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Better Worlds: Education, Art, and Utopia

by Peter Roberts & John Freeman-Moir

This book, with its attention to literature and the visual arts as well as traditional non-fiction sources, provides a distinctive, wide-ranging exploration of utopia and education. Utopia is examined not as...

Civic Responsibility and Higher Education

by Thomas Ehrlich

More than a century ago, John Dewey challenged the education community to look to civic involvement for the betterment of both community and campus. Today, the challenge remains. In his landmark book, editor...

The Research Writer's Phrase Book: A Guide to Proposal Writing and Research Phraseology

by Susan Louise Peterson

This is a user-friendly (and extensively tested) tool for educational researchers, whether students, faculty or researchers. It focuses on helpful phrases and concepts needed in the writing of research papers,...

College Is Not for Everyone

by Louis Rosen

Author Louis Rosen contends that an emphasis among educational policymakers to stress college for all students is neglecting the hopes and aspirations of millions of young people currently in school who either...

Raising a Reader: Simple and Fun Activities for Parents to Foster Reading Success

by Bonnie D. Schwartz

Bonnie Schwartz lays out simple, researched and practice proven approaches that a parent can do to promote literacy in the home and encourage children to explore the great adventures to be found in books. The...

Science for Girls: Successful Classroom Strategies

by Susan Gibbs Goetz

Science for Girls: Successful Classroom Strategies looks at how girls learn from the time they are born, taking the reader through both the informal and formal education process. While the focus is on science...

Children's Books from Other Countries

by Carl M. Tomlinson

A complete and current guide to international children's literature. The annotated bibliography contains over 700 titles from 29 different countries printed between 1950 and 1996. All titles are available in...

Career Readiness and Preparation Criteria in Undergraduate Dance Degree Programs

by Kathleen E. Klein

This book develops a rubric that can assist colleges, universities, and communities in providing stronger outcomes for students seeking a career path in dance. This study will serve as a catalyst for inter-academic...

Professional Standards for the Superintendency

by John R. Hoyle & the AASA Commission on Standards for t

These eight standards combine administrative knowledge with research on performance goals, competencies, and skills in the following areas: leadership and district culture; policy and governance; communications...

Chalk in Hand: The Draw and Tell Book

by Phyllis Noe Pflomm

A book for anyone who tells stories-teachers, parents, and especially children's librarians. Although the storyteller must draw during the presentations, artistic ability is not necessary for success.

Quiet Desperation: The Effects of Competition in School on Abused and Neglected Children

by Gerald W. Neal

With standardized testing and predetermined subgroups garnering the attention of educational leaders, abused and neglected children have fallen deeper into the crevice of the system. For years these children...

Case Studies of the Superintendency

by Paula M. Short & Jay Paredes Scribner

Preparing school administrators for the challenges they will face requires materials well-informed about the nuts and bolts of education in real life. Only a richly detailed case study book like Short and Scribner's...

Clues to Achieving Consensus: A Leader's Guide to Navigating Collaborative Problem Solving

by Mirja P. Hanson

This guide is for leaders who want to get results, for participants who don't like to waste time, and facilitators who want to meet leaders' and participants' needs. It is a guide to effective action in school...

Straight Talk for Principals

by Raymond Lemley

This guide addresses the ground level, more mundane issues that confound principals daily and offers simple yet provocative answers to the befuddling things that require the principal's attention and demand...

Spendthrift's Guide to Teaching ESL Abroad: The Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

by Benjamin Jelen

Spenthrift's Guide to Teaching ESL Abroad is the complete guide to landing your first job teaching English Abroad, and developing a true career out of Teaching ESL! This book covers the best ways to find your...

The War against Excellence: The Rising Tide of Mediocrity in America's Middle Schools

by Cheri Pierson Yecke & Bill Bennett

The War against Excellence provides a chronology of the middle school movement, including its shift away from academics, and proposes solutions to this rising tide of mediocrity.

Build It Once: A Basic Primer for the Creation of Online Exhibitions

by Sarah Goodwin Thiel

Build It Once is designed for the staff member faced with the challenge of creating high-quality online exhibitions with limited exhibit experience, technical support and resources. It is a book of practices...

Teaching Students with Special Needs in the 21st Century Classroom

by Sally Cox Mayberry & Brenda Belson Lazarus

The inclusive schools movement has been around since the mid 1980s, yet many teachers find themselves ill-equipped to make the transition. This superb book offers information, guidance, and training ranging...

Student Activity Funds: Procedures & Controls

by Charles E. Cuzzetto

While providing additional monies and educational opportunities for students, student activity funds can also create accounting and control nightmares for school business administrators. This book helps school...

So You Want to Be a School Board Member?

by William Hayes

Dedicated, informed school board members are basic to school improvement and success. This practical book explains the role of the board member, from election to taking office. Potential board members are introduced...