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Edward Thring: Maker of Uppingham School, Headmaster 1853-1887

by W F Rawnsley

Originally published in 1926, this volume charts the achievements of Edward Thring, arguably the most original and striking figure in the schoolmaster world of England in the nineteenth century. Abroad, he was...

Church, State and Schools

by James Murphy

Originally published 1971, this volume unravels the complicated history of the religious question in British education.

A Nineteenth Century Teacher: John Henry Bridges

by Susan Liveing

Originally published in 1926 and whilst not a biography in the strictest sense, this volume presents John Bridges' life and character against the social and political background of the nineteenth century as...

Indicative Past: A Hundred Years of the Girls' Public Day School Trust

by Josephine Kamm

Originally published in 1971, this volume examines the growth of educational opportunities for girls and is set against a background of changing social attitudes and ideas.

Education and the Professions

by History of Education Society


Part of the educational system in England has been geared towards the preparation of particular professions, while the identity and status of members of some professions have depended significantly on the...

Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding

by Jenny Kennedy

Many primary school teachers feel that they do not have sufficient knowledge or understanding of scientific subjects, simply because they are not science specialists.

Written in clear jargon free style, this...

Imagination in Teaching and Learning: Ages 8 to 15

by Kieran Egan

Young people learn most readily when their imaginations are engaged and teachers teach most successfully when they are able to see their subject matter from their pupils' point of view. It is, however, difficult...

Literacy Through Symbols, Second Edition: Improving Access for Children and Adults

by Tina Detheridge & Mike Detheridge

This second edition of an important and essentially practical book is now fully updated and revised to take into account the significant developments that have been made in using symbols to support literacy....

Ready to Read and Write in the Early Years: Meeting Individual Needs

by Angela Glenn, Jacquie Cousins & Alicia Helps

Focusing on the crucial area of early literacy, this book aims to provide an easy-to-understand guide to inclusion for pre-school practitioners. Includes:

  • how to establish strong foundations from which to develop...

Breaking the Cycle: How Schools Can Overcome Urban Challenges

by Nancy Brown Diggs

America’s failure to educate its urban children is evidenced by our woeful statistics. If it is possible to turn around this bleak picture—and it is—this is a story well worth telling. And this is what...

A Complete Guide to the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

by Lynn Machin, Duncan Hindmarch & Sandra Murray

A complete, all-in-one guide to the new Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, suitable for use with any awarding organisation.

Teaching and Learning Early Years Mathematics: Subject and Pedagogic Knowledge

by Mary Briggs

Essential reading for all those teaching or training to teach Early Years mathematics, providing comprehensive subject and pedagogic knowledge for those responsible for the youngest children in school and their...

Introduction to Educational Administration: Standards, Theories, and Practice

by Douglas Fiore

Organized around the ISLLC standards, this text introduces students to the concepts and theories of educational leadership. The new edition adds coverage of such topics as data usage, ethics, innovative hiring...

Countdown to the Principalship: How Successful Principals Begin Their School Year

by Tom Bellamy, Jackie Provenzano & Anne O' Rourke

This book displays tools and templates for planning, organizing, and monitoring a beginning principal's daily tasks.

Using Data to Improve Student Learning in High Schools

by Victoria Bernhardt

This book helps you make sense of the data your school collects, including state student achievement results as well as other qualitative and quantitative data. Easy-to-use templates, tools, and examples are...

The Administrator's Guide to School-Community Relations

by George E. Pawlas

This large collection of handy ideas features easy-to-use tools, comprehensive checklists, and sets of "Do's and Don'ts" advisories. It provides guidelines on how to conduct effective parent conferences, suggestions...

Trust Factor, The: Strategies for School Leaders

by Sandra Harris, Stacey Edmonson & Julie Combs

This new, hands-on guide is a valuable resource for both current and aspiring school leaders. The Trust Factor presents real-world examples and relevant research to help you develop the essential skills you...

Self-Efficacy: Raising the Bar for All Students

by Robert Bertrando, Marcia Conti- D' Antonio & Joanne Eisenberger

The fourth edition of this highly praised book includes coverage of evidence-based education and No Child Left Behind. Like the previous editions, it offers authoritative and balanced overviews to help you make...

Critical Issues in the History of Higher Education

by Marybeth Gasman

The first volume in the Core Concepts of Higher Education series, this book is a unique research methods textbook that provides students with an understanding of the processes that historians use when conducting...

Social Class, Gender and Exclusion from School

by Jean Kane

Providing fascinating reading for teachers, social workers, researchers and policy makers, this book considers how educational disadvantage might be addressed through recognition of the gender and class identities...