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The Burial at Thebes

by Sophocles & Seamus Heaney

Sophocles' play, first staged in the fifth century B.C., stands as a timely exploration of the conflict between those who affirm the individual's human rights and those who must protect the state's security....

The Tudors: It's Good to Be King

by Michael Hirst

The Tudors is an intimate, delicious, and daring drama revealing the early years of Henry VIII, an idealistic, lustful tyrant torn between bedding wives and mistresses and conquering Europe. This is not the...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll & Simon Reade

When Alice falls down a mysterious rabbit hole she stumbles upon a magical fantasy world where anything can happen . . .

Take tea with the Mad Hatter, meet the White Rabbit, grin with the Cheshire Cat, and play...


by Edward Bond

A play set in London in the 60s reflecting a time of social change. Its subject is the cultural poverty and frustration of a generation of young people on the dole and living on council estate

Shirley Valentine & One for the Road

by Willy Russell

Part of the "Modern plays" series aimed at the burgeoning readership of young theatregoers, this title and five others are reissued, representing the range and vitality of the list of 170 titles in print .

Williams Plays: 1: The No Boys Cricket Club; Starstruck; Lift Off

by Roy Williams

Living alone on a drab London council estate, Abi has long since lost sight of the good things in life, until an old friend takes her back to her glorious past in Jamaica as the greatest all-rounder of the No...

1 Law 4 All - Vegas

by Billy Angel

1 Law 4 All - Vegas

This second book in the 1 Law 4 All series dives into the heart of political corruption with a remarkably diverse band of characters. Vegas dances from adventure to adventure beginning with...

Emotional Excess on the Shakespearean Stage: Passion's Slaves

by Bridget Escolme

This book compares the pleasures and anxieties provoked by extremes of emotion on Shakespeare's stage with the ways in which emotional excess is interpreted in the plays today.

This Is War

by Hannah Moscovitch

Master Corporal Tanya Young, Captain Stephen Hughes, Private Jonny Henderson, and Sergeant Chris Anders have lived through an atrocity while holding one of the most volatile regions in Afghanistan. As each of...

Billy the Girl

by Katie Hims

I wish you could just like consider - consider the chance of it being an accident. 'Cos you're so sure. You're so sure that I did this awful thing.

Billy is out waiting for love where she last saw it. Her mum...

Country Music

by Simon Stephens

Dramatic new play of crime and redemption by winner of Pearson Most Promising New Playwright Award, 2001

A story of crime and redemption, starting at the mouth of the River Thames and moving across England over...


by Jonathan Harvey

An hilarious comedy set on a South London council estate. When a young schoolteacher accepts an invitation from one of his pupils to a birthday party, little does he suspect that both the girl's mother and her...

Wood Plays: 2

by David Wood

If there is anyone who should be the children's playwright laureate it is David Wood' (Evening Standard)


by Sarah Daniels

Masterpieces is a powerful issue-play, a vehement statement against pornography that has set theatre audiences on edge since its first production in the 1980s. Written in response to excessive and graphically...

Why Is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?: And Other Stand-Up Theatre Plays

by Claire Dowie

This work comprises five pieces from this performer and playwright.

Darwin in Malibu

by Crispin Whittell

With the debate about evolution behind him, Darwin now finds guidance from tabloid horoscopes and trashy novels in a beach house in Mailibu. But when his friend Thomas Huxley washes up on the beach with the...

The Hidden Plot: Notes on Theatre and the State

by Edward Bond

This collection of passionate and polemical essays deal with drama, from its origin in the human mind to its use in history and the present. It elucidates on the hidden working of drama behind the state, religion,...

At the Inland Sea

by Edward Bond & Tony Coult

A play for young people, describing the transition from childhood to adulthood. In the process of choosing how to live, young people are shown as potential creators of our world, or its destroyers.

'Good' & 'a Nightingale Sang'

by C. P. Taylor

Two plays in one volume, written by the same writer as "Peter Pan Man" and "To Be a Farmer's Boy". The first is set in Germany in the '30s and questions how humane people came to be swept along by the Nazi force....


by Peter Barnes

A haunting and brutally funny story of heroism and human values