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The New Strategic Direction and Development of the School: Key Frameworks for School Improvement Planning

by Brent Davies & Linda Ellison

Schools will not be able to continue to improve unless they move away from an over-concentration on the short-term and focus on the strategic nature of planning and development. The more targets, the less the...

Child Development and Teaching Pupils with Special Educational Needs

by Anne Anderson, Richard Gerrish & Lyn Layton

A thought-provoking book which provides a framework for understanding the physical, sensory, emotional, social, linguistic and cognitive development of children with special educational needs. It gives practitioners...

Children, Families and Schools: Developing Partnerships for Inclusive Education

by Sally Beveridge

Effective communication between the home and school is crucial for any child's education, but where special needs are concerned, creating good partnerships is essential. This book is concerned with home-school...

Learning to Lead in the Secondary School: Becoming an Effective Head of Department

by Mark Brundrett & Ian Terrell

Learning to Lead in the Secondary School is designed to meet the needs of subject leaders and heads of department in secondary schools, offering practical advice and guidance to teachers taking on these demanding...

The Use and Abuse of History: Or How the Past is Taught to Children

by Marc Ferro

Use and Abuse of History has become a key text of current historiography; this is a book that poses fundamental and disturbing questions about the use and abuse of history. Engaging and challenging, this book...

Stories for Classroom and Assembly: Active Learning in Values Education at Key Stages One and Two

by Mal Leicester

This book is an indispensable resource for use in both the classroom and assembly, providing a delightful collection of fifteen original themed stories and activities, designed to develop key values and skills....

Just Who Do We Think We Are?: Methodologies for Autobiography and Self-Study in Education

by Claudia Mitchell, Kathleen O'Reilly-Scanlon & Sandra Weber

Drawing upon diverse and specific examples of self-study, described here by the practitioners themselves, this unique book formulates a methodological framework for self-study in education.

This collection brings...

Learning in Science: The Waikato Research

by Beverley Bell

Learning in Science brings together accounts of the five influential and groundbreaking Learning in Science Projects, undertaken by the author over a period of twenty years. Offering comprehensive coverage of...

Early Years Play and Learning: Developing Social Skills and Cooperation

by Pat Broadhead

This practical book provides an accessible framework for observing and assessing children's learning through play. It will help early years practitioners to deepen their understanding of the links between intellectual...

Learning, Curriculum and Employability in Higher Education

by Peter Knight & Mantz Yorke

How can universities ensure that they are preparing their students for today's competitive job market?

This book tackles the highly topical subject of graduate underemployment with insight and clarity. The authors...

Education and Conflict: Complexity and Chaos

by Lynn Davies

First-place winner of the Society for Education Studies' 2005 book prize, Education and Conflict is a critical review of education in an international context. Based on the author's extensive research and experience...

Improving Assessment through Student Involvement: Practical Solutions for Aiding Learning in Higher and Further Education

by Nancy Falchikov

The assessment of students an activity central to the role of any professional in further and higher education, and is an area that is the subject of constant innovation and debate.

This book provides a scholarly...

Identifying and Supporting Children with Specific Learning Difficulties: Looking Beyond the Label to Support the Whole Child

by Pamela Deponio & Christine Macintyre

Many children experience difficulties which impact on their learning at home and school. Some children are considered to have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, but other children...

Low Attainers in Primary Mathematics: The Whisperers and the Maths Fairy

by Jenny Houssart

In this fascinating book, Jenny Houssart draws on close observations with children in lower mathematics sets in primary schools to investigate why some children opt out of mathematics at an early age. After...

Mediating Science Learning through Information and Communications Technology

by Richard Holliman & Eileen Scanlon

Developments in information technology are bringing about changes in science education. This Reader focuses on the theoretical and practical consideration of using information and communications technologies...

World Yearbook of Education 2004: Digital Technologies, Communities and Education

by Andrew Brown & Niki Davis

A real revolution is taking place in the way in which we conceptualise and practise education and learning. This book sets out to explore the immense impact which digital technology is having on education around...

Teaching English: A Handbook for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

by Andrew Goodwyn & Jane Branson

This handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to teaching English in primary and secondary schools. It brings together the latest standards with authoritative guidance, ensuring that readers feel confident...

A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning: Theory and Practice

by Jennifer A. Moon

This handbook acts as an essential guide to understanding and using reflective and experiential learning - whether it be for personal or professional development, or as a tool for learning.

It takes a fresh look...

Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders: A Key to School Improvement

by Howard Green

What do the professional standards mean for teachers and school leaders? Everyone working in education needs a clear understanding of the professional standards required of teachers and school leaders.


Individual Schools, Unique Solutions: Tailoring Approaches to School Leadership

by Adrian Raynor

Effective school leadership depends on developing an understanding of people, organisational learning and organisational processes. However, each school has a unique set of circumstances. Prescriptions for...