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Rational Numbers: An Integration of Research

by Thomas A. Romberg, Thomas P. Carpenter & Elizabeth Fennema

Until recently there had been relatively little integration of programs of research on teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment. However, in the last few years it has become increasingly apparent that...

Student Perceptions in the Classroom

by Dale H. Schunk & Judith L. Meece

This book's two primary objectives are to present theory and research on the role of learners' achievement-related perceptions in educational contexts and to discuss the implications of this research for educational...

Cognition Education and Multimedia

by Rand J. Spiro & Don Nix

Computers have become a topic of concern, debate, argument, dogmatism, and inquiry among a variety of people who are interested in the fate and effectiveness of the educational system. This book presents working...

Reshaping Education In The 1990s: Perspectives On Secondary Schooling

by Rita Chawla-Duggan & Christopher J. Pole

This volume evaluates the implications of change for the providers and consumers of post-1988 secondary education for the 21st century. The issues covered include school governance, parental choice and the market...

The Little Trials Of Childhood: And Children's Strategies For Dealing With Them

by Frances Chaput Waksler Associate Profess

A little explored area of childhood is that of the troubles and difficulties children experience simply by being children. Using adults' stories about being a child, such as not being believed, being left unprotected...

Constructing Mathematical Know

by Paul Ernest

This book provides a panorama of complimentary and forward looking perspectives on the learning of mathematics and epistemology from some of the leading contributors to the field. It explores constructivist...

Research In Physical Educ.& Sp

by Andrew Sparkes

The text aims to provide an in-depth exploration of a range of traditions that are beginning to reshape the nature of research in physical education and the sports sciences. The chapters are all original contributions...

Places In The Primary School

by Patrick Wiegand

Using a cross-curricular approach, Wiegand discusses the knowledge necessary for preparing children for life in a pluralist society. Looking at theories of education for citizenship, environment education and...

The Costs and Economics of Open and Distance Learning

by Greville (Lecturer, Open Univers Rumble

Dissecting in detail the arguments underlying the costs and economics of open and distance learning, this text should give the reader an insight and the confidence to cost their own open and distance learning...

Neoliberalism, Pedagogy and Human Development: Exploring Time, Mediation and Collectivity in Contemporary Schools

by Michalis Kontopodis

In most Western developed countries, adult life is increasingly organized on the basis of short-term work contracts and reduced social security funds. In this context it seems that producing efficient job-seekers...

Resourcing Early Learners: New Networks, New Actors

by Sue Nichols, Jennifer Rowsell & Helen Nixon

The landscape of early childhood education and care is changing. Governments world-wide are assuming increasing authority in relation to child-rearing in the years before school entry, beyond the traditional...

Shift to the Future: Rethinking Learning with New Technologies in Education

by Nicola Yelland

New technologies are dramatically changing the face of education and the nature of childhood itself. In Shift to the Future, Nicola Yelland examines the ways in which these technologies are reshaping the social,...

Instructional-design Theories and Models: A New Paradigm of Instructional Theory, Volume II

by Charles M. Reigeluth

Instructional theory describes a variety of methods of instruction (different ways of facilitating human learning and development) and when to use--and not use--each of those methods. It is about how to help...

Cross-Cultural Analysis: Methods and Applications

by Eldad Davidov, Peter Schmidt & Jaak Billiet

Intended to bridge the gap between the latest methodological developments and cross-cultural research, this interdisciplinary resource presents the latest strategies for analyzing cross-cultural data. Techniques...

The History of Education: The Making of a Discipline

by Peter Gordon & R. Szreter

This volume deals with the great changes which have taken place in the practice of the history of education in present years. It brings together a number of important articles on the subject which are not easily...

Ten Steps to Complex Learning: A Systematic Approach to Four-Component Instructional Design

by Jeroen J.G. van Merriënboer & Paul A. Kirschner

Ten Steps to Complex Learning presents a path from a training problem to a training solution in a way that students, practitioners (both instructional designers and teachers), and researchers can understand...

Food Choices: The Ultimate Teen Guide

by Robin F. Brancato

This book discusses numerous topics related to food and eating, including the biological and chemical reasons we prefer certain foods and the eating habits that are unique to teens today. Throughout, teens are...

The Challenges of Culture-based Learning: Indian Students' Experiences

by Samuel Yim

This book investigates the impact of culture-based learning among secondary school children in India and reflects that students have the potential to adapt and develop their learning styles according to society,...

How to be Involved in Program Evaluation: What Every Adminstrator Needs to Know

by Keith McNeil, Isadore Newman & Jim Steinhauser

This book will improve the direction and utility of the evaluation by the program director in charge, and the implementation of the evaluation by the evaluator.

Science, Math, & Nutrition for Toddlers: Setting the Stage for Serendipity

by Rita Schrank

This exciting new activity guide successfully introduces science, math, and nutrition concepts to toddlers. The importance of laying a strong foundation of critical thinking skills is recognized in this book,...