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Student Steps To Success

by Sandy MacGregor

1. Scientifically proven Accelerated Learning methods (the ability to achieve faster) are presented throughout the book, including a study method described as "7 Steps to Accelerated Learning". This is easy...

Embracing Your Father

by Linda Nielsen

An expert in father-daughter relationships shows daughters how to forge a new path to communication with their fathers

Psychologist Linda Nielsen shows readers how every daughter can transform her relationship...

McGraw-Hill's Firefighter Exams

by Ronald Spadafora


Chief Ronald Spadafora of the New York City Fire Department has created this test prep guide and career handbook...

School Administration and Management

by S.K Kochhar

For all those who are in the field of education this book will clearly explain about school administration and educational management to institutional planning. Is also prepares the reader to face the new challenges...

Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom

by David A. Sousa & Carol Ann Tomlinson

Examine the basic principles of differentiation in light of what current research on educational neuroscience has revealed. This research pool offers information and insights that can help educators decide whether...

40 Reading Intervention Strategies for K-6 Students: Research-Based Support for RTI

by Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins

Most educators are deeply concerned with literacy levels in their schools. Everyone is feeling the relentless pressure of high-stakes tests and the need to provide the highest levels of instruction. Specifically,...

Beyond the RTI Pyramid: Solutions for the First Year of Implementation

by William N. Bender

Beyond the RTI Pyramid: Solutions for the First Years of Implementation addresses the need to deepen response to intervention efforts based on practical implementation issues and emerging research. RTI is used...

From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black and Hispanic Students

by Crystal Kuykendall

Get an authentic view of academic underachievement, apathy, and rage among America's Black and Hispanic youth. Become an empowered Merchant of Hope armed with positive strategies for reaching these students...

The Collaborative Administrator: Working Together as a Professional Learning Community

by Austin Buffum & Cassandra Erkens

The book structures these issues into four strands, or categories, of development-physical, emotional, cognitive, and social, examining how each is exacerbated by poverty. Additional chapters explore the special...

Motivating Students Who Don't Care: Successful Techniques for Educators

by Allen Mendler

This book is a comprehensive and practical guide for reconnecting with discouraged students and reawakening their excitement and enthusiasm for learning. With proven strategies from the classroom, Dr. Mendler...

Inclusion Strategies and Interventions

by Toby J. Karten

Inclusion means more than just preparing students to pass standardized tests and increasing academic levels. In inclusive classrooms, students with special educational needs are treated as integral members of...

Mind, Brain, & Education: Neuroscience Implications for the Classroom

by Kipp D. Rogers

Understanding how the brain learns helps teachers do their jobs more effectively. In this book, primary researchers share the latest findings on the learning process and address their implications for educational...

Literacy Look-Fors: An Observation Protocol to Guide K-6 Classroom Walkthroughs

by Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins

Through the unique seven-step process outlined in Literacy Look-Fors, administrators and literacy leaders will gain a solid understanding of how to assess and build instructional capacity, overcome roadblocks,...

TABE Level A Verbal Workbook

by Phyllis Dutwin & Linda Eve Diamond

We want to help you succeed on the TABE's verbal section

Whether you're looking to qualify for a government job, a career with a private company, or demonstrate your literacy and math abilities for school placement,...

The Teacher's Calendar, School Year 2003-2004

by Holly McGuire & Kathryn A. Keil

A year's worth of ideas and activities at your fingertips

Since its debut four years ago, The Teacher's Calendar has become a fixture in classrooms and school libraries across the country, thanks to its fresh...

McGraw-Hill's 12 SAT Practice Tests with PSAT, 2ed

by Christopher Black & Mark Anestis

The quickest, easiest way to guarantee success on the highest of high-stakes tests

Michael Jordan once said, "Some people are just born gifted, but for the rest of us it's practice, practice, practice." When...

A Leader's Companion: Inspiration for Professional Learning Communities at Work

by Richard DuFour & Robert J. Marzano

This collection of inspirational quotes provides daily motivation for teachers and administrators. Collected from a decade of work by renowned experts Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour, and Richard DuFour, this book...

Embedded Formative Assessment

by Dylan Wiliam

Formative assessment plays an important role in increasing teacher quality and student learning when it's viewed as a process rather than a tool. Emphasizing the instructional side of formative assessment, this...

The Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders

by Timothy D. Kanold

Outstanding leadership in a professional learning community requires practice and patience. Simply trying harder will not yield results; leaders must proactively train to get better at the skills that matter....

Aligning School Districts as PLCs

by Mark Van Clay & Perry Soldwedel

In order for a professional learning community to achieve its full potential, all levels districtwide must align around the three big ideas: ensuring a focus on learning, building a collaborative culture, and...