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Stephenie Meyer: In the Twilight

by James Blasingame, Kathleen Deakin & Laura A. Walsh

Stephenie Meyer: In the Twilight looks at the life and work of this author, beginning with her childhood and covering her teen years and life before stardom. This volume also profiles Meyer’s world since becoming...

The Outdoor Classroom Ages 3-7: Using Ideas from Forest Schools to Enrich Learning

by Karen Constable

This book clearly explains the learning potential of the outdoor environment and practically demonstrates how the 'Outdoor Classroom' can be developed in early years settings and schools.

Special Educational Needs and School Improvement: Practical Strategies for Raising Standards

by Jean Gross & Angela White

First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Education of Children with Acquired Brain Injury

by Sue Walker & Beth Wicks

First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Senco Handbook: Working Within a Whole-School Approach

by Elizabeth Cowne

*Shortlisted for nasen Awards 2009: Book to Promote Professional Development*

SENCOs have a key role to play in developing and implementing an inclusive framework for meeting Special Educational Needs

The fifth...

Beyond Initial Reading

by John Potts

This book sets out a clear and logical framework for the teaching of reading throughout different age groups, whereby systematic progression can be developed within a structured framework. A detailed set of...

Children Into Pupils: A Study of Language in Early Schooling

by Mary Willes

This book makes work in the field of sociolinguistics easily accessible to working teachers and to teachers in training. It focuses on the crucial first weeks that children spend in school, and deals with talk...

Children and Learning to Read

by Elizabeth Goodacre

This is a study of the nature of the process whereby children go about the business of learning to read. The author relates her own practical teaching experience closely to studies in developmental psychology,...

Achieving Literacy: Longitudinal Studies of Adolescents Learning to Read

by Margaret Meek

How children learn to read well and what kind of teaching helps them is a scarcely penetrated mystery. This book is a fascinating and informative research report by a group of teachers who set out to teach children...

The Development of Meaning: A Study of Children's Use of Language

by Joan Tough

This book investigates children's use of language and considers its implications for children's learning at home and at school. The author compares the language used by children from different social environments...

Language & Teaching: A Psychological View

by Peter Herriot

Language is the basic means of communication in the classroom. It is therefore vital that teachers should know something about its acquisition, development, possible defects and the ways in which they may understand...

Education and the Social Construction of 'Race'

by Peter Figueroa

Does the education system help or hinder the fight against racism? This volume provides a constructive critique of the Swan Report of 1985 and of sociological research into racial and ethnic relations. The author...

Keepers of the American Dream: A Study of Staff Development and Multicultural Education

by Christine E. E. Sleeter

This book reports an ethnographic study of thirty teachers from eighteen schools who participated in a staff development programme in multicultural education. The study examines how multicultural education was...

Race Relations and Cultural Differences: Educational and Interpersonal Perspectives

by Gajendra Verma & Christopher Bagley

A collection of key papers given at three international conferences in Britain, the United States and Canada on race relations and multiculturalism are drawn together in this book. The first section includes...

Deviance in Classrooms (Rle Edu M)

by David H H Hargreaves, Stephen Hester & Frank J J Mellor

When originally published this book reported the first major application of 'labelling theory' to deviance in classrooms. The authors explore the nature of classroom rules, show how they constitute a pervasive...

The Really Useful Literacy Book: Linking Theory and Practice in the Primary Classroom

by Tony Martin, Chira Lovat & Glynis Purnell

Now in its third edition, The Really Useful Literacy Book is the definitive guide to the high quality teaching of literacy in your primary classroom. Written specifically for primary school teachers and student...

Aspects of Learning (Rle Edu O)

by Brian O'Connell

The time has passed when learning was identified purely as a process involving the ability to store and recall knowledge and facts, and the competence to produce them when required. These abilities still seriously...

Preventing Classroom Disruption (Rle Edu O): Policy, Practice and Evaluation in Urban Schools

by David Coulby & Tim Harper

There has always been considerable debate about the best solutions to deal with disruptive behaviour in schools. On the one hand is the strategy of segregating disruptive pupils while on the other is a commitment...

Classroom Environment (Rle Edu O)

by Barry J J Fraser

The increasing impact of performance based judgments on schools and teachers in the classroom has its critics and supporters. Some oppose the trend and seek to deny the importance of quantitative measures. Others...

Breakthrough (Rle Edu M): Autobiographical Accounts of the Education of Some Socially Disadvantaged Children

by Ronald Goldman

Social mobility, educational priority areas and equality of opportunity are topics discussed as much today as when this book was first published over 30 years ago. This book is written by people of varying ages...