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Inventions and Inventing for Gifted Students

by Kristen Stephens, Frances Karnes & Thomas Hebert

Inventing involves creativity applied to a problem-solving process, which can be taught. Through teaching instructional units on inventing, multiple creative skills are infused into one unit. Teachers who provide...

Blundering Leadership: Missteps by School Administrators

by Tamara Arnott

This book presents real-life leadership scenarios that resulted in negative outcomes; discusses missteps to avoid; reviews current leadership literature relevant to the scenarios; and provides leadership tips,...

Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School

by Rebecca Rupp

Finally, homeschoolers have a comprehensive guide to designing a homeschool curriculum, from one of the country's foremost homeschooling experts. , Rebecca Rupp presents a structured plan to ensure that your...

How RTI Works in Secondary Schools: Building a Framework for Success

by Holly Windram & Kerry Bollman

Focusing on the unique response to intervention challenges faced by those working in a secondary school-including larger student and educator populations, curriculum specializations, a growing achievement gap,...

Teaching Your Secondary English Language Learners the Academic Language of Tests: Focusing on English Language Arts

by r4Educated Solutions

Research shows that when English language learners understand the vocabulary used on tests, their scores soar-critical information for schools in an age of testing and accountability. This manual provides evidence-based,...

Every School, Every Team, Every Classroom: District Leadership for Growing Professional Learning Communities at Work TM

by Robert Eaker & Janel Keating

The PLC journey begins by articulating a moral purpose: a dedication to ensuring that every student learns. Using many examples and reproducible tools, the authors explain the need to focus on creating simultaneous...

The Will to Lead,The  Skill to Teach: Transforming Schools at Every Level

by Anthony Muhammad & Sharroky Hollie

School improvement begins with self-examination and honest dialogue about socialization, bias, discrimination, and cultural insensitivity. The authors acknowledge both the structural and sociological issues...

RTI in Middle and High Schools

by William N. Bender

Perhaps more than any other single initiative, response to intervention is likely to restructure how middle and high school teachers teach in a very profound way. This timely and targeted resource discusses...

Simplifying Response to Intervention: Four Essential Guiding Principles

by Austin Buffum & Mike Mattos

The sequel to Pyramid Response to Intervention advocates that a successful RTI model begins by asking the right questions to create a fundamentally effective learning environment for every student. RTI is not...

Head of the Class: The Collected Kappan Cartoons for Educators

by Phi Delta Kappa International

Treat yourself and your colleagues to a healthy dose of laughter. A compilation of the best cartoons ever published in Phi Delta Kappan, this book offers school administrators, teachers, staff, and parents witty...

Activate: A Leader's Guide to People, Practices, and Processes

by Elle Allison & Janet Clinton

Activate: A Leader's Guide to People, Practices, and Processes takes into account the challenges and demands being made on school leaders now. The authors offer personal success stories, compelling research,...

The Portable Guidance Counselor: Answers to the 284 Most Important Questions About Getting Into College

by Princeton Review

The college admissions process is overwhelming, and counselor appointments can be few and far between at some schools. That's why The Princeton Review got more than 200 top college counselors to share their...

Setting Limits in the Classroom, Revised: How to Move Beyond the Dance of Discipline in Today's Classrooms

by Robert J. Mackenzie

Disruptive behavior, power struggles, lack of motivation, attention deficit disorder—at times the list of obstacles to teaching seems endless. That’s why thousands of teachers and child-care providers have...

Solution-Focused Rti: A Positive and Personalized Approach to Response-To-Intervention

by Linda Metcalf

A proven method for helping struggling students succeed

Solution-Focused RTI provides an effective approach to Response-to-Intervention using a "solution-focused" method, which emphasizes a student's strengths...

Storming the Tulips

by Hannie J. Voyles, Ronald Sanders & Nancy L. Baumann

Not just another Holocaust story, Storming the Tulips is an intimate encounter with history, as told by twenty former students of the 1st Montessori School in Amsterdam. They were children-contemporaries of...

The School Counselor's Book of Lists

by Dorothy J. Blum Ed.D. & Tamara E. Davis

An updated edition of an essential go-to resource for school counselors

Since 1997 The School Counselor's Book of Lists has offered counselors a wealth of relevant and much-needed information written in concise...

Out of the Classroom and Into the World: Learning from Field Trips, Educating from Experience, and Unlocking the Potential of Our Students an

by Salvatore Vascellaro

Bank Street College of Education professor Salvatore Vascellaro is a leading advocate of taking children and teachers into a wider world as the key to improving our struggling schools.

Combining practical and...

Teaching History with Big Ideas: Cases of Ambitious Teachers


The case studies in this book describe the decisions and plans and the problems and possibilities middle and high school history teachers encountered as they ratcheted up their instruction through the use of...

Mpj's Ultimate Math Lessons

by Chris Shore

MPJ's Ultimate Math Lessons is a resource for teachers of Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Geometry in grades 6-12. It contains 80 innovative lessons and 27 thought-provoking articles taken directly from the Math Projects...

Leaders of Learning: How District, School, and Classroom Leaders Improve Student Achievement

by Richard DuFour & Robert J. Marzano

For many years, the authors have been fellow travelers on the journey to help educators improve their schools. Their first coauthored book focuses on district leadership, principal leadership, and team leadership,...