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In the Midst of The Crisis

by Ehis Odia

All of life is punctuated by critical moments, events, and happenings that either propel you forward into destiny and purpose, or blind you from arriving at the ultimate design God has for you. It is imperative...

If you can talk to young people, you can talk to anyone

by Martin Saunders

A simple guide for volunteers, businesses, healthcare practitioners, the police, potential teachers and anyone who wants to run sessions with groups of young people – whatever the message. Based on a successful...

Reading Assessment in an RTI Framework

by Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl & Michael C. McKenna

From leading experts, this indispensable resource presents a practical model for conducting reading assessments for screening, diagnosis, and progress monitoring in each of the three tiers of response to intervention...

The "C" Students Guide to Scholarships

by Peterson's

Most scholarship guides are aimed only at the straight-A student, not this guide! Peterson's The "C" Students Guide to Scholarships shows that it is possible for average or even below-average students to win...

Marketing Your Educational Leadership Skills: How to Land the Job You Want

by John C. Daresh & Don Schulte

Marketing Your Educational Leadership Skills focuses on how to help people find the job for which they have been prepared. This book provides practical suggestions for finding a first job as a school administrator...

Using Test Data for Student Achievement: Answers to No Child Left Behind

by Nancy W. Sindelar

Using Test Data for Student Achievement shows educators, step by step, how to use test data to facilitate student learning. The book combines research, technology and Sindelar's experience as a teacher and administrator...

Foundations of Modern School Practices: A Sourcebook of Educational Wisdom

by Corey Lock

This is a book is of educational ideas, commentaries, and observations from the past. The passages recorded here come from educational writings that were produced between 1880 and 1935—a time period that began...

A Complete Guide to Rubrics: Assessment Made Easy for Teachers, KDCollege

by Audrey M. Quinlan

This book takes a developmental perspective at the use of scoring rubrics to assess student work. Citing developmental characteristics of each age, the author presents examples and adaptations of assessment...

Instructional Alignment: Optimizing Objectives, Methods, and Assessment for Developing Unit Plans

by Suzanne Houff

In response to a quagmire of jargon based and convoluted curriculum textbooks, Instructional Alignment offers a concise and basic approach to instructional design. By exploring the areas of planning, assessment,...

The High School Athlete's Guide to College Sports: How to Market Yourself to the School of Your Dreams

by College Bound Sports

This is a guide for high school athletes who wish to leverage their talent to get into the best possible college of their choice. In addition to ranking schools according to value, academics, best housing, and...

Education Myths: What Special Interest Groups Want You to Believe About Our Schools--And Why It Isn't So

by Jay P. Greene

How can we fix America's floundering public schools? Conventional wisdom says that schools and teachers need a lot more money, that poor and immigrant children can't do as well as most American kids, that high-stakes...

Education and Its Discontents: Teaching, the Humanities, and the Importance of a Liberal Education in the Age of Mass Information

by Mark Moss

Education and Its Discontents: Teaching, the Humanities, and the Importance of a Liberal Education in the Age of Mass Information, by Mark Moss, is an exploration of how the traditional educational environment,...

McGraw-Hill's SAT, 2009 Edition

by Christopher Black & Mark Anestis

  • 5 complete exams with fully explained answers in the book-only edition
  • More than 2,500 SAT-format questions and scores of additional exercises and work sheets
  • Written by expert instructors from College Hill...

The Human Touch in Education Leadership: A Postpositivist Approach to Understanding Educational Leadership

by Robert Palestini

Palestini advances a new theory of educational leadership seen through the dual lens of critical theory and the Ignatian vision and its practical implications. A truly novel approach, the author strives to acquiant...

The Educational Lockout of African Americans in Prince Edward County, Virginia (1959-1964): Personal Accounts and Reflections

by Terence Hicks & Abul Pitre

This book explores the Prince Edward County's school closings. For five years (1959-1964), African American students coped with the absence of public schooling. Their efforts led to the case Davis v. the County...

What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Reading

by Patricia M. Cunningham & James W. Cunningham

Principals will discover practical strategies for strengthening and improving reading programs using the foundation established by the authors' six truths of reading instruction. Explore comprehensive, multifaceted...

Substance, Judgment, and Evaluation: Seeking the Worth of a Liberal Arts, Core Text Education

by Patrick T. Flynn, Jean-Marie Kauth & John Kevin Doyle

This book selectively presents the thoughts of scholars and teachers of liberal arts, core text education on how their programs formulate and advance a 'value-centered' education. This volume should be of value...

What We Work With: Troubling Times for Educators

by William C. McCoy

This educator's response to the 'failing school' issue offers firsthand knowledge and in depth understanding into rationale other than poor teachers and schools. Pointing a good portion of the responsibility...

Team Strategies for Success: Doing What Counts in Education

by Mary Ann Smialek

Break down the barriers within your school organization! Teaming is a collaborative educational model necessary for the increasingly sophisticated world of the Information Age. This book is a primer-containing...

School Management by Wandering Around

by Larry Frase & Robert W. Hertzel

This book will help administrators and school leaders achieve excellence in all areas of the school system. It does not require massive planning or restructuring, just personal commitment and application.