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Single-case and Small-n Experimental Designs: A Practical Guide To Randomization Tests, Second Edition

by Pat Dugard, Portia File & Jonathan Todman

This practical guide explains the use of randomization tests and provides example designs and macros for implementation in IBM SPSS and Excel. It reviews the theory and practice of single-case and small-n designs...

Racism, Education and the State

by Barry Troyna & Jenny Williams

The education system should be in the forefront of the battle to combat racial inequality. The contributors to this book, however, argue that, far from reducing racial inequality, the education system in the...

Moral Philosophy for Education (Rle Edu K)

by Robin Barrow

Teachers and students are frequently confused as to the relevance of abstract philosophical theorising to the reality of the classroom and this book is distinctive for the attention it devotes to philosophy...

Educational Theory and Its Foundation Disciplines (Rle Edu K)

by Paul H H Hirst

At the time this book was first published the disciplines of philosophy of education, educational psychology, sociology of education and the history of education had developed rapidly. The papers in this volume...

Freedom and Discipline (Rle Edu K)

by Richard Smith

Questions of discipline and order arise wherever formal education is practised, and are particularly acute for those training to teach or in their first school posts. For many years now writing on these topics...

A Modern Philosophy of Education (Rle Edu K)

by Godfrey Thomson

'Philosophy' in the context of this book means that the author is looking at education as a whole, without restrictions or simplifications; looking at ends and purposes, not merely at methods and means. He discusses...

Education, Society and Human Nature (Rle Edu K): An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education

by Anthony O'Hear

Intended primarily for education students this book provides an introduction to the philosophy of education that tackles educational problems and at the same time relates them to the mainstream of philosophical...

Can We Teach Children to Be Good? (Rle Edu K)

by Roger Straughan

The apparently straightforward question 'Can we teach children to be good?' cannot be properly understood without a great deal of careful thinking about the philosophical issues involved. Teachers and parents...

Managing Pupil Behaviour: Improving the Classroom Atmosphere

by Terry Haydn

  • Why are some teachers and student teachers better at managing pupil behaviour than others?
  • What are the factors which make a difference to classroom climate?
  • Can any teacher or student teacher become accomplished...

Race, Class and Education (Rle Edu L)

by Len Barton & Stephen A A Walker

One problem which continues to absorb social scientists is the way in which so much social deprivation stems from racial or class status. The discussion in this book is developed in two ways: firstly, careful...

Social Crisis and Educational Research (Rle Edu L)

by Len Barton & Stephen A A Walker

Originally written at a time of crisis in the education system of Britain - occasioned by cuts, contradictions and change - many of the issues discussed in this book are still relevant today. Debate in the book...

Classroom Control (Rle Edu L)

by Martyn Denscombe

Survival as a school teacher depends on an ability to achieve classroom control. In the years since this book was first published little has changed in this respect. Classroom control continues to lie at the...

Streaming (Rle Edu L Sociology of Education): An Education System in Miniature

by Brian Jackson

In this volume a streamed school is studied in detail and parents' responses are recorded. Eleven plus is (and has been) under criticism, but many children are selected by a 'seven plus' because they are streamed...

Classrooms Observed (Rle Edu L): The Teacher's Perception and the Pupil's Peformance

by Roy Nash

In this study - the outcome of three years' participant observation in local authority primary and secondary schools - the classroom teacher is shown to have a far greater impact upon and responsibility for...

Marx and Education in Russia and China (Rle Edu L)

by R F F Price

To many education students, Russian and/or Chinese education is at the same time their introduction to Marxism, and many students go no further. This book sets the record straight by giving a thorough introduction...

The Research Process in Educational Settings (Rle Edu L): Ten Case Studies

by Robert G G Burgess

This book presents a series of research biographies based on research experiences in the study of educational settings. The main aim is to provide a set of first person accounts on doing research that combine...

Special Education and Social Interests (Rle Edu M)

by Len Barton & Sally Tomlinson

Until this book was published, most writing on special education was about specific disabilities and how to cope with them. This book, however, considers the broader context, looking at many problems for the...

A Sociology of Special Education (Rle Edu M)

by Sally Tomlinson

At the time of original publication, special education in Britain was permeated by an ideology of benevolent humanitarianism and this is ostensibly the moral framework within which the professionals - teachers,...

Research on Teacher Thinking (Rle Edu N): Understanding Professional Development

by James Calderhead, Pam Denicolo & Christopher Day

This is a companion volume to the editors' Insights into Teachers' Thinking and Practice (Falmer Press, 1999) and seeks to carry the discussion on further illustrating that there is a continuing intensity of...

Society and the Teacher's Role (Rle Edu N)

by Frank Musgrove & Philip H H Taylor

This study describes research into teachers' role conceptions and uncertainties in different types of school and neighbourhood. The authors examine in particular pupils' and parents' conceptions of the teacher's...