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Applications of Dialogical Self Theory: New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, Number 137

by Hubert J. Hermans

In an increasingly interconnected world, a dialogical self is not only possible but even necessary. People are closer together than ever, yet they are confronted with apparent and sometimes even insurmountable...

In Transition: Adult Higher Education Governance in Private Institutions: New Directions for Higher Education, Number 159

by Ellis & Stephen D. Holtrop

Take a candid look into how some traditional liberal arts colleges have incorporated nontraditional adult degree programs. This volume of case studies shows how a number of small, independent universities addressed...

Assessing Meaning Making and Self-Authorship: Theory, Research, and Application: Ashe Higher Education Report 38:3

by Magolda & Patricia M. King

One reason so many students fail to achieve complex learning goals may be that they rely too heavily on others’ opinions about what to believe, who to be, and how to relate to others.

The meaning-making capacity...

Context: A Framework for Its Influence on Evaluation Practice, New Directions for Evaluation, Number 135

by EV

Context is a force in evaluation. It shapes our practice, influencing how we approach and design our studies, how we carry them out, and how we report our findings. Context also moderates and mediates the outcomes...

Career Programming: Linking Youth to the World of Work: New Directions for Youth Development, Number 134

by Kathryn Hynes & Barton J. Hirsch

Across education, out-of-school-time programming, and workforce development, researchers and practitioners are seeking ways to bolster the career readiness of our nation’s youth, particularly low-income youth....

Mentor: Guiding the Journey of Adult Learners (with New Foreword, Introduction, and Afterword)

by Laurent A. Daloz

With a new introduction and afterword, this revised second edition is a practical, engaging exploration of mentoring and its power to transform learning. Filled with inspiring vignettes, Mentor shows how anyone...

The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide

by Doug Johnson

A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroom

This is a must-have resource for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies....

Learning in the Global Era: International Perspectives on Globalization and Education

by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco

An international gathering of leading scholars, policymakers, and educators takes on some of the most difficult and controversial issues of our time in this groundbreaking exploration of how globalization is...

Developing Narrative Theory: Life Histories and Personal Representation

by Ivor F. Goodson

This book represents a timely reassessment of the narrative trends of the 21st century, detailing how theories of narrativity and life story analysis can combine to inform learning potential and developing...

Language Policies in Education: Critical Issues

by James W. Tollefson

This new edition of takes a fresh look at enduring questions at the heart of fundamental debates about the role of schools in society, the links between education and employment, and conflicts between linguistic...

The Future University: Ideas and Possibilities

by Ronald Barnett

As universities increasingly engage with the world beyond the classroom and the campus, those who work within higher education are left to examine how the university's mission has changed. Official reviews and...

Program Theory-Driven Evaluation Science: Strategies and Applications

by Stewart I. Donaldson

Program Theory-Driven Evaluation Science fills the gap between 21st century literature on evaluation and what is happening in practice. It features detailed examples of how evaluations unfold in practice to...

Intermediate Statistics: A Modern Approach, Third Edition

by James P Stevens

James Stevens' best-selling text, Intermediate Statistics, is written for those who use, rather than develop, statistical techniques. Dr. Stevens focuses on a conceptual understanding of the material rather...

The Education-Drug Use Connection: How Successes and Failures in School Relate to Adolescent Smoking, Drinking, Drug Use, and Delinquency

by Jerald G. Bachman, Patrick M. O'Malley & John E. Schulenberg

This book tackles a key issue in adolescent development and health - the education-drug use connection. The authors examine the links and likely causal connections between educational experiences, delinquent...

Learning from Data: An Introduction to Statistical Reasoning

by Arthur Glenberg & Matthew Andrzejewski

Learning from Data focuses on how to interpret psychological data and statistical results. The authors review the basics of statistical reasoning to helpstudents better understand relevant data that affecttheir...

An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting Adult Development, Identity, and Expertise

by David V. Day, Michelle M. Harrison & Stanley M. Halpin

This book is a beginning, a first step, in taking leader development in organizations beyond conventional wisdom toward a scientifically sound research-based set of principles and practices. The authors looked...

Radical Possibilities: Public Policy, Urban Education, and A New Social Movement

by Jean Anyon

Jean Anyon's groundbreaking new book reveals the influence of federal and metropolitan policies and practices on the poverty that plagues schools and communities in American cities and segregated, low-income...

Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World

by David W. Orr, Michael K. Stone & Zenobia Barlow

Reorienting the way human beings live on the earth and educating children to their highest capacities have much in common, say the thinkers and educators behind this groundbreaking book. Both endeavors must...

Border Crossings: Cultural Workers and the Politics of Education

by Henry A. Giroux

The concept of border and border crossing has important implications for how we theorize cultural politics, power, ideology, pedagogy and critical intellectual work. This completely revised and updated edition...

Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform

by Thomas S. Popkewitz

In Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform, noted educationalist Thomas Popkewitz explores turn-of-the-century and contemporary pedagogical reforms while illuminating their complex relation to cosmopolitanism....