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A Parent's Guide to Substance Abuse and Addiction

by Kellena Page

"A Parent's Guide to Substance Abuse and Addiction" provides a necessary education on what the main substances of abuse are, how they are used, how addiction occurs, and the resulting physical, psychological,...

Bilingual By Choice: Raising Kids in Two (or more!) Languages

by Virginie Raguenaud

For parents, educators, immigrants and expatriates. Includes 100 creative activities and strategies for the home and community.

Higher Education for African Americans before the Civil Rights Era, 1900-1964

by Marybeth Gasman

This volume examines the evolution of higher education opportunities for African Americans in the early and mid-twentieth century. It contributes to understanding how African Americans overcame great odds to...

Voices of Determination: Children that Defy the Odds

by Kevin P. Chavous & Geoffrey Canada

"Kevin Chavous is an expert on American education policy, having been an elected member of the DC Council in our nation’s capital. He dealt with Congress and the major national organizations on a number of...

Educating Elites: Class Privilege and Educational Advantage


This collection of groundbreaking studies breaks with the tradition of gauging inequality by looking 'down' at at-risk or poverty-disadvantaged schools and shifts the gaze of inquiry 'up' toward the experiences...

Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources

by Cynthia Manthey

Finally, age-appropriate games, art, bookmaking, puppetry, fingerplays, and more to teach early math concepts to preschoolers. These creative, exciting, and engaging activities are refreshing alternatives to...

Your First Year As a High School Teacher: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional

by Lynne Marie Rominger & Suzanne Packard Laughrea

Survive & Thrive in the Classroom From Day One!

Teaching high school students is the toughest job you'll ever love. Of course, often it is an acquired love. You must learn to manage your students' education and...

Harvard Schmarvard: Getting Beyond the Ivy League to the College That Is Best for You

by Jay Mathews

Smarten Up—It's Time to Choose the Right College

Think that your life's growth, success, and happiness depend on which college you attend? The higher-profile school, the better, right? Wrong! Neither is true....

Leaving Johnny Behind: Overcoming Barriers to Literacy and Reclaiming At-Risk Readers

by Anthony Pedriana

This book provides a comprehensive examination of the barriers that prevent students from becoming proficient readers. Pedriana describes evidence-based reading instruction, the conditions under which that instruction...

The Power of Words: Learning Vocabulary in Grades 4-9

by Scott C. Greenwood

This book provides teachers with the hows and whys of effective vocabulary instruction, through the use of visual organizers, user-friendly appendices, classroom vignettes, and simple, clear language, encouraging...

Making Group Work Easy: The Art of Successful Facilitation

by Steven A. Schiola

The latest research about improving education shows that when educators work together to examine data, brainstorm strategies, implement those strategies, and check the data again, student achievement rises....

A Wake Up Call for Schools: A New Order in Public Education

by Patricia Anne Duncan Parrish

This book provides onsite observations, research-based premises, and quantitative recommendations for a step-by-step realignment of the focus of public education-education of each student for contributory productivity...

Where Liberty Dwells, There Is My Country: The Story of Twentieth-Century American Ambassadors to France

by Craig Roberts Stapleton

This collection of biographies of twentieth-century U.S. ambassadors to France explores their personal and professional lives, highlighting accomplishments and challenges in Franco-American relations and world...

Schoolhouse of Cards: An Inside Story of No Child Left Behind and Why America Needs a Real Education Revolution

by Eugene Hickok

As the Obama Administration wrestles with the impending reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the continuing need for education reform, Eugene Hickok provides an insider's account of this historic...

Learning, the Hardest Job You'll Ever Love!: Helpful Ideas for Students and Parents

by Steven Sonntag

This book is a collage of ideas designed for eighth through twelfth grade students and their parents to have better relationships with one another and with the entire school community, to help and support their...

The Wounds that Heal: Heroism and Human Development

by Judith A. Schwartz

This book examines developmental theory in light of heroic narrative and argues that such theory should be adjusted to accommodate the experience of those who are, in many ways, our principal role models, examining...

The Standards-Based Digital School Leader Portfolio: Using TaskStream, LiveText, and PowerPoint

by Gregory M. Hauser

This handbook is a comprehensive, step-by-step tool for school leader preparation candidates and school leaders alike in the development of standards-based digital school leader portfolios.

One-Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America's Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy

by David Horowitz & Jacob Laksin

“David Horowitz has single-handedly exposed the intellectual corruption that exists within the classrooms of American colleges. Like all forms of corruption, indoctrination flourishes when kept in the dark....

Student Essentials: Essay Writing

by Sophie Fuggle

This practical and easy-to-use guide shows students how to easily master core essay skills in just one hour. With advice, useful checklists and exercises to help develop essential writing and planning skills...

Student Essentials: Study Skills

by Matt Potter

This practical and jargon-free guide shows students how to easily master essential study skills in just one hour. With advice, useful checklists and exercises covering every key area, from developing crucial...