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Young Children, Parents and Professionals: Enhancing the links in early childhood

by Margaret Henry

As early year education and very early child care increase, parents and professionals face many difficult questions. What are the effects of early education on children? Are parents fulfilling their roles? What...

Curriculum Development in the Postmodern Era: Teaching and Learning in an Age of Accountability

by Patrick Slattery

This landmark text was one of the first to introduce and analyze contemporary concepts of curriculum that emerged from the Reconceptualization of curriculum studies in the 1970s and 1980s. This new edition brings...

New Strategies in Higher Education Marketing

by James A Burns & Thomas J Hayes

With rising financial difficulties and declining enrollments, many colleges and universities are finding that they need new and better ways to present and promote themselves to potential students and the general...

Race, Ethnicity, and Multiculturalism: Policy and Practice


This book examines how teachers, administrators, and educational institutions contribute to racial and ethnic inequality and offers policy and practice suggestions for change. It reviews the literature, the...

Pedagogies of Globalization: The Rise of the Educational Security State

by Joel Spring

In this ground-breaking book, Joel Spring examines globalization and its worldwide effects on education. A central thesis is that industrial-consumerism is the dominant paradigm in the integration of education...

Teaching Mathematics to Able Children

by Valsa Koshy

This book enables teachers to effectively meet the needs of their most able mathematicians. Using a tried and tested set of principles developed and used by The Able Children's Education Unit at Brunel University,...

Educational Resilience in inner-city America: Challenges and Prospects

by Margaret C Wang & Edmund W. Gordon

The story of life in inner-city America and the education of its people is often recounted as a tragedy; the ending is often predictable and usually dire, highlighting deficiency, failure, and negative trends....

Reading, Language, and Literacy: Instruction for the Twenty-first Century

by Fran Lehr & Jean Osborn

The impetus for this book emerged from a conference that brought together publishers, and reading researchers and educators for the purpose of examining the best available research evidence about what we know...

Constructivism in Education

by Leslie P. Steffe & Jerry Gale

Unique in offering a multidisciplinary perspective on key issues of alternative epistemologies in education, this collection includes contributions from scholars in family therapy, epistemology, and mathematics,...

Power in the Classroom: Communication, Control, and Concern

by Virginia P. Richmond & James C. McCroskey

In the belief that power is something that is negotiated by participants in the instructional process and with the goal of understanding how communication and power interact, this book looks at power and instruction...

Teaching in a Secondary School

by Robert Griffin

This collection of original essays is designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in methods of teaching. While speaking to all the topics covered in traditional methods textbooks, the author also reflects...

International Perspectives on the Design of Technology-supported Learning Environments

by Stella Vosniadou, Erik De Corte & Robert Glaser

In recent years, the use of technology for the purposes of improving and enriching traditional instructional practices has received a great deal of attention. However, few works have explicitly examined cognitive,...

Managing Professional Development in Education

by Derek (Research Associate, Depar Glover & Sue (Director of Inservice Educatio Law

This work evaluates and attempts to produce a model for effective professional development. It contrasts the work in Britain with that in other countries, with case studies and exercises to illustrate points,...

Working Out: New Directions For Women's Studies

by Hilary Hinds, Ann Phoenix & Jackie Stacey

Addresses issues of concern in the area of women's studies, aiming to offer fresh perspectives on sexuality, paid work, the development process, equal opportunities legislation, lesbian history and women's writing....

The Aims of Education

by Roger Marples

Here international philosophers of education explore and question diverse strains of the liberal tradition, discussing not only autonomy but other key issues such as:

* social justice

* national identity

* curriculum...

Learning to Lead in Higher Education

by Paul Ramsden

The future success of our universities depends on academics' capacity to respond energetically to change. To help academics face new and uncertain demands, we need an entirely different approach to their management...

Challenging Ways Of Knowing: In English, Mathematics And Science

by Dave Baker, John Clay & Carol Fox

This work provides an analysis of how knowledge is constructed and defined by teachers and lecturers in schools and universities/colleges. It considers how everyday uses of reading, writing, numeracy and science...

Lifelong Learning and the University: A Post-Dearing Agenda

by Richard Taylor & David Watson

The Report of the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education chaired by Sir Ron Dearing was published in July 1997. It represents the first officially sponsored systematic examination of the United...

Learning Mathematics: From Hierarchies to Networks

by Prof Leone Burton & Leone Burton

Learning Mathematics brings together a collection of interrelated and forward-looking chapters by internationally recognized experts that explores changes in the theories and practices of learning (and teaching)...

Learner-directed Assessment in Esl

by Glayol V. Ekbatani & Herbert D. Pierson

This text integrates the theory and practice of learner-based assessment. Written in response to two recent movements in language teaching--learner-centered teaching and a renewed interest in authenticity in...