides & Gilbert Murray

The Trojan Women follows the women of Troy after the famous war which devastated their city. It is believed to have been influenced by the capture of Melos, an Aegean Island, and the treatment of its population...

Foreskin's Lament

by Greg McGee & John Thomson

One of the most successful and well-known New Zealand plays is also compelling reading on the page. The power, humour and irony of the language all serve to illustrate a penetrating analysis of New Zealand society,...

Nga Tangata Toa

by Hone Kouka & John Thomson

Set on a marae on the East Coast in 1919 when a war weary soldier, Taneatua, returns from Europe a hero. A powerfully dramatic play of family secret, confrontation and revenge.