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Counting Girls Out

by Valerie Walkerdine

The question about girls' attainment in mathematics is met with every kind of myth, false 'evidence', and theorizing about the gendered body and the gendered mind. The 'Girls and Mathematics Unit' led by Valerie...

International Comparisons in Mathematics Education

by Ian Huntly, Gabriele Kaiser & Eduardo Luna

A critical overview of the current debate and topical thinking on international comparative investigations in mathematics education. The contributors are all major figures in international comparisons in mathematics....

Spirituality and Education

by Andrew Wright

Spirituality and Education introduces the basic contours of current debate in a form accessible to both classroom teachers across the curriculum range, and to school managers. It covers all key areas, including:...

Institutional Issues: Pupils, Schools and Teacher Education

by Mal Leicester & Sohan Modgil

Volume II considers values and culture at the institutional level. What constitutes a good 'whole school' approach in this arena? The book discusses key issues and reports on whole-school initiatives around...

Improving Children's Learning: Effective Teaching in the Primary School

by Joan Dean

How can teachers improve what they do in the primary classroom? Which teaching methods will help you and your pupils to perform effectively? These are the questions that every teacher will be asking him or herself...

Flexible Learning in a Digital World: Experiences and Expectations

by Betty, Collis & Jef, Moonen

Betty Collis and Jef Moonen present a series of proven and practical guidelines, based on their balanced experience of using technology in education. Together, these give readers an overview of how technological...

Changing University Teaching: Reflections on Creating Educational Technologies

by Terry (Director of Education Rese Evans & Daryl (Deputy Director, Deakin E Nation

Behind the hype of the "virtual university" lies real change in the way practitioners approach university teaching. This book focuses on the changes to teaching both on and off campus that have either come from,...

The Knowledge Web: Learning and Collaborating on the Net

by Marc, Eisenstadt & Tom, Vincent

Featuring contributions from staff and associates of the Knowledge Media Institute at the UK Open University, this text provides a glimpse into the wide variety of projects undertaken in the development and...

Internal Audit in Higher Education

by Sally, Brown, Sally (Director of Membership Ser Brown & Alison (Quality Enhancement Advi Holmes

This volume describes a range of experiences of internal audit in higher education institutions from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany. It presents approaches to best practice designed...

Learning to Teach in an Age of Accountability

by Arthur T. Costigan, Karen Kepler Zumwalt & Margaret Smith Crocco

This book documents the "brave new world" of teacher, administrator, school, and student accountability that has swept across the United States in recent years. Its particular vantage point is the perspective...

Embracing Diversity in the Learning Sciences: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Learning Sciences

by Yasmin B. Kafai, William A. Sandoval & Noel Enyedy

More than a decade has passed since the First International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) was held at Northwestern University in 1991. The conference has now become an established place for researchers...

Pedagogy and the Politics of the Body: A Critical Praxis

by Sherry Shapiro

Working within the relatively new perspective on the body as a zone of critical praxis, Shapiro lays the foundation for the theory and practice of a somatically oriented critical pedagogy."

Intentional Conceptual Change

by Gale M. Sinatra & Paul R. Pintrich

This volume brings together a distinguished, international list of scholars to explore the role of the learner's intention in knowledge change. Traditional views of knowledge reconstruction placed the impetus...

Internet Environments for Science Education

by Marcia C. Linn & Elizabeth A. Davis

Internet Environments for Science Education synthesizes 25 years of research to identify effective, technology-enhanced ways to convert students into lifelong science learners--one inquiry project at a time....

Learning from Children Who Read at an Early Age

by Diana Hughes & Rhona Stainthorp

Learning From Children Who Read at an Early Age is the result of a three-year research project in which the authors studied a group of children who learnt to read without being taught, from before they started...

Literacy and Schooling

by Frances Christie & Ray Misson

This book is intended to offer an introduction to some major themes in literacy education. Literacy has become an important issue both in the UK and internationally, and this book aims to inform discussions...

Technology and Critical Literacy in Early Childhood

by Vivian Maria Vasquez & Carol Branigan Felderman

What do new technologies and new forms of communication mean for young children growing up in the 21st century? How are they shaping the mindsets, identities and practices which impact their lives at home and...

Learning Together: Peer Tutoring in Higher Education

by Nancy Falchikov

The number of students in higher education has expanded dramatically in recent years, but funding has not kept pace with this growth. The result is less contact time for lecturers and their students, and corresponding...

Key Issues for Primary Schools

by Michael Farrell

Key Issues for Primary Schools is a concise comprehensive guide to the main issues in primary education and the implications for schools. Presented in a convenient A-Z format, the book includes coverage of:


Sexual Bullying: Gender Conflict and Pupil Culture in Secondary Schools

by Neil Duncan

Bullying is one of the most destructive but common social practices that young people experience in schools, and one of the most difficult for teachers to manage successfully. Sexual bullying is even more difficult...