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Numeracy and Learning Difficulties: Approaches to Teaching and Assessment

by Peter Westwood

By understanding why children struggle with maths, teachers are better equipped to provide effective support and nurture confidence in low-achievers.

Numeracy and Learning Difficulties includes how to tackle...


by Rob Long

If teachers can motivate pupils, their job is more than half done! Knowing how to interest and motivate pupils is a skill, which separates the "great" teacheres from the mediocre, This book will inform and inspire...

Organising Play in the Early Years: Practical Ideas for Teachers and Assistants

by Jane Drake

This book presents practitioners with exciting ways in which to deliver the foundation stage curriculum to young children through play in well-planned areas of provision. The author promotes good early years...

Challenges in Primary Science: Meeting the Needs of Able Young Scientists at Key Stage Two

by David Coates & Helen Wilson

This practical and easy-to-use book enables teachers to challenge able children to develop their potential and to extend their thinking in primary science. It links theory to practice to develop understanding...

Strategic Planning in Higher Education: Implementing New Roles for the Academic Library

by James F Williams Ii

In this refreshing new volume, strategic planning of budget management is looked at with a broad, positive perspective. Whether because of cuts in funding, enrollment decline, or academic cutbacks, the necessity...

Imagined Communities and Educational Possibilities: A Special Issue of the journal of Language, Identity, and Education

by Yasuko Kanno & Bonny Norton

Imagined Communities and Educational Possibilities focuses on three main themes: imaged communities expand the range of possible selves, technological advances in the last two decades have had a significant...

Inside Stories: Qualitative Research Reflections

by Kathleen B. deMarrais

Although articles reporting research studies are helpful in acquainting students with methodological approaches, they often make the process look so straightforward, clean, and effortless. It is rare to find...

The Great Speckled Bird: Multicultural Politics and Education Policymaking

by Catherine Cornbleth & Dexter Waugh

This unique volume takes readers behind the scenes for an "insider/outsider" view of education policymaking in action. Two state-level case studies of social studies curriculum reform and textbook policy (California...

Becoming a Reflective Mathematics Teacher: A Guide for Observations and Self-Assessment

by Alice F. Artzt, Eleanor Armour-Thomas & Frances R. Curcio

Offers what every mathematics teacher educator or supervisor has been looking for. Ideally suited for use with students who are taking a methods course or who are student teaching, this activity-oriented, research-based...

The Nature of Intellectual Styles

by Li-fang Zhang & Robert J. Sternberg

This book provides an up-to-date, panoramic picture of the field of intellectual styles through describing, analyzing, and integrating the major theoretical and research works on the topic. Readers will gain...

Asian-American Education: Historical Background and Current Realities

by Meyer Weinberg

Asian-American Education: Historical Background and Current Realities fills a gap in the study of the social and historical experiences of Asians in U.S. schools. It is the first historical work to provide American...

Analyzing Problems in Schools and School Systems: A Theoretical Approach

by Alan K. Gaynor

Although there are many textbooks in the field of educational administration describing various organizational theories, this text is unique in tying organizational theory explicitly and systematically to a...

Reforming Reading Writing and Mathematics: Teachers' Responses and the Prospects for Systemic Reform

by S.G. Grant

In this book S.G. Grant reports his study of how four Michigan elementary school teachers manage a range of reforms (such as new tests, textbooks, and curriculum frameworks) in three different school subjects...

Electronic Collaborators: Learner-Centered Technologies for Literacy, Apprenticeship, and Discourse

by Curtis Jay Bonk & Kira S. King

Two developments in recent years have converged to dramatically alter most conceptions of the teaching and learning process. First, technology has become increasingly interactive and distributed, such that individual...

The Lure of the Transcendent: Collected Essays by Dwayne E. Huebner

by Dwayne Huebner & Vikki Hillis

In 1969, Bill Pinar was privileged to study with Dwayne Huebner at Teachers College. In a large room with 70 others, he watched an extraordinary figure in the distance--speaking a tongue few of them grasped--whom...

Adult ESL/Literacy from the Community to the Community: A Guidebook for Participatory Literacy Training

by Elsa Auerbach, Byron Barahona & Julio Midy

Adult ESL/Literacy from the Community to the Community: A Guidebook for Participatory Literacy Training tells the story of a university-community collaboration to develop, implement, and evaluate a project designed...

The Nature of Learning Disabilities: Critical Elements of Diagnosis and Classification

by Kenneth A. Kavale & Steven R. Forness

The category of learning disabilities continues to be among the most contentious in special education. Much of the debate and dissent emanates from a lack of understanding about its basic nature. The failure...

Cognitively Diagnostic Assessment

by Paul D. Nichols, Susan F. Chipman & Robert L. Brennan

During the past two or three decades, research in cognitive science and psychology has yielded an improved understanding of the fundamental psychological nature of knowledge and cognitive skills that psychological...

Text-Based Learning and Reasoning: Studies in History

by Charles A. Perfetti, M. Anne Britt & Mara C. Georgi

History is both an academic discipline and a school subject. As a discipline, it fosters a systematic way of discovering and evaluating the events of the past. As a school subject, American history is a staple...

Handbook of Individual Differences Learning and Instruction

by David H. Jonassen & Barbara L. Grabowski

Written for teachers, trainers, and instructional designers -- anyone who is responsible for designing or preparing instruction -- this book begins with one basic premise: individual differences mediate learning...