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Elton Plays: 1: Gasping; Silly Cow; Popcorn

by Ben Elton

This collection of Ben Elton plays includes three works: "Gasping" is a satire on yuppiedom, advertising and corporate greed; "Silly Cow" is a satire on the modern world; and "Popcorn" adopts the sick humour,...

Divided City: The Play

by Martin Travers, Paul Bunyan & Ruth Moore

Nominated for ten UK book awards, Theresa Breslin's hit novel tells of how two young boys - one Rangers fan, one Celtic fan - are drawn into a secret pact to help a young asylum seeker when all they really want...


by David Storey

One works. One looks around. One meets people. But very little communication takes place . . . That is the nature of this little island.

As five apparently unrelated characters meet in a seemingly insignificant...

Daniels Plays: 1: Ripen Our Darkness; The Devil's Gateway; Masterpiece; Neaptide; Byrthrite

by Sarah Daniels

A collection of plays by Sarah Daniels which includes "Masterpieces", a study of the effects of pornography, "Ripen Our Darkness" and the George Devine Award-winner "Neaptide".

Daniels Plays: 2: Gut Girls; Beside Herself; Head-rot Holiday; Madness of Esme and Shaz

by Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels is "a writer with a natural talent for disturbance" (Observer)

Set in the gutting sheds of the slaughterhouse at the Cattle Market in late Victorian Deptford, The Gut Girls shows how the lives of...

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare & A. Braunmuller

Shakespeare's timeless tragedy of conspiracy and betrayal tells the story of the murder of Julius Caesar and the gruesome aftermath as Rome descends into a violent mob.

This edition includes:

An overview of...

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

by Bertolt Brecht & Jennifer Wise

Described by Brecht as 'a gangster play that would recall certain events familiar to us all', Arturo Ui is a witty and savage satire of the rise of Hitler - recast by Brecht into a fictional, small-time Chicago...

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: The Play

by Paul Bunyan & Ruth Moore

This schools' edition of Mark Haddon's multi-award-winning novel adapted for the stage of the National Theatre by Simon Stephens is perfect for Key Stages 3 and 4.

Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside...

Nagy Plays: 1: Weldon Rising; Disappeared; The Strip; Butterfly Kiss

by Phyllis Nagy

In the METHUEN CONTEMPORARY DRAMATISTS series this collection contains

Nagy's best known plays; "Weldon Rising", "Disappeared", "The Strip",

and "Butterfly Kiss".

Churchill Plays: 2: Softcops; Top Girls; Fen; Serious Money

by Caryl Churchill

This second collection of plays by Caryl Churchill includes "Objections to Sex and Violence", "Softcops", "Top Girls", "Fen" and "Serious Money".

Bond Plays: 9: Innocence; Window, Tune, Balancing ACT; The Edge

by Edward Bond

The latest collection from the influential playwright Edward Bond includes the major new play Innocence, shorter works ideal for students and selected Theatre Poems.

Bond Plays: 6: The War Plays; Choruses from After the Assassinations

by Edward Bond

In the METHUEN CONTEMPORARY DRAMATISTS series, this collection includes The War Plays (Red Black and Ignorant, The Tin Can People, Great Peace) and Choruses from After the Assassinations. Includes a commentary...

Bartlett Plays: 1: My Child, Contractions, Artefacts, Cock, Not Talking

by Mike Bartlett

This first collection of Mike Bartlett's plays showcases the adroit expertise and flair of a writer known for laser-sharp political comment, tight dialectics and needlingly real characters. Charting Mike Bartlett's...

Bond Plays: 2: Lear; The Sea; Narrow Road to the Deep North; Black Mass; Passion

by Edward Bond

The internationally acclaimed dramatist Edward Bond endures as one of the towering figures of contemporary British theatre. His plays are read at schools and university level. "Edward Bond is the most radical...

A Man for All Seasons

by Robert Bolt

Robert Bolt's tense play of conscience, made into a film starring Paul Scofield, charts the dramatic events leading to the execution of Sir Thomas More in 1535. More enters into political and moral conflict...

Actors' Yearbook 2013 - Essential Contacts for Stage, Screen and Radio

by Hilary Lissenden & Simon Dunmore

Actors' Yearbook is the only directory to provide detailed contact information and specific advice for actors seeking work, saving hours of further research. Actor's Yearbookeditorially selects only the most...


by Sophocles & Don Taylor

This new edition of Don Taylor's translation presents one of the most accessible and performable versions of this ancient play and provides a blueprint for understanding and staging the play today.

Godber Plays: 1: Bouncers; Happy Families; Shakers

by John Godber

This volume contains three plays by John Godber: "Bouncers", "Happy Families", and "Shakers".

Mercer Plays: 2: Flint; The Bankrupt; Afternoon at the Festival; Duck Song; The Arcata Promise; Find Me; Huggy Bear

by David Mercer & Stuart Laing

Six plays by David Mercer, compiled as a follow-up edition to "David Mercer Plays: One". Three of the plays in this volume were premiered by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Barnes Plays: 2: Red Noses; Sunset Glories; Nobody Here But Us Chickens; Columbus; Socrates

by Peter Barnes

A mixture of social satire, comedy and tragedy. This volume contains two major plays, "Red Noses" and "Sunset Glories", and a series of three short plays on disability including "Nobody Here But Us Chickens"....